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Professionals in Ohio

There are 123 recommended Health Care Providers in Ohio. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Natalie McNosky

Jeanne Wilson is amazing! She's so caring and compassionate! I went with my mom who has had some issues with mammograms and turned to Thermography as a healthy holistic alternative. Jeanne made the experience wonderful for my mom - she also helped explain things to me when I had questions. I'm planning on only ever using Thermography when it comes to my female-health. I more than highly recommend Jeanne! Great job Jeanne - thank you so very much for my mom, and on behalf of all the women that you help!See MoreRead Less

Review by Lalaa Palooza

Becca is hardworking, prudent, judicious, industrious and God-fearing...If there's a puritanical woman needed for any job, I'll recommend her 10 times over!See MoreRead Less

Review by Mike Volkerding

Having been a guitar player for 43 of my 58 years, I know monster when I hear it. Steve doesn't just play a good guitar - he plays a LOT of guitar. Steve's in the Hot Wax Show Band and (my opinion) the most valuable player in the show. The smokin' leads and the tasty fills round out every tune the band plays. Steve knows HOW to play and also WHEN to play. Pretty much the most versitle perfect guitar player I've ever known. Can ya tell I like his playin' just a bit?See MoreRead Less

Review by William Mitchell

She makes the training fun, entertaining, and she's very serious about making sure that you are ready for a fabulous new you! And not just for one or two seasons...these workout sessions are for lifetime of good health! There are no gimmicks here; Kimberley makes working out a fun experience, but don't let that fool you...you are going to work out every inch of your body, and when your body is in shape, the human mind takes notice! I did take a few lessons in learning Yoga, and that really helps me to relax after a stressful day on the job, and driving along the expressways on the drive home everyday! I'm just not as tense as I once was! I highly recommend Kimberley for a workout that will bring results! She's wonderful.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jim Settecase

Frank and his wife, Nalin are live down the street from me, but I didn't see them that often. Then one day, I saw just how much weight the both of them had lost. I was amazed. When I asked them what they had done, they told me about the ViSalus products and invited me to a product/business preview meeting. I had recently had two operations that have kept me from being able to exercise and I had put on about 20 pounds because of it. I wasn't clear to begin exercising again, but knew I needed to start doing something to lose the weight. I began a 2 shake a day routine and in one year's time I have lost 25 pounds- all without exercise. I had another surgery during this time further prohibiting me from beginning an exercise program. Frank never pushed his products on me; they pretty mush sold themselves. Frank is always professional, pleasant and very excited about the benefits of his products. He is a pleasure to do business with and has become a good neighbor-friend in the process.See MoreRead Less

Review by Shirley Florence

Debbi is a very wonderful person, an excellent business women, and an amazing leader. When ever I have the privelge of being around her, she always has a smile and kind word to say.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sue Byczkowiak Moyer

I am very selective in the people that I have any association with and I found James to meet the expectations of those whom I would choose to associate with. He has a pleasant personality a, a high regard for life, and enjoys and shares love with others. He is a very caring person and he is compassionate.See MoreRead Less

Review by Raine Austen

For many years I've been able to reach out to Jack Wolf with questions and issues regarding my vitamin needs - and home cleaning solutions, including earth friendly trash bags. His wonderful and caring demeanor makes me feel comfortable with every "silly" question. It's impossible to write just a few kind words about Jack (and Pat) Wolf, because I could write a novel. Two of the kindest people on the planet that everyone should have the good fortune to meet - and do business with.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rachel Sepulveda

Roxanne's sound therapy was a personally revealing experience. The two sessions I had were very soothing and healing while I dealt with the grief from my mother passing away. Not to mention that Roxanne Dupler Crocco is just the most wonderful, peaceful, and understanding person. She is highly skilled and talented. I'd recommend her services to anyone!See MoreRead Less

Review by James Spiegel

I have known Kieva for many years as a yoga instructor and as someone who takes seriously what we put into our bodies. She is always focused on eating healthy and staying in peak fitness. My wife and I both benefit from the healthy living and eating that she always encourages. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about being in and staying in peak condition.See MoreRead Less