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Personal Trainers in your Network

There are 300 recommended Health Care Providers on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Health Care Provider.

Review by Chris Papallo

Annie is the real deal. She's a wonderful coach and she has an incredibly positive attitude. She is also very supportive of her teammates and wants others to succeed. Genuine is an adjective that comes to mind!See MoreRead Less

Review by Ken Hiatt

I've known Rusty for several years now and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve themselves at their sport. I first met him when he was doing spin classes and in the group setting he was able to motivate the group while still keeping an eye on the individual. His class was my "hard" spin each week and I attribute it to some serious gains in my ability to climb and sprint.

I've also had the opportunity to see Rusty coaching others as I turn a wrench part time at Mr. Crampy's. The impressive thing, for me, with Rusty is his ability to connect with ALL levels of athletes. He gives as much attention to the folks trying to get into shape and complete their first sprint triathlon as he does to the top athletes that are trying to shave seconds off their times.

Good coach, good human, good friend.
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Review by Debbie Knight

Chris is such a people person. He is very encouraging and helpful with my aqualogix exercises. He was able to answer my questions about the exercises, muscles, movements, etc. He was also not shy to jump into the pool to show us how to do it. Being that I am so new to this type of exercise, I have experienced some improvements on my strength and endurance after 1 week. People at work noticed that I walk faster now, zooming through the hallways. This is one year after a factured knee cap and a surgery to correct it. Although I went through extensive physical therapy sessions and water aerobic exercises in the last 12 months, the exercises that were shown to me by Chris helped me to strengthen my muscles on my hip, thigh, buttocks, and calves in about a week. They also added some flexibilities on my joints. I feel that I can walk straighter than before. I also feel lighter when climbing up the stairs.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jim Lievano

As a paramedic I have taken many patients to Stephanie for her care. The one thing that stands out is her genuine compassion for her patients. I have witness her go to battle for her patients, it doesn't matter to her who she has to stand up to as long as she can be an advocate for her patients. She is one strong woman and I would want her in my corner any time, any place under any circumstance.See MoreRead Less

Review by Annika Krantz

Tord har livserfarenhet när det verkligen upplevs motgång, men har vänt detta till något positivt som ger medgång/medvind och delar med sig av hela sin själ och hjärta när människor kan uppleva smärta och sorg, så finns han där som en livsvän för dem som befinner sig i glädje men även i nära djupet, lika sann och äkta sprider han sin kärlek, värme och energi som en coachande tröstare och sporrar personen framåt i rätt riktning mot målet!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Janice Cavaliere

Carol is not only a committed and highly educated Life Coach but she is also a warm loving person who is an excellent listener and sensitive to her client's, able to 'hear' what is unspoken - She relies on spiritual insight and direction from the greatest mentor of all - she indeed acts as the Lord's hands, feet and heart. Carol's own life experiences have helped to mold and shape her into a teacher who has walked in many of our shoes. Carol helped me reach a point of breakthrough which has changed my life - giving me the freedom to continue to grow and change spiritually, emotionally and in my personal relationships. I highly recommend Carol for Life Coach, Mentor and Teacher.See MoreRead Less

Review by Heidi Feser

Dorene is the most spiritual, energetic and driven person I know! When she says she's going to do something, she gets the job done! She is a great personal trainer with excellent results to prove that. She is honest, down to earth and just a great asset to anyone's life.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jose Martinez

I have been in the martial arts for 40 years and have trained and known some great martial artists in my day. To this list I must add Julie Tittl, owner and operator of Gold Coast Martial Arts. Not only is Julie knowledgable, she makes the learning experience a positive one and her ability to relate to her students makes her a class "A" instructor. Men and woman of all age groups will find her a delight and the kids absolutely love her. I highly recommend that if your in the greater Lakewood Ohio area and are interested in a quality school with an instructor that cares about your growth, go see my friend Julie. She is the best at what she does and you will be the better person for it.See MoreRead Less

Review by Tory Cooper

George has been very helpful concerning nutritional information in the past. I turned to George when I played Professional Football in Europe. He answered a lot of questions I had about Nutrient Timing around my workouts and practices to keep weight on and feel agile at the same time. I still abide by that information until this day. Thank you George!See MoreRead Less

Review by Aimée Long

I am privileged to write a few words in support of my dear friend, Peggy Lind. I have known Peggy long before she became a Health Coach. She gracefully integrated her strong work ethic, knowledge, and intellectual integrity with Take Shape For Life. For years, she has remained a valuable addition. I recommend Peggy with absolute confidence as a 'knowledgeable, caring individual who will guide and support you through your weight loss phase, transition and maintenance to help you achieve Optimal Health'. Create wellness in your life! Contact Peggy Lind.See MoreRead Less