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Professionals in Saint Petersburg, Florida

There are 13 recommended Health Care Providers in Saint Petersburg, FL. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Garry Williams

Dr. Ariss is such a "joy to work with"...he's knowledgeable, enthusiastic, extremely professional...bottom line, he does everything he can to offer his patients the very best care possible.
Personally, I've been a patient for a few years now...with his anti-aging products. I feel better and look better than ever... I feel younger...my body responds as if I'm much younger, (I'll be 60 in a few months). Initially, when Dr. Ariss did a thourough blood screeing, he made some recommendations to me...vitamins, supplements, testosterone and some growth hormones. I was not sleeping well, was irritable and was spending way to much time in the gym, (fighting the aging process). Now...omg...Iike I said earlier, I feel better than ever!
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Review by Lynn Miller

Mary is very smart in what she does in her profession. She is a joy to work with & she konws her stuff. She takes pride in what she does & she would not try to sale something that she would not use herself. She is a Glow of Sunshine & a delight to be around, whoever meets her, will never forget her. I miss her bad. She knows her Business! GO Mary! Love & miss you Much!See MoreRead Less

Review by Michael Novilla

Deserie is fabulous. She really knows her craft and is delightful to work with. I've enjoyed her organic teas and liquid energy formula (delicious and healthy unlike those "energy drinks") and I really trust Deserie's judgement. And so should you! =DSee MoreRead Less

Review by Andy Cordas

I used to work with Diane; she is a focused goal oriented woman who trusts that her product quality and its desired effectiveness provide a helpful increased quality of life to all end users. She is an eminently honorable and trustworthy individual and her desire to provide a service, drive her to seek to grow her company to its maximum effectiveness. I work with small business owners everyday, and you just know when you meet a winner. She has my vote!See MoreRead Less

Review by Trina Dembishack

She never mixes her personal life with work Nadine is a hard worker and takes her job very seriously and she gets the point across she makes sure everything is done correctlySee MoreRead Less

Review by Lynn Rodden

I met Guy "by accident" on-line and we were both interested in the same modalities so we had plenty to talk about. I found Guy to be a super sweet guy with extensive knowledge of his healing talents, skills and abilities, of which there are many! He has a really good heart. He is also extremely proficient with the use of his bio-computer, the QXCI, one of the most powerful bio-resonance programs in the world! I learned a lot working with him, about myself, and how
I saw the world. I would say, if his work resonates with you, you have NOTHING to lose by trying out a session with Guy. It could well change your experience of life!
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Review by Sam Dudding

Jeff is a masterful artist with hair and music; scissors and bass. Whether you need a cut or color or a bass player for your band, Jeff Artabasy is the guy!See MoreRead Less

Review by Rita Reiners

Diana is a very detail oriented, very professional with attention to all aspects of her profession. I had the opportunity to meet Diana and work under her in my first Doctor's office. I was pursuing a career in Medical Billing which Diana taught to me. Since that time I have enjoyed the benefits of working as a Medical Biller thanks to Diana. Diane Juhl stands out in her career because she takes pride in her work. I would advise anyone who is considering Diana for a position to hire her, they will be very pleased with her performance. Thank you, Rita D NewburySee MoreRead Less

Review by Lynnie James

I have known Erin since we were just kids she was always their for you if you needed her.Someone you can count on,and she never lets you down. she is sweet nice caring and all around good personSee MoreRead Less