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Professionals in Pennsylvania

There are 153 recommended Health Care Providers in Pennsylvania. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Ron Weckerly

Sheryl Greenfield is a warn and compassionate individual who loves life and people. Sheryl purchased my book and has been supportive of me since she got to know me over two years ago. She is a deeply sensitive and compassionate person who understands what empathy means in assisting people with or without the syndrome of ADHD. Sheryl attempted to help me when a friend died of brain cancer. She was going to send money to help the family with any extra financial burdens. I found out later, that we did not need the help. This act alone, shows how Sheryl has faith in people she has not actually met. Sheryl's big attributes are a good listner, encourager, and one of the best human's I have had the privelege to know. As a coach, Sheryl would be outstanding in getting adults, teens and families to realize that there is a wonderful and fullfilling life outside of AD/HD! She would help others to get to celebrate who they are and seek a fruitful life. Self- actualization will be realized by the coaching if this wonderful person. I am anxious to meet Sheryl in the future. "Who would not want to meet a person who can change and influence humanity in the right direction."See MoreRead Less

Review by Vivian Baptiste

Herbalife keeps on getting better every single day. I am so proud to be associated with a company that has the best products, and the best Doctors that work around the clock to ensure that we can speak with CONFIDENCE! They are simply the best.See MoreRead Less

Review by Thomas Mikkelsen

Mr. Block is passionate about helping others live a healthy, fulfilling life! He practices what he preaches by being a product of the product--never asking his team to do anything he himself wouldn't do! Thanks Phil!See MoreRead Less

Review by Tina Concepcion

When it comes to the care and well being of others, you truly can't find anyone better. You know what they say, Mother knows best, and for the past twenty-two years, she's done a better job than most of the doctors I've been to see. Even my friends want her opinion after they've been to the doctors.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rob Hairston

Welcome Denise Thank you for the recommendation here. It is appreciated. We all need to stik together and help each other.
Glad to see that you are part of a great organization like Immunotec. We have finally found a great Company and a GREAT way to help those that are sick and suffering, for those that will listen. Best of luck to you and you"re Business. Sincerely @[1629197674:2048:Rob Hairston].See MoreRead Less

Review by Johanna Mcgonigle

ANGELA IS A HARD WORKING BUSINESS WOMEN. She is passionate about getting toxins and poisons out of your home to make it safe for you n your family. Honesty is what you get when you talk with Angela. She will not steer you wrong. She loves her family and loves helping yours.See MoreRead Less

Review by Debb Laukaitis

Donna is a dedicated and trusted health care professional. She is willing to listen and then asks questions to better understand your needs and concerns. She will go "the extra mile".See MoreRead Less

Review by Carol Kushner

Jacklyn is a very intelligent and caring coach who can help change your life. She changed my life helping me to reduce sugar, high blood pressure and cholesteral numbers without any medicines, and with all organic food and supplements, and advice and instruction on how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.See MoreRead Less

Review by Judy Williams

Antoinette Tasson Telck is a very reliable person. She will help you in any way she can. I recommend her highly.

/> Judy WilliamsSee MoreRead Less

Review by Teresa Langhorne

Neecyanne Bowersox is a licensed CNA. Aside from that, the most important thing, is she is the most caring, loving person. She puts others first & she is so loyal & dedicated to all that are around her. She is extremley dependable, that you cannot find just anywhere.See MoreRead Less