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Professionals in Rhode Island

There are 24 recommended Health Care Providers in Rhode Island. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Steve Oakes

I met Rick when he was the director of the Providence Center long term residential treatment center (Zambarano)... in Pascaog RI.......I was there for 11 months,...he took over as director a few months into my stay there and as soon as Rick took over there were many improvements,.... classes which educate people about addiction were improved ,...he introduced us to the "model of recovery"......he allowed me and a few friends put together a band which was featured on channel 10 news,.. Barbara Morse Silva's Health Check along with Jim Gillen,.....Rick is well aware of how therapeutic playing a musical instrument can be,...being a drummer himself,....the overall moral of the treatment center improved ......anyone seeking treatment from someone who is not only book smart but is speaking to you honestly from his own experiences would definitely be satisfied with Rick's approach to recoverySee MoreRead Less

Review by Nicki Sahlin

I first met James when I was executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Rhode Island Chapter; I am also a member of the Board of The Providence Center. As a mental health advocate, I saw that James would go to any lengths to help clients at the Center or in the community. Public mental health is a demanding field, and it was clear that James has both the determination and whole-hearted commitment of an outstanding professional. As a board member, I also heard him give presentations which were excellent and reinforced my impression of him as a topnotch mental health clinician and supervisor.See MoreRead Less

Review by Victoria Harris

I've known Paige since I was a sophomore in high school, and she was one of the biggest mentors I could have in basketball. She was always pushing to be the best, which in return pushed the team. Basketball means the world to me, and seeing a player that has that much dedication and love for the sport is truly inspirational.See MoreRead Less

Review by Patti Green

I have known Cynthia for several years. I find her to be the most kind and caring of professionals. There is no length to which she will not go to make sure people's needs are met. If this means staying up until 3AM to comfort some one in need or driving all night to be there, so be it. Cynthia takes great pride in her ability to work with people, always remaining calm even, in the most tense situations. The wonderful and successful family she has raised speaks volumes of her character, which she has passed to the next generation. Cynthia is a most valuable asset and anyone would be proud to work with her or for her. I cannot give anyone a higher recommendation than I do Cynthia. Please feel free to contact me personally, should you have further questions.
Patti Green
AOS Professional Services, LLC.
St. Louis, MO
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Review by Monique Porter

Kelly has a big personality. She is detail oriented and an brings a professionalism that is of the highest standard.

Review by Mike Mckinney

Donna-Ann has been a life long friend of the family. She is one of the most caring persons I know. She has always paid close attention to the needs of others. Her knowledge in first aid and emergency medical needs is top knoch. She is a good listener and wise speaker. I would recommend Donna-Ann for any position in the care giving industry she is good with all ages from 1-100.See MoreRead Less

Review by Janice Deneault

" Joyce has been dedicated to Herbalife for 12 years , I have watched and listen to her speak with
people and go the distance to help them understand the products for their well-being and health..
Joyce has also been a great team player with all of the interaction with her upline, downline and people that are interested in Herbalife business, she has always put lots of time and effort to be sure that they understand every detail,plus get the knowledge they need and builds a ongoing relationship ,stays with them until she feels their comfortable and ready. Joyce is always involved in trainings, weight lost challenges whatever there is to help people she is there. These wonderful qualities is how she stands out and above as a professional for Herbalife as well as for herself, I know her so well because Joyce is my sister, she has also help me with all her training and knowledge. Joyce has a sincere personality with lots of love, caring which shows the great person she is...... Love Health & Happiness to You " JOYCE"
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Review by Minde Harless

Noelle is wonderful trainer and great supporter of living a healthy life! Her strength (one of many ) lies in the fact that she understands people are different. She makes it her mission to create and cultivate a motivation for fitness that can fit into anyone's lifestyle. She is the best!See MoreRead Less

Review by Donna Mcenery

Tammy is a wonderful administrator. She is dedicated, hard working,, and always has the needs of her staff and patients as her top priority She is a problem solver, pro active person, and does whatever it takes to keep her organization number 1 in the healthcare industry. She is a gem. She is of great value to any organization.See MoreRead Less

Review by Emma-jean Biela

Hey sis what is up?