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Professionals in North Carolina

There are 133 recommended Health Care Providers in North Carolina. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

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I was introduced to KORU TOUCH and its certified Esalen Massage Therapist Gregory Cartwright, as a Christmas Gift (2014) from a very dear friend. I will go into further detail later, but for now I will just say this experience was the start of a life changing/arranging experience.

As a twenty and thirty year old I enjoyed lovely body hair patterning of youth. With amble chest, leg and arm hair, my back remained smooth and appealing. Then my forties arrived and I found hair starting to creep to the shoulders and upper back. During those early years, my partner was very gracious to shave my back weekly and I followed up with the shoulders and back of neck which I was able to easily groom. Through my fifties, age continued to bring further hair to my back. During this time period, I had the opportunity to try waxing at a local spa. I looked forward with excitement to the return of smooth hair free back. Instead, I broke out with major bumps over the back which took two weeks to clear. I tried this procedure one more time with the same results. I abandoned this type of treatment, returning to shaving with foam and razor. Although more of hassle, I wasn't paying good money to break out.

As a sixty four year old, I was starting to feel like an 'old fart', not always having the convenience of partner or friend to care for Manscaping. Embarrassed to go shirtless and feeling less appealing to others sexually, my former young self mental image and present reality were oceans apart.

THEN CAME MY FIRST SESSION WITH GREGORY… I walked out that afternoon feeling like a much younger man than the sixty four year old that I was! With the Sugaring I once again had a smooth and beautiful back, shoulders and neck. With further Manscaping, I felt like a thirty year old, and very proud of my manly package. I felt like a new dose of self worth had been gifted to me, along with a new sense of masculine sensuality.

I have always been in tune with my body. It is both sensual and sexual. A naked body is one to be pleased with and never ashamed of. Too often in our culture, the sense of moral modesty has often turned us into creatures that when disrobed, turns one immediately into a realm of sexual arousal. But I have experience several times in California, being patio/pool side and remaining nude in the presence of others for a whole day, enjoying the sensuality and beauty of my body and others. What a lovely and comfortable place to be!

This comfortable place with ones body, is the experience Gregory's clients can count on receiving, when they come to their sessions. Gregory's years of training and expertise brings amazing professional insight, and healing to his patients.

Last month, I received my first every ESALLEN MASSAGE. When the Tibetan singing bowls were being struck over my entire body, I not only heard the beauty of their ethereal sound, but felt the resonance of the Tibetan bowls hovering over my body and then slowly descend onto the surface of my skin. It was possible an out of body experience in reverse. As the messaging hands pass from head to toe, the experience was full and complete tranquility, but I found it much more. As your body feels like it is melting into the soft warmth of the table below, there is mental, and physical rejuvenation… real healing. I found in this experience my body no longer felt sexual, but in the amazing place of sensual beauty and healing. It was a SPIRITUAL PLACE!

Thank you Gregory, for this place of HEALING, HOPE and fresh renewal of SPIRIT!

Respectfully grateful,
John A. Washburn
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Review by Lynn Molnar

I've known Cathy for over 35 years, and she is a remarkable women and friend. We went on a journey together in the 90's developing a passion to help others experience healthier lifestyles via excellent nutrition. Opening up a "health food" store on the OBX evolved out of her passion, and she's been strong at it ever since!
Her conviction is to lovingly "go the extra mile" to help individual needs be met, and she exemplifies that in her Health-A-Rama store in Kitty Hawk (now at SeaGate North shopping center just down the road) as well as in every aspect of her life! She's full of generosity and nutritional wisdom, and has a wonderful selection of healthy products. Plus she treats each customer with loving respect - so missing in most businesses these days!
Whenever I myself cannot provide someone's needs as a Shaklee distributor, I always send them to Cathy knowing that they'll be well taken care of!! She is an awesome person with a wonderful and much-needed OBX business!
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Review by Laurie Gilkes

Jeanne Hall is a colleague, who I met about a decade ago, at a professional conference. We had then, and still now, have practically nothing in common, except our passion for helping people, and for learning more and more about how to do this really well. We became instant friends, and despite the many miles between us, have remained friends over the years.

Having discussed both personal and professional matters, at length, and sometimes into the wee small hours, I know for sure what a treasure Jeanne is. She is "salt of the earth", decent, caring, honest, moral, and generous to a fault.

Anyone who comes to Jeanne for psychotherapy is putting themselves in good hands and can expect to feel better and to BE better for having known her.
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Review by Susan Swafford

Harriet is a passionate and articulate individual. She could excel in any endeavor to which she devoted herself. That she is choosing to do so in a way that provides education and service to people in need is part of who she has always been and will continue to be in the future. She not only has my recommendation, but my loving support.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ruth Wilson Brown

I know Cindy from being in the same business together. She is one of the most generous people I have met. She is a very caring person and very hard working at helping people get what they are looking for. She will go out of her way to help others.
Cindy has high ethics and will always be honest with you.
She not only is a great business person, but really knows her business and the in's and out's of it. She will work for you and with you in everyway to see that you are getting the best deal she has to offer. I can say that she comes highly recommended from all of us.
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Review by Valarie Fullwood

Marvine is an AWESOME Dynamic Zumba instructor! Her classes are full of excitement and enthusiasm. The love and care Marvine shows her students is unmatched. No one could ask for a better instructor. Her classes are alway decorated with Zumba Love and there are Glow Parties once a month. Students are greeted with a warm smile and loving hugs, then the workout begins. Marvine class is a wonderful way to relieve the stress of the day.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mariangela Barbosa

I have known Anuzia for a couple of years and have yet to meet someone who has such a genuine personality. Her positive energy and happiness are her most beautiful attributes. Her energy healing sessions are amazingly relaxing and with long lasting results. Her dedication to her career has taken her to far way places where her learnings in the energy healing field has been greatly enhanced. You will be blessed to know her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jack Bossie

I have know Mindy for 2 years, but seems like I have known her a lot longer and is a dear friend. Mindy is very bright, thoughtful and caring for others and this make her a wonderful Health and Wellness Consultant. Her knowledge about the products and how they can help is amazing.
You can really put your trust in her and she will help you get your results.
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Review by Sally Marshall-shough

Actually, I am Dennie's mother, but can give an unbiased assessment of her. She started with Iredell County Partnership for Young Children 13 years ago. She was hired as the executive assistant to the then head of the Partnership. Later, as she started working on computers her title changed to Systems Maintenance Manager, along with her other duties. She has always arrived a work earlier than necessary. She is very professional in her work, works well with others, and deals with the public very well. She also has always dressed in a professional manner. She was a member of the National Honor Society, and worked two part-time jobs to attend college. Unfortunately we were in no position to help her financially,
and working and attending college was too much and she had to drop out of college She would be a great asset to any company that hired her.
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Review by Michelle Crossett

Words alone cannot express how grateful I am to Darryl for all he has done for my brother. He exemplifies his words, in extraordinary measures, in all that he does for others. In todays world, his presence, friendship, and guidance are needed more than ever. I highly reccomend him to all in need of his services and friendship.See MoreRead Less