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Professionals in Tennessee

There are 105 recommended Health Care Providers in Tennessee. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Phillip Barrett

Rachael is great friend.
She gives a lot of care and personal attention to her customers.
She always goes the extra mile to make sure you are getting the best she has to offer.
She is very attentive to what your concerns are in addition to what she suggests.
All around a "Professional"
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Review by Carol Gochenour

I have known Rebecca for several years. She is an accomplished network marketer and works daily to help her team. You could say, she knows there is no "I" in "TEAM!" Rebecca will do whatever it takes to help her success line!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Stan Carlock

I have known Gary for close to a year now, and in that time he has proven over and over again how trustworthy, loyal and dedicated he is! He is just an all around great person to be around and has become a close personal friend. His passion and drive for excellence in everything he does far surpasses that of many others in his field. Gary has been instrumental in helping me grow my business through MyChoice and has helped me improve the overall quality of my life through his consultation and recommendations through Protandium. He has an amazing gift of being able to connect you with the right people and is there for you when you need him.See MoreRead Less

Review by Cathy Stanfield

Laurie is the best rep. I have ever dealt with--she's very professional and friendly too--I love dealing with her and as I get to know her I know we will become friends. She can handle any problem that may arise and I trust her to get the product to me in no time at all----THANKS LAURIE!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jimmy Mac Mcnamara

Allison is not only a friend but a reliable individual. She's punctual, personable, and extremely detailed. Her passion is dedication to whatever she commits herself to and anyone who involves themselves with Allison will be treated fairly and with respect. I don't normally make recommendations - but I can make this one with confidence! Jimmy Mac Managing Partner at Lorimac Productions, LLC ~ Las Vegas See MoreRead Less

Review by Ashlee Pigford

Marc is awesome! He excels at developing creative, customized programs based on your needs, goals, and time! He came up with workouts for me at the farm where I board my horses and teach lessons. His sessions have helped me gain the strength and stamina I need to be a more competitive equestrian so that I can keep up with my young horses and hectic schedule! I highly recommend his farm workout sessions for anyone, but especially equestrians wanting to increase their competitive edge, strength, and overall fitness.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ivory Beauchamp

I know Nichole through Internet Marketing home based business ventures. She is an excellent teacher and wants everyone to succeed at what they do.

Nichole helped me with learning marketing techniques, as well as getting me to know the concepts of proper SEO and back-linking websites.

Nichole is a down to earth individual and will have your best interests at hand in whatever it is you need to achieve.
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Review by Pam Schleicher-braden

I work with Jerry in several different settings. I'm on the church staff with him as well as in a Praise Team with him and I am his choir director. Jerry is always willing to assist in any difficult situation and remains calm no mater how stressful others are that are involved. With the location of our church we get a wide variety of people. Jerry always assesses and acts quickly and gently with all types of individuals. I highly recommend hiim in any Job but particularly in therapy. Jerry is a good listener and isn't quick to prejudge anyone. I am blessed to call him my friend.See MoreRead Less

Review by W. Preston Fields

Geoff has been in the health and fitness industry since I met him in the early 80's. Not only is he very knowledgeable in his field but a great teacher as well. On a side note: no matter what the score was when playing him in racquetball many years ago I always felt like a winner if I did not get in the way of one of his shots...geez the would sting and leave a heck of a mark!See MoreRead Less

Review by Dorene Carlson Pederson

Mark is a very dedicated to his profession in the health field. He goes the extra mile with giving menu plans, assessments, each client gets his undivided attentions when it comes to health issues while in training. He's up to date on nutrition, menu planning for those that ask and excellent trainer with up to date equipment and training methods. I have know him for over 20 years and he has been dedicated in this field even longer. His training has made me stronger, improved my bone density by 5%, decreased my body fat over the last 4 years. He's the best of the best in my book. Not to mention he has the freshest and most natural smoothies on the market. He offers the "real" food approach to his drinks.See MoreRead Less