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Professionals in Colorado

There are 115 recommended Health Care Providers in Colorado. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Mark Eberle

The Patriot Conservative News Tea Party Network Horton Smith WWII Two Star Rear Admiral Hour is for Suzanne Sharer for her late Uncle Warren.
With George Sinzer Presidential Candidate.
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Review by Apostle Chai Yehovah

Praise God: I look forward to all that God has purposed to do through her. She has a passion for God, for His Kingdom, and His people. God is using her mightily to bring forth the Vision as He has given it to her to help equip the people of God for this time. We don't need to know anybody. All we need to Know is God because He Knows Everybody else and He knows how to bring about His Divine Connections in the most extraordinary ways. He shall bring those He has purposed into contact with you and connection with you so that the Vision be fulfilled. I pray that each of us will allow the Lord to lead us and guide us in sharing what God is doing with the Ministry He has entrusted to you. Blessings. Love you much Chai Yehovah Be encouraged.See MoreRead Less

Review by Marta Oselkiewicz

I have known Jim for almost 2 years. His passion, knowledge, and experience makes him an amazing therapist, supervisor, and person. Jim's passion for Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy has been truly inspiring to me. He puts heart and effort into his work and; therefore, he always strives to be the best therapist and supervisor that he can be. As a supervise, I also appreciate Jim's positive outlook on life, creativity, and leadership skills. His impact on Denver Family Institute has been enormously positive. Finally, apart from his excelling therapeutic skills, his genuineness is what makes him Jim. It is a pleasure and honor to know Jim and be trained by him.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sandra Pittenger

Have been friends with John for over 30 years, Our Kids grew up together and we had many trips to Lake Powell. John is a great cook and uses only the best products in his food preparation. He believes in what he sells and markets his products the best.See MoreRead Less

Review by Anna Gavaldon

I would recommed Dr. Lance Zimney as a healthcare provider. He helped me with my neck and back pain. I trust Dr. Z and believe he can help many people with pain. I can honestly say my pain level improved greatly once I came to his office. I would recommed him to all my family and friends with body pain, getting healthly, and improve their life with his treatment. He is a man of his word and he sincerly cares about all his clients. Thank you Dr. Z for helping me get my life back. Anna GavaldonSee MoreRead Less

Review by David Spector

One tough man. Fought through many battles and always came out on top. Jason is an intelligent, hard working man looking to expand on his dreams. Truly a great person that I admire for all he has accomplished when times got tough.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kathy Hayes

Summer has very loving and healing hands. And even greater is her loving and caring heart. When just a young girl Summer would massage my back and even then her hands had great strength. I love you Summer you are amazing. you have always been full of life and wonder. you have come through more storms in your short life then most and have not only survived but have gained wisdom and strength through it all. I am deeply proud of you Summer. You have always been very special and dear to My heart. Love, Mom.See MoreRead Less

Review by Cheryl Bigus

It has been my pleasure to know Tammi Hoerner since we were students at Institute for Integrative Nutrition and now as colleagues in the field of Health and Wellness.

As a health and nutrition professional, Tammi consistently exceeds her clients needs with sound education and counseling. She is an exceptional coach who specializes in weight management, healthy living, stress reduction and nutrition counseling for professional women, moms and women in life transitions.
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Review by Susie Foreman

Phil was the minister at my church during some very critical years of my life. I was in the Army Reserve, Phil was Airforce Reserve. I was deployed to Desert Storm in 90-91. The support that Phil provided for my family and for me was tremendous. He is without a doubt one of the finest people I have ever met. Excellent counselor, outstanding speaker and a devoted friend. I would trust Phil with my life!See MoreRead Less

Review by Tom Dejong

I know Joe on Facebook. I enjoy following his postings, which are always positive and uplifting. He also maintains a very professional attitude and delivery when referring to his business with Evolv products and advice in using the same. If I ever wanted to become involved with Evolv, I would first turn to Joe for insight and positive direction. I believe Joe to be an honest and upstanding man with the best of all worlds in mind for others.See MoreRead Less