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Family Doctors in California

There are 27 recommended Health Care Providers in California. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Ron Ridout

When I worked with Dennis I found him to be attentive to the needs of his clients, serious about having as much knowledge as he could obtain about his field of expertise, and he went out of his way to make the organization we worked for look good to the client. I found him ethical and honest and he was a good friend as well. I always felt that with Dennis, he had my back.See MoreRead Less

Review by Micheline Arnould

Dr Zaray-mizrahi is not only the best doctor I am lucky enough to know, but he is a gift of Heaven to those who count him as their physician. His only goal is to get you well, fast. His time doesn't count, you do. He listens, he cares deeply, he knows more than any one, yet he is so unpretentious about his mountain of knowledge. He is totally dedicated to his profession and his patients.
To be a Dr Zaray-mizrahi's patient is to be blessed,
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Review by Stacy Smith

Alicia is a wonderful Therapist so kind and nuturing. I highly reccomend her!

Review by Carla Borelli

There aren't many doctors like Len Saputo. His level of care (and caring!) is so far beyond the norm, you can't even compare him to a regular mainstream doc. His arsenal of conventional and alternative therapies will blow you away. He is the doctor of the future. And...he is a warm-hearted, compassionate, and highly conscious person. I feel so grateful for having met Len and it is a joy and a comfort to know he is my GP.See MoreRead Less

Review by Patricia Simmons

Deborah's knowledge and experience in this area is quite extensive.

Review by Johanna Ellyson Murphy

I have actually know Simone since high school and bible study.Simone is a dedicated and caring individual. I have the utmost trust in her with the care of my mother. I would recommend Simone wholeheartedly. She helps my mother daily with doing housework, running errands, going to Doctors appointments and even getting into the pool with her so she
can exercise.
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Review by Elonda Jordan

Very good company,laid back ,can get along with most people ,very loved person

Review by Gary Zamberletti

I don't know Joan as a professional nurse since she has never treated me however I am a friend and a professional engineer myself. I have known Joan for a number of years and I know she is very professional, dedicated and very serious about her work. Nursing and caring for people is something she takes very seriously. She spends much of her time studying and trying to constantly learn more,

She is a very trustworthy, honest and caring person. She is someone I would want taking care of me in any serious medical situation. I think she would have the necessary medical knowledge to help me in many cases and also the knowledge to know when specialists should be involved in my care. I believe she would be as good as any primary care physician.
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Review by Tashie Cooper

Ellesa shows wonderful bedside manners.She is always smiling and concerned about her patients.She is always willing to help her coworkers out.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jessica Lascano

Delia has been a great every time I see her, smiling and professional.