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Chiropractors in Texas

There are 13 recommended Health Care Providers in Texas. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by David Alexander

I was referred to Dr. Blaha several years ago by a friend. I was in so much pain that I could not even hold a pen or fork without my hands feeling like they were on fire. One doctor just put me on strong pain killers, which did nothing but numb the pain and make me tired. Plus, I'm sure they would have been addictive had I not stopped taking them. Another doctor wanted to do hand surgery for carpal tunnel, but I wanted to try alternative methods of healing before I went under the knife, the final option for me.
Dr. Blaha identified that the problem was not carpel tunnel, but actually in my neck. I had nerves pressed by discs that needed to be realigned. I committed to seeing him three times a week. It was only a couple of weeks until I was not in pain anymore. It was almost unbelievable because I had lives with it for so long. If I do not continue my treatments I feel myself get out of line and some of the pain returns. I only go about once every other week now, but I am pain free.
Dr. Blaha is an extremely caring expert with "healing hands." He cared that I was in pain, and honestly wanted to help me. He is not a Chiropractor that just spends 3 minutes with you and gives a quick pop here and there. He goes all the way up the spine to insure that I am aligned properly so that I remain free from pain - no matter how long it takes. He also gives a great message and is a licensed message therapist.
If you are in pain, and why else do we look for Chiropractic care, go see Dr. Blaha and set up a personal wellness plan. Then, be willing to do what he says to alleviate your pain. I would have done almost anything. It is worth the time and money to save yourself from a life without fulfillment because of pain. I don't think there is anyone else who can do what he does. He does miraculous work. He has the gift of healing.
Particularly impressive to me, Dr. Blaha continues to update his education and add medical certifications. He recently went back to graduate school for two years to be certified as a nurse practitioner. He is a published author on wellness and an expert beyond comprehension.

With the greatest honesty and hope that your life can be restored to health and the pain free existence you deserve.

David Alexander
Professor of Vocal Performance (Retired)
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Review by Sylvia Ewing

Dr. Carlos Gonzales has helped me tremendously. When you're in pain, you need someone that can listen and take some time with you, that's what Dr G does, he takes extra time to listen and evaluate your condition. I really appreciate and admire that. Dr G is very positive, informative and shows compassion towards his patients. Dr G is so inspirational, I look forward to reading his daily recommendations on FB. Dr G makes sure you are pain free, I think he has magic hands and his caring persona makes you feel like a brand new person Dr G is just awesome, I've recommended my family and friends to this terrific chiropractor. Thank you Dr. Gonzales for being exceptional!See MoreRead Less

Review by Kay Jenkins

Best Chiropractor I've ever been to! His friendliness makes you instantly comfortable. His treatments were highly effective. I was unable to even stand up straight when I first came in to him. He had me walking upright in a very short amount of time and continued treatments had me as close to pain free as was possible for me, Unfortunately I have moved too far to continue regular treatments and have tried several chiropractors since that have not given me the results I had gotten with Dr. Dan.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ken-narmin Backus

Dr. @[100000912927827:2048:J Coy Dean] is a caring professional. He helped me and my husband so much when we needed an honest and a professional doctor in his field. He is great at taking time to listen and to develop a relationship with his patients. We continue our relationship and would recommend him as a great chiropractor.See MoreRead Less

Review by Gary Hardy

I have known Dr. Barnwell for many, many years. He is intelligent and is continually putting himself in a position to learn and grow professionally. He has a wealth of practical, beneficial knowledge on a large variety of health issues. I have used Dr. Barnwell as a chiropractor and have always experienced a level of service that is hard to find these days. His committment to helping people by using a professional skill set, a highly developed knowledge base, and a genuine desire to make his patients get better is a throwback to a time when a quality product was far more valuable than a dollar bill.See MoreRead Less

Review by Wendy N Jon Dundee

Bo is an amazing human being, in addition to one of the most intelligent, caring & compassionate professionals in the Chiropractic field. He believes in the wellness of all individuals at all spectrums of the lifespan. Regular Chiro visits can provide such significant quality of life with benefits too vast to mention. Go see him & get moving on with your life- less pain, better health- LIVING. :) ~Wendy D. (RN, MSN, PNP).See MoreRead Less

Review by Joshua Andrew

I've been going to woodward chiroptactic off and on for about 7 years. Both him and his office have been extremely helpful when I injured my back to the occasional twinge that happens as I'm getting older. I recommend woodward chiroptactic to my friends and anyone who has any health needs. Probably the best chiropractor I've been to for diagnosing my injuries as they have come up! See MoreRead Less

Review by Darla Bentley

Dr Gary is the greatest! He lives and breathes Chiropractics. He is one of the most dedicated men I know.

Review by Ronald Blaha

I highly recommend Dr. Donnelly for his expertise and variety of experience in the chiropractic profession.

Review by Bill Magee

Louise is skilled, very skilled both as an RN and a DC.