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Eye Doctors in your Network

There are 40 recommended Health Care Providers on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Health Care Provider.

Review by Regina Patty Hayes-andler

I have been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember! Getting new glasses and going to exams have always been just a routine thing like going for my annual medical checkup. Until I went to North Broadway Optical! Judy and her team know how to treat their patients right. Instead of going through the regular, scripted, motions of an eye appointment, I was treated as an individual with individual needs. Not just a number! After an exam with the doc, I went out to seek my new glasses in the "frame room". Judy made sure I had her total attention as she fitted me and explained everything from start to finish and never once made me feel like I had to rush through the process. I love my new glasses and am happy to say I will always be going back to North Broadway for all of my eye care needs! Thank you Judy!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Ulric Haynes

Dr. Vincente Calderon is the best optometrist I have ever patronized. He is patient, humorous, personable, and, above all, competent. The eye care that he provides always results in improved vision. I have known him since his days as a college student. He has my highest recommendation.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sandy Marchiorlatti Ussery

Dr. Paul Hiss Chief Surgeon when it comes to Eye care. Dr.Paul Hiss is blessed with a given gift. We get one set of eyes. We are always looking for good eye care Dr.Look no more! Dr. Hiss did surgery on both of my eyes, Now I can see. It is beyond any words, I can see things I have never seen before. The beauty of all things in the world. I'm blessed because of Dr. Paul Hiss, he used his gift to make me see again.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rita Halama

Jim cared for my sister in the last months of her life as a cancer patient. He was compassionate, but he also knew how to take charge and advocate for making her last months comfortable, physically and spiritually. He knew when she needed support and when she needed to be left alone and he made sure she had the care she needed at all times. Jim is a wonderful human being who makes a positive difference in this world.See MoreRead Less

Review by Paulina Carrasco Torell

She is very creative and dependable. A people person. I've known her for over 20 years. You won't go wrong if you hire her. Fun loving and enthusiastic.See MoreRead Less

Review by Leslie Litz Ryan

As a co-worker and supervisor, Shawn was always willing to lend a hand even when he was swamped with work himself. Shawn knows what to say to everyone to calm fears and anxiety. His ability to connect with others is one of his best traits. He is passionate about his work and his patient's care.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lisa Thiel Stock

Dr. David Kim is the best of the best in Ophthalmology; specializing in glaucoma. Not only is he unmatched in his knowledge, skills, and experience in providing the highest quality eyecare and surgeries...he is incredibly personal, approachable, friendly and has a wonderful sense of humor and easy rapport which can immediately put you at ease, feeling comfortable and relaxed.You can watch how wonderful this doctor treats his staff to know his warmth, kindness and caring is genuine and that his treatment and care for you will be no less. With Dr. Kim, you are a person first, patient second...and in our fast changing medical world, that is not only refreshing and welcoming, but much needed and so very important. Thank you Dr. Kim!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jane Stromquist

I never had the pleasure of working with Sandy in her Rogers store- (I only work at New Brighton) but I know Sandy was energetic, outgoing, friendly, positive, and a very hard worker. I heard she went above and beyond many times. She even put the Spectacle Shoppe Logo in her back windshield! She was a great promoter for the Spectacle Shoppe.See MoreRead Less

Review by Todd Puntolillo

When I first met Bob I was younger than 40 and my vision was good. At 40 it started giving me problems and Bob took care of me with prescription glasses, etc. When I moved away a number of years later, he referred me to an excellent optometrist in my area 1100 miles away. He is still a personal friend of mine all these years later.See MoreRead Less

Review by Linda Porter

I met Kelly through mutual friends. She was able to organize and plan my wedding. I wouldn't of been able to have the wedding I did without her. She is trustworthy, dependable, and someone you can depend on. Kelly is out going and is able to make you feel your feel good about yourself. She is always there to help if you need something. I value her friendship.See MoreRead Less