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Professionals in South Carolina

There are 63 recommended Health Care Providers in South Carolina. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Alice Batson

Blane taught my daughter in karate all through grade school. His classes helped her build confidence, self esteem, and fitness. His method of teaching was a perfect blend of discipline and fun. There are very few adults I know that can demand respect in a classroom of kids in today's society and gain their love at the same time. He is still one of my daughter's favorite teachers. Not only will he teach your child karate, Blane will help build valuable social skills that last a lifetime.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mark Fuchs

Glenn works at building strength in relationships. As a personal trainer might help an individual strengthen their body, Glenn works to give his clients the exercises needed to build strong relationships with others.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jacqueline Wood

Myra is an extraordinary woman .She is the best friend anyone could have had growing up as a child too adulthood.She is very sincere and very quick too help someone for the good.She have accomplished so most in life with difficult challenges.,but she continue to stay focus and work even harded always with a plan in mind.Ilove her forever,and never can forget such a person in my lifetime.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rachel Glanton

I know Libby because she is an awesome singer and piano player but I further know her because GOD saw fit to make her the head nurse for my Grandmother and Granddaddy through Carolina Hospice. At one of the most difficult times in my life she went above and beyond.

See when you have loved ones that you have already cared for many years you need someone that will listen and then you have to be willing to try to trust outside guidance other than your own. For me this was one of the most challenging parts of this journey we call life. I was exhausted but still willing to do whatever it took to make the mark - to finish the race well. Libby helped my already forming grief and my high standards shift into learning how to let go of my hero and is wife. Without her compassion and reassurance these important transitions would not have been possible for me to do without making huge mistakes. I surly would have messed it all up own my own. I was honest with her and I expected her honesty back. She gave it and I didn't always like it but I would have suffered so much more if I hadn't dared ask painful questions and been honest with myself about her recommendations.

Libby Harmon and the staff that supports her are each one amazing and compassionate in their own right. But as we all know leadership trickles down from the top. If I found my self in this position ever again - I would personally seek out Libby Harmon and her expertise.

I whole-heartedly suggest your troubles be minimized by her superior knowledge in the most difficult tasks I have ever faced. This assignment of taking care of the people we love and the dear ones we are charged with protecting at their most vulnerable times comes with a sea of emotion you don't even know how to express.

There were times that I felt sure that I could go on no more and Libby would remind me of why it mattered for my grandparents that I continued to care for them. She helped educate me in how much better things were for my grandparents and for their comfort to be able to remain in their own home at the most trying times of their journey. I have no regrets and I know beyond the shadow of any doubt that I was able to keep my promises to my favorite people on this planet because of the support I received from Libby. My greatest fear was of letting my grandparents down. Libby knew this and made sure that I exhausted ever option available. Anything she or anyone at Carolina Hospice suggested I tried. Not all of it worked for me but with Libby's guidance I figured out what worked and what didn't.

I am forever indebted to her and overwhelmed with gratitude for her kindness. I can never repay her for the over-the-top thoroughness that she applied to the most important assignment I have ever had.

Thank you Libby Harmon from the bottom of my heart! I love you!!!

Rachel Blitch Glanton
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Review by Lilly Wing

Teresa is a fine lady both professionally and personally. She is true to her herself amd others. How thankful I am to know her. She has overcome many obstacles to succeed and continues to share the path to her success with others. Celebrate with her!See MoreRead Less

Review by Barbara Lang Sellers

Rena Canipe, is in my opinion, one of the most professional, yet personable people employed by Chesterfield General Hospital. During the past few months, my mother in law has been in and out of the hospital. Our family has spent a lot of time in the emergency room during this ordeal. Rena has always had a smile for us and never fails to take time to let us know she cares. She has a professional way about her that gets us in and out without any added stress. She is definitely an asset to Chesterfield General Hospital.See MoreRead Less

Review by Teresa Proctor

Michele Scott is an excellent doctor. She will take care of whatever ails you! You will be very pleased with her!

Review by Kevin Stefani

Dr. Jerge takes his time and makes sure that his patients fully understand the results of their exams. You will not leave the office with any unanswered questions!See MoreRead Less

Review by Ruth Wilson Brown

Robert and his wife Cindy are friends of ours. We were in Monavie together and Bob is a great leader. We also attend church together. He knows how to put things together to present a great program. Good luck to you Bob.See MoreRead Less

Review by Julie Johnson

Bruce is a hard working and honest person. I have known him for over 45 years and have always found him to be a helpful and reliable man!