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Professionals in Maine

There are 20 recommended Health Care Providers in Maine. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Ingrid Giroux

I would recommend Lisa to anyone. I met Lisa through Beachbody on line and ordered goods online with her "Shakeology". /> She is really committed to reach your personal target. She is a great listener and will make research to answer to all your questions. What I like about Lisa is she provides you a personal touch.
She provides more than a fitness plan. She will find anything to keep you motivated and will create interaction with people of her own network, like-minded.
I am connected to other Beachbody people but I don't know anyone who would sacrifice the time she does on others. With Lisa you feel unique and understood. The only think I can say I am part of the lucky people to know her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kimberly Clark

Roberta is gets the job done with a smile on her face. Very pleasant, team player and doesn't quit till it gets done and done right! She's your girl.See MoreRead Less

Review by Angel Caron

Robin is wonderful person. She is very supportive. She has helped me with weight loss, self-confidence, and I am just happier. Being hypnotized is like being very relaxed, you hear everything going on around you. You just concentrate on her voice and she talks to you. I would recommend Robin for anything you want to work on. The subconscious mind is a powerful tool. Robin helps you use yours better.See MoreRead Less

Review by Laura Michaud

Valerie's energy is contagious and her can do attitude is so refreshing! She knows fitness and she is full of a million tips to help you get fit and stay fit!See MoreRead Less

Review by Anakim Veda

Thank you 4 always being a wonderful inspirational role model 4 all the children of earth who seek to live in Light. May you always be blessed and protected by the Power?:-) Namasté.See MoreRead Less

Review by Peter Jarvis

l find him to be caring and competent. He interacts well with his clients and famillies. I would consider him a valuable asset .

Review by Arlene Stickel

she is a people person. Friendly,kind, deals with problems in a calm manner. I know her for many years. My son is a good friend of Patricia, he introduced us. She has always had a caring heart, and was always there for me when I was ill. Tricia always worked hard on her job,she was great to watch. I enjoy the friendship we have.See MoreRead Less

Review by Charles Anzolut

She has always demonstrated herself to be tireless in solving difficult problems. My wife and I both have difficult prescriptions for our eyewear. She has taken the time to assess what type of lens would be best suited for the tasks we need to perform and has been meticulous in fitting and instructing us how to take care of the lenses and the frames.

I have know Lori since college and have always been impressed with her drive and dedication to doing things properly.
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Review by Todd Orcutt

Top notch professional with people skills and a genuine and warm personality.

Review by Cheryl Tremblay

Tammy is my cousin. I am older then her, but I watched her grow up from the time she was born, until present day.
She has worked very hard to get into the field of behavioral health. She has become very focused on entering this field of work. She has been a friend and helper for me when I was ill in the past, and did an awesome job I might add.
I believe she will excel in her work, because she has worked so hard to achieve this goal. She doesn't take anything in her personal life or business profession for granted. Coming from a home of five siblings, and a family who worked hard, but always on a limited budget for a family of eight people, she not only appreciates her job accomplishments, but she takes pride in her personal life as well. Whereas some people might not realize the importance of achieving this position, it's totally different for people who have had to do it all on their own. I believe Tammy can be extraordinary in this field, because she loves people, and she's a very patient , kind, understanding person.
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