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Professionals in Arizona

There are 151 recommended Health Care Providers in Arizona. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Edward Myers

I have known James through affiliate (Network) Marketing. His presence is always one of affirming the other person. His words of encouragement were always a blessing to me, and to others, within his community. What makes James stand out from others is his deep, sincere, desire to make a difference in others and his genuine heart to help.See MoreRead Less

Review by Maggie Cervantes

Bess has a ton of gifts! She is a health guru! She is very knowledgable on foods, gifts, family, and most importantly God!
She is full of life and shares her life learned lessons with others and is always willing to help others! Can't wait for her.
healthy cooking classes where I can create new and healthy dishes for my loved ones! Thank you for your love and knowledge in sharing your many ups and downs of life and for being a great woman of faith!
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Review by Pam Hudgins Mcalister

I met Carolyn at a Starbucks when I had my 6 month old grandson with me. She was friendly and starting chatting with me. She ended up inviting me to a meeting of the Chat, Chew, and Chocolate group of which she was the president. I went and got to know her and lots of other women where I shared my experiences, learned from theirs, and heard from some good speakers.

Over the years I have been to parties with Carolyn, out to lunch with her, been to her house, had her over to mine, sang karaoke when out with her, and my husband and I even took dance lessons with her and her husband!

I find Carolyn to be very caring and compassionate, friendly, a leader, and a fun loving person!!
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Review by Ed Melisky

I have known Deb for many years. Each time I see her, I am more impressed by her dedication to help others and the fact she continuously trains to keep her knowledge current. These qualities, along with her true compassion, ensure Deb provides the most up-to-date services to her clients. Her personal attention to each customer means she is aware of each customer's individual needs. Deb and I have talked about issues affecting me. Each time I have completed a discussion with her, I feel better about myself and become more impressed with her abilities to help me. If you're looking for a caring, dedicated and articulate counselor, Deb's the Lady for you!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Andrew Camen

Also what I was trying to say is all My facebook reciepents should back Anne up 100% she has as what I was talking about in Realistate and she became tops in that and with the way times are and to do good and now that she is branching off to a home buisness not that she will need the help but I'm telling u to help and get behind her and help her thrive in a new venture, I know what it is like to start your own buisness I did it and was so good I was taking work away from one who when I was a labor recieved all his work, from U.S. homes one of the biggest in the U.S. and my old forman I was told how he was proud of me even the fact I took his work from him, so Anne is going to Inovate her wat to the top, why do u say is she's hungry and I don't mean for food, to make a name for herself, so I completely recommend u back her u well be able to say I got behind her when she was just starting and she hasn't forgot us little people, just watch her grow, it well be like in park and then she well blast off.See MoreRead Less

Review by Susan Sizer

Jayne has an amazing spirit and her passion to help others speaks for itself in the many lives I have seen her touch. Jayne has a very loving yet strong way of guiding you in a search with. Her love to live life to the fullest shows in her ability to help others do the same. She is a very kind, loving and nurturing woman who would be an asset to anyone who seeks her services.See MoreRead Less

Review by Robert Best

My interaction with Kimberly was primarily a spiritual relationship. I met her at church in California. I have know her to be very genuine, studious, meticulous, spiritual and very professional. I had opportunities to obeserve her interaction with others during church evangelistic meetings and found her to be a very kind, compassionate and thoughtful. I believe Kimberly would be an outstanding Holistic Health Counselor and will serve her clients with excellence.See MoreRead Less

Review by Georgia Hall

I've known @[1078955358:2048:Marcus Jones] for about three years now, he is a wonderful business partner, always willing to go out of his way to help others succeed, He is the sole reason why I joined Skinny Body Care and I am extremely happy that I did. See you at the top!See MoreRead Less

Review by Nannette Loewenthal

Andrea is truly a gem in the world of caring for people and making sure everything is to the highest standards in the industry. /> Andrea is my sister, but even as a child she would care for injured animals and continued right through with seeing to our parents needs as they aged and were no longer able to function on their own.
Through caring for our parents and with experimenting with alot of the companies out there, we learned there were so many things lacking in the care field. Andrea wanted to make changes to the level of care and amount of education the people had coming to care for loved ones, that is why she started Care with Confidence.
Nan L.See MoreRead Less

Review by Judy Marovich

I have personally known June for over 25 yrs. June has always had a compassionate heart in dealing with the sick and disabled. Her professionalism is exeplary. Her patience is a gift. June is an asset to any organization, ecspecially in the healthcare field. She has always shown to want to care for people since she was young and remains the same today. She has personally told me she loves what she does and how rewarding her career has made her feel fulfilling that it sometimes doesn't even feel like a job it feels more like her passion. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If any further information is needed please don't hestiate to request.See MoreRead Less