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Professionals in Colorado Springs, Colorado

There are 24 recommended Health Care Providers in Colorado Springs, CO. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Apostle Chai Yehovah

Praise God: I look forward to all that God has purposed to do through her. She has a passion for God, for His Kingdom, and His people. God is using her mightily to bring forth the Vision as He has given it to her to help equip the people of God for this time. We don't need to know anybody. All we need to Know is God because He Knows Everybody else and He knows how to bring about His Divine Connections in the most extraordinary ways. He shall bring those He has purposed into contact with you and connection with you so that the Vision be fulfilled. I pray that each of us will allow the Lord to lead us and guide us in sharing what God is doing with the Ministry He has entrusted to you. Blessings. Love you much Chai Yehovah Be encouraged.See MoreRead Less

Review by Byron Howard

Lauralee is very passionate professional regarding health and fitness. We met a few years ago and she exudes confidence and personality whether related to ones personal or professional life. As a former owner of several athletic clubs, I was amazed at her dedication and she would have been an excellent addition to my staff and/or very qualified to manage one of the facilities. She discussed with me on numerous occasions her process for working with clients and I could easily see why she had a high approval and retention ratio. Overall, she is a kind spirit and a wonderful person which makes her job very easy to commandSee MoreRead Less

Review by Nicole Mays

Mandy is such an amazing young woman! She is the perfect person to help empower you - she always knows what to say to encourage you, and make you feel like you can do anything!See MoreRead Less

Review by Lynette Mckinney

It has been several years since I've seen Jackie, but she still keeps m updated about Juice Plus and includes other helpful health related articles. My experience with Jackie began in 2000 when her daughter was in my school choir. That year, my son, Chris was diagnosed with lymphoma and Jackie, who I barely knew compassionately set out to do a fundraiser in our school community to help with our son's medical expenses. It was a very successful endeavor and many parents and community members appreciated the opportunity for their kids to be able to help another child who was facing a life threatening illness. Chris was only 12 years old when he tok his cancer journey, and now 28 and enjoying great health. Recently Chris mentioned how he enjoyed taking Juice Plus gummies when he was sick because they were one of the few things that tasted good to him. As an adult, he has very healthy eating habits that include taking vitamin supplements. Now you can see why I hold Jackie Aldrich and her work to help others in such high esteem! Sincerely, Lynette McKinneySee MoreRead Less

Review by Renee Riley

Hi Darlene just wanted to let you know your an amazing person and you look fabulous! Renee'

Review by Merilee Mortenson

Pam is a wonderful person with a strong work ethic, integrity and loyalty to friend and family. I visited Pam at her work center when she was in the AF Reserve. Spent time with her and several of her co workers. She is extremely knowledgeable and conscientious. I enjoyed my experience with Pam and her co workers and learned a lot about her unit and her work. She is extremely dedicated to her goals.See MoreRead Less

Review by Tanya Shome

Barbara is a compassionate, direct, and effective counselor, who gets to the heart of the issue. She provides insightful information and tools to assist the client to overcome the obstacle the client is facing. She also has a strong understanding on human nature and patiently expresses her knowledge to the client. I highly recommend Barbara.See MoreRead Less

Review by Judith Moak

Debbie is incredible! Always a positive attitude, great follow up and helpful with whatever you need - she is a joy to work with!

Review by Butch Fertic

She is very passionate about what she does and has help many people with her products and that is very important. Her products are real.

Review by Jamie Lavenstein

Karlene is such a professional woman.
I was lucky enough to work with her on the board of National Charity League in the Co. Springs.
She is meticulious and caring.
Usually if you are through you may not be the most caring person in the world but she is both.
I would recommend her for any level of work and know her work ethic will rise to any occasion.
She works all day has family time laughs loves and then gets back to work to complete any project she has on her agenda.
One of the finest and hardest work people I know Male or Female.
She is the best..
See MoreRead Less