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Professionals in San Antonio, Texas

There are 16 recommended Health Care Providers in San Antonio, TX. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Erik Engel

Mickie Dixon-Remington is an excellent yoga instructor. She teaches not just yoga, but the secrets that make it easy to obtain and hold the correct posture. I have had many ah ha moments in her class. Before she opened her own studio, it was not uncommon to see 2 or more other yoga instructors in her classes learning with the rest of us.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jim Nelson

I have had the priveledge of having Shaunnesy as a friend, co-worker , and partner in Team Development for ten years . I also know Shaunnesy a Christian, with Her husband Danny; and above all a devoted Mother .

Shaunnesy is an educated wonderful trainer, and teacher wih the patience of Job... As C0-Mananger of our sale team she was instrumental in developing skill sets for new and experienced new hires.
If Shaunnesy give you an evaluation, a report, or a summation of
work done , needed, or projection of program adjustment ...
you can tke it to the bank, that day .
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Review by Pat Stendebach

I have known Helen for 30 yrs., who is a dear friend and she is one of the very few that I genuinely trust. Anyone who does business with her will be truly blessed in their business. One of the most important things is she is honest and has integrity and cares about the other person and will really listen if they have a problem. God Bless you, Helen.....Pat.See MoreRead Less

Review by Robyn Palmer

I've known Linda Thompson for many years. We originally met when she and her husband were located here in Ontario, Canada.
She is a wonderful, kind, supportive person who is very intelligent and capable of being incredibly successful in whatever endeavor she chooses to undertake.
She is very discerning and only supports or promotes products and organizations that she has researched thoroughly and is convinced that they will be beneficial to others.
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Review by Michelle Moseley

Roberto can help anyone achieve his or her healthy weight as well as becoming the healthy person they have always wanted to be. With attention to detail, Roberto is the best person to go to for your one on one consultation in getting the results you desire.See MoreRead Less

Review by Becky Muñoz

Daniel Pena, has been a God sent. He has helped me with my injury (after car accidents) of my L5 area, and my STRESS that builds up on my shoulders. The deep tissue /trigger point massages work well for my stress. I Love that he makes house calls, so you do not need to drive home after your massage. He is very professional. Daniel, has a great pair of hands that work majic in de-stressing my shoulders.
I thank God that Daniel was put in my path to help me with all my de-stressing massages. Daniel, a thousand times I thank you for my massages, and helping me. :) Ohmmmmmmm.........
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Review by Terri Marie Vineyard

Dee is always very concerned on the welfare and health of every life she touches. Very approachable and funny. Love her, love the now pain free life I live. Thanks you for letting me be on your Mela team.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michael B. Seitz, B.A., M.P.A.

Joseph is consummate professional. Doing the "status quo" is simply not acceptable to him. Going above and beyond the call of duty and self-sacrifice are traits that Joseph exhibits on daily basis. He is committed to getting results but also to the development and training of his staff. He believes that self-empowerment is the key to success. I have had the pleasure of knowing Joseph both professional and personally for several years. He is honest, forthcoming and extremely loyal. He is not a corporate "yes man" which is something I greatly admire. I would recommend Joseph for any endeavor.See MoreRead Less

Review by Christine Johnson Williams

Teri is dedicated and hard working. She works well with others and always has a pleasant smile on her face. I have known Teri for many years as she is my cousin. Teri has always been a giver not a taker! She is not afraid to take chances and strives to move ahead in her life as well as her occupation. Teri has overcome many obstacles but she never let it get in the way of her success. Anyone would do well in hiring her. She would be an asset to any company she works for including herself!See MoreRead Less

Review by Dee Carter

Raul is an incredible man.. with lots of love to give. He loves his family and is always willing to help a friend! I have known him for almost a year and he is great in crowds.. a real people person.. and has the desire to help everyone he can. He has heart.See MoreRead Less