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Professionals in Jacksonville, Florida

There are 17 recommended Health Care Providers in Jacksonville, FL. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Lewis Fishman

It's not only her energy and her willingness to help her team. It's also the many wonderful ways in which Sheila helps. She actively and creatively reaches out to her community--friends, and beyond. It's my pleasure to recommend Sheila Griffin Zimmer, not only as a valued colleague, but also as a terrific friend.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ceceilia Brown

Dr Zack has got to be the best Dr. I know.. He is very passionate about what he does and you can learn something from him every time you see him. He genuinely cares about his patients which is a quality that a lot of doctors don't have. (This is coming from someone who was completely "anit-chiro" a few years ago lol) I recommend Dr. Zack to anyone I know, and will even drive from across town just to know I am getting the best care for my family. :-)See MoreRead Less

Review by Whade Tufts

Evelyne is simply amazing in her diligence regarding Research, Health & Wellness, Sales and Purchasing and having transparent integrity to both her professional personal values. As well she is thoughtful, generous with her time, considerate and honest in her discussions and dealings with all people.
Doing business with Evelyne is always a true pleasure, an opportunity for learning and growth and is certainly something to always look forward to.
See MoreRead Less

Review by Kendall Pennington

I was Director of Loan Servicing at GreenTree Financial and Sharon was one of my Admin Assistants. Her quality of work was outstanding and I could always count on her to complete projects accurately and on time.See MoreRead Less

Review by Robert Brown

Eric Dailey has the ability to push himself to succeed while having the compassion to help others along the way. This is key for being successful in the arena he has chosen. He will always be a person whose opinion I will value.See MoreRead Less

Review by Susan Baker

Friends w Bill for many years. He was a 5 Star person in every way. Unfortunately, he passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. This is one major drawback to these robo-sites.See MoreRead Less

Review by Catherine Donato

Bill. He is a go getter, he is willing to tackle any job, he is willing to step in and help any on, when needed ,he will do the slack work when needed he look's for the good in people. He is a great father and family. man. He is. The best son ever, always giving me credit ,for how he achieved his goals always . He does not criticize any one. He is the missing piece of the puzzle that is needed to be complete.He has an ear open to hear what is going,and can see if there needs to be changes, and can suggest what need's to be done.he is a hard worker ,and very devoted to his job,never want's to take off from work ,he feel's bad ,that his co worker's will have to work harder. Some one you can depend on.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sally Coppage

Having known Alan for over 8 years and having worked in his office also, I am proud to recommend his chiropractic and nutritional care. I have seen many people, especially children who have been helped by Alan's care. And now Alan is a licensed nutritionist and I am accepting his recommendations for my digestive health. I am looking forward to a more healthy me! Thank you, Dr. Nathans!See MoreRead Less

Review by Linda Smitherman

We work on the same unit and care for the same patients. I always have patients mention how nice Mary is and so caring they feel safe having her as their nurse. She is always joyful and willing to help.See MoreRead Less

Review by Catrell Cooney

Donna is one of the most kind hearted, caring, loving person I know. She has a strong work ethic and I would highly recommend her to everyone.See MoreRead Less