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Professionals in Nevada

There are 56 recommended Health Care Providers in Nevada. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Kerista Wilder

I originally met Charmaine through my Mother during a Light Workers Broadcast. I went to a few Reiki group sessions she put on and enjoyed the energy that was put out. A couple years later I attended the Hawaiian dance classes she taught and absolutely loved them. I think it was at this point I felt a spiritual connection with her. About a year later I began having medical issues. I went to a doctor who would only prescribe pain killers as a solution. My mother suggested that I see Charmaine and I did. Not only did my pain completely disappear the very next day, I left feeling rejuvenated. I have recently started seeing Charmaine to assist with detoxification (spiritually, physically, and mentally) to prepare for the next chapter in my life. My health has drastically improved and I'm in the process of removing any unnecessary " nonsense " in my life. Charmaine is extremely talented, incredibly gifted and her vibration is one of the highest I have ever felt. She is filled so much light and love that to simply be in her presence is a sense of relief. I think one of the many amazing features of her sessions is that she teaches as she heals. She encourages you to heal yourself and shares her knowledge with you. I feel very blessed to know Charmaine.See MoreRead Less

Review by Alex Hamlin

Sifu Jason Velez is a Martial Arts expert and one that teaches out of love and passion for his work. Lessons of different arts and life's journey is what you should expect while working with Sifu Jason Velez. I live in the state of Kansas and drove my first time all the way to Las Vegas to work with Sifu Jason Velez. The training was one that was specifically designed for me as he is a master of many arts and is able to put together a program for individuals and there learning methods. I was certified in Krav Maga, Reiki and Rapid Assault Tactics by Sifu Jason Velez. He is truly a one of a kind instructor with a lot of wisdom and knowledge that he passes on through self learning and hands on instructions. I cannot wait to head back out to Las Vegas to train with Sifu Jason Velez again. He has become a friend, my Sifu and a true compassionate guide to the journey of my Martial Arts. He is a true man of wisdom and power that will be a guide to those that will except his wisdom and knowledge.See MoreRead Less

Review by Robert Costalat

Dear Luc,
I have recommended, 'cause I know you're serious about what you're doing.
In fact, I'm very happy for you and I'm sure, the succes will be the appointment.
Good Luck
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Review by Larry Burgher

Wendy is a dedicated, conscientious professional who is devoted to her work, and can be relied upon to complete any task she undertakes. She also possesses strong leadership skills that allow her to adapt to changing circumstances, and guide others through difficult times.See MoreRead Less

Review by Andrea Gingras

I highly recommend Amberly Mauszycki! She is a dedicated mother and business partner! She loves her job and enjoys helping others with financial difficulties which she encountered in her life as well. Helping the environment and being there for her family is what she strives to accomplish with her networking. She is a leader and a great mentor for anyone looking into her same route of business. Having Amber on your side is a reward in itself! You will not be let down.See MoreRead Less

Review by April Fried

Debbie, is the most intuitive, kindhearted talented Reiki Practitioner that I have ever known, She was referred to me by a friend over a year ago and I felt like I have known her before, her love and light are nothing less than incredible. Before Debbie, I had never been to a Practitioner that didn't want to try to "tell my fortune" and waste my time.

I didn't REALIZE how ridiculous that all was or how much time and money I have wasted until I saw Debbie's REAL TALENT of Reiki and what Reiki REALLY was/is.

She has introduced me on so many amazing aspects of myself and what I am capable of, and that is the REAL key to Reiki, doing the work inside of me and what I myself can do to help myself, and having her an an energy guide to help clear things up along the way.

Debbie is a wonderful guide to those aspects. I recommend her to everyone I know and I have even brought my own son to her ( who is 12)
He loves her and it has enhanced his knowledge as well. I recommend her talents without hesitation. She is nothing short of talented and amazing - A natural practitioners. See for yourself, you won't regret it!-
I absolutely ADORE her!

April F
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Review by Anissia Gore

David became a mighty King because of the Love for God's people. Buddah became the Enlightened One because of his Love for God's people. Jesus became High Priest because of His Love for God's people. Bishop Nollie Mitchell Brooks is indeed a mighty woman of God because of her love for God's people; whose heart is after the heart of God. Her devotion to the people of God in the Church, in the Synogogue, in the Temple, and in the highways and the byways is a proven testament of the Love God placed in her heart.

I am blessed and highly favored to have witnessed countless lives (including my own), changed for the greater good. Many who are now living their dreams and helping others live theirs because of the teachings of this great woman.

She is truly one of the Great Universal Teachers of our time.
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Review by Dorthy Rowland

Karen you are an Earth Angel. Your presence is peaceful & full of joy with the understanding of knowing the meaning of humanity. Thank you for being thoughtful and having a giving heart. You are in deed an angel.See MoreRead Less

Review by Brittany Caldwell

I suffer from had rheumatoid athritis as well as not knowing how to deal with the constant ups and downs of my everyday life and had never really thought much about reiki or shakra alighnment. Amber Copanas, being a good friend of mine and knowing these things, suggested these alternative treatments as a possible solution to ease my tensions. She was very professional and explained exactly what the prossess was about, which allowed me to feel more comfortable and open to the new experience. Since then I've been noticably calmer with myself and just a little bit more at peace with where my life is at right now. Anyone who has the opportunity to try these methods of healing should take advantage of it.See MoreRead Less

Review by Shelley Thrower

Michael is awesome I have witnessed his hard work and dedication to becoming an expert at Raindrop Technique, Color Light Therapy and Vita Flex through his continuing education and hands on experience. He is a master at his art and if you have never experienced a raindrop and live in Las Vegas contactl Michael immediately for an appointment!See MoreRead Less