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Professionals in Mesa, Arizona

There are 13 recommended Health Care Providers in Mesa, AZ. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Edward Myers

I have known James through affiliate (Network) Marketing. His presence is always one of affirming the other person. His words of encouragement were always a blessing to me, and to others, within his community. What makes James stand out from others is his deep, sincere, desire to make a difference in others and his genuine heart to help.See MoreRead Less

Review by Pam Hudgins Mcalister

I met Carolyn at a Starbucks when I had my 6 month old grandson with me. She was friendly and starting chatting with me. She ended up inviting me to a meeting of the Chat, Chew, and Chocolate group of which she was the president. I went and got to know her and lots of other women where I shared my experiences, learned from theirs, and heard from some good speakers.

Over the years I have been to parties with Carolyn, out to lunch with her, been to her house, had her over to mine, sang karaoke when out with her, and my husband and I even took dance lessons with her and her husband!

I find Carolyn to be very caring and compassionate, friendly, a leader, and a fun loving person!!
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Review by Kimberly Holmes

Heather is very knowledgeable and professional. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and treat you accordingly. I love her variety of frames and her staff is awesome!See MoreRead Less

Review by Cathy Snow

LoRee McCray Mills got me started on a much needed health kick in which I RELEASED 73 pounds over a five year period, and kept it off. I was successful with her product Isagenix because of her knowledge and personal experience with Isagenix. I no longer have leg cramps at night and I love Isagenix and love LoRee. Cathy Snow.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dolores Quintana

Mary was and is model example that we are who we choose to be. inspiration to me she overcame her own drug addiction, numerous incarcerations, hurtful suffering caused by family rejection for her poor choices in life, yet today she has proven that hard work and education pays off with such rewards as: sobriety, family reunited, gainful employment and serenity. She trained for skills and teachings to aide drug addicts and ex-cons on their road to a sober future by being a successful model in her continued journey of recovery.
Mary taught me a no nonsense attitude and firm convictions are truly essential and necessary To be true and honest to yourself in order to succeed.
Mary is far from perfect which makes her perfect for her job. I like to see real people with real struggles who remains sober in spite life's difficulties, but Mary more than down to earth she is also a wonderful friend and counselor, she listens with her heart and lets you know when you are full of ****(BS) . most of her training took place in the School of Hard Knocks. That's where her foundation and expertise is most valuable to any program helping addicts and ex-cons stay sober and free, that's in addition to her formal studies on chemical dependency's and recovery. Mary has stepped up and gladly filled gaps to assure clients and co-workers were safe and well cared for. She goes above and beyond the call of duty she doesn't tolerate unsafe conditions and takes proper steps to ensure all duties and tasks are completed at shift end for the well being of clients and staff members in work the place.
Mary is a great team player and assume leader when needed she is hard working friendly, kind , caring ,cautious and always thinking of ways to improve her self. never stops growing in recovery for the better of others. She is an asset that no employer should do with out. she hasn't finished her self improvements to a better Mary. PERSONALLY I think she is great just the way she is.
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Review by Nancy Heim

Supporting my niece Emily in her new biz venture....go for it!

Review by Eva Burton

I found Caleb to be very caring. He puts a great deal of detail oriented consideration into seeing each task he undertakes is completed to it's fullest.See MoreRead Less

Review by Pamela Mcmiller

Damon is true professional, he takes pride in providing exceptional care. He has empathy and genuine concern for his client. I can honestly says that I've never had one complaint about Damon or his work. He's just a all around good guy.See MoreRead Less

Review by Reed Haws

I have know Sue for many years now. I can confidently recommend Sue as a person of great character and excellent follow through. I have had the privilege of working with Sue in the past on different business projects. She is a person with lots of heart, she understands the importance of detail and she knows how important "follow through" is for the SUCCESS of whatever project she may be working on! She can be counted on.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dorothy Neddermeyer

I met Jerry at a networking event and soon came to know the product he co-founded. Rixx is the real deal....it works. I had a sore elbow tendon....a little Rixx and twenty minutes later, I didn't feel the dull pain. It was gone. Simply gone. Haven't had a problem since. I have given Rixx for gifts and everyone has reported it was better than pharmaceutical products. Rixx is for every ache or pain and age.See MoreRead Less