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Family Doctors in Washington

There are 8 recommended Health Care Providers in Washington. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Kelly Mcginnis

Dr. Neale has made a huge impact on the health of both my daughter and I. She is my Primary Care Practioner and my daughter's visiting Pediatrician. Since being treated by Dr. Neale my energy, digestion, metabolism, and overall immune health has drastically increased as well as my mood. Dr. Neale is everything that a healer should be. She is patient, understanding, and thorough. In taking me on as a patient Dr. Neale impressed me by completely changing my expectations of a Doctor. She didn't just look at the present symptoms and prescribe a medication or invasive treatment meant to mask any current symptoms as most Western Doctors do, but did a very comprehensive and thorough work-up on me that detailed my entire health history. She strengthened all of my systems working from and was able to find root causes instead of just treating the surface symptoms. Dr. Neale is the most thorough, dedicated, and knowledgable Doctor that I have ever seen and I highly recommend her. She treats her patients by delving into all of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their life with a strong and true realization that an inbalance in one aspect will ultimately affects the others. What I love most about Dr. Neale though, is the way that she absolutely empowers her patient to take control and responsibility for their own health. In doing this the patient becomes the master of their experience in wellness and actively chooses the road to perfect health, which is available and a reality for all of us no matter where we have been before.See MoreRead Less

Review by Gary Gerlinger

Ed is an outstanding individual with a strong work ethic. He possesses four essential traits that define quality: 1) He's honest. I count on him to tell me things as he sees them with no sugar coating, and I know he takes responsibility for all of his actions. 2) He's dependable. In the year I went to school and worked with him, I never saw him take a day off for any reason, and I cannot recall him ever being late or refusing a difficult assignment. Rather, I regularly saw him volunteer to help without being prompted. 3) He works well with others. He has an easygoing nature that facilitates a pleasant working environment, even with many different personality types all around him. 4) He has the skills to get his job done with expertise. Given that we met in Licensed Practical Nursing school in the U.S. Army, that is saying a lot. I would trust him with my life, and I remember voting for him as the student in that school who most exemplified the Army Values.See MoreRead Less

Review by Renea Crawford

I have known Rose for over 30 years, she is a kind, caring woman with compassion and empathy towards others, If I were sick...i'd call her before I called my doctor!See MoreRead Less

Review by Antoinette Austin

Faith is a great motovator!

Review by Patricia Newton

I have know Joey for about 20 years, he was a neighbor and a close friend of my daughter's. Joey has always been considerate and caring and would do anything for anyone. Joey's dedication to his brother as his caregiver was remarkable . Joey is the type of individual everyone would benefit having on their team.See MoreRead Less