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Professionals in Lutz, Florida

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Review by Carolyn Borton

Shihan Steve is the founder of Krav Maga Martials Arts - the dojo where my son (8) and I study. We started there 4 years ago with just the kids program, then a couple years later Shihan offered some special classes for adults (women in particular) and I got hooked. I am even testing for my black belt in about a month!

Steve runs a FABULOUS program - positive, supportive and motivating. The emphasis is as much (or more) on life skills as kicking and punching. And not just for the kids - sure that's the biggest part of the program, but there's a strong adult community as well and, most important for me, family classes where kids and parent train side-by-side.

What makes Steve stand out? Many small things, but I think they all come back to one big one: CONSTANT AND NEVER-ENDING IMPROVEMENT. Not only does Shihan Steve teach this principle, but he also lives by it... every day.

Top 3 things Shihan Steve has done for me (of the dozens or more!)

#1 - Sanity. Specifically, I mean with my son, who is spunky, energetic, and all around a challenging boy of now 8 (and 4 when we started). We're talking hours of non-stop running where I'm exhausted watching and he's just getting started. Because of the KMMA program, my son now has focus, discipline, he shows respect to adults and kids. He can look an adult in the eyes for the full length of a full conversation. And we always receive so many compliments about his politeness, self-discipline and focus when he attends other places (school, cub scouts, family trips, summer camps, and so on).

#2 - Confidence. In two areas. First, I am not the most coordinated person, but never in all the time I've trained was I made to feel bad because I couldn't "get it" right away - not by Shihan nor the Senseis and not even the students, which to me speak volumes about the quality of his programs! Second, I am a business owner myself and Shihan's program attracts other business owners as well. It is rare and refreshing to be able to meet new friends of this caliber outside of a sales setting.

#3 - Fitness. I am in far better shape now than 10 years ago. I was stagnating behind my computer and the fun, inspiring approach at Steve's dojo really got my motivated and kept me coming back week after week and year after year.
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