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Chiropractors in Pennsylvania

There are 6 recommended Health Care Providers in Pennsylvania. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Sonya Howard Raya

I have been a patient of Dr. Troy Zacherl, of Chiropractic Solutions for several years. Choosing a chiropractor was not a decision that I made lightly. Having been injured in a car accident, with pre-existing back problems and irreparable nerve damage I sought not only a knowledgeable Chiropractor but more importantly an individual that I felt confident would genuinely listen to my concerns. I wanted to ensure the Chiropractor I chose would perform a thorough medical examination to include researching my prior medical history before making any recommendations or implementing a treatment program.

Troy Zacherl is a very knowledgeable Chiropractor. He took the time to thoroughly screen me, research my past medical history and even recommended further tests be performed to ensure my treatment plan was successful. He genuinely listened to my concerns and understood my reluctance to have treatment based on poor past experiences and my pain level. Troy realized that developing a rapport, building my confidence and allowing me to grow comfortable with him were very important to the overall success of my healing process.

Because of his thoroughness, his genuine concern for my well being, his dedication to continuously educating himself, combined with his understanding that each patient is an individual person with different needs I grew to trust and respect him considerably. Troy isn?t merely doing an 8 - 5 job or running a business with sheer profit margins in mind. He is providing a service to his patients that he passionately believes in and hopes will better their lives as a result.

Chiropractic Solutions is also a family operated business. Troy and his wife, Lorraine both own and work at Chiropractic Solutions. I know the names of their children, they send me a Christmas card each year with a handwritten signature, I?ve baked them homemade banana bread, they have served me cups of coffee while waiting to be seen and I have often just sat in their office and visited with him, his family and his other patients.

If you?re just looking for a quick adjustment, check the Yellow Pages. Personally, I won?t make that mistake again. If on the other hand, you?re seeking a knowledgeable Chiropractor who will value and appreciate you as well as your business, then give Troy Zacherl a call at Chiropractic Solutions.
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Review by Sherry Clewell

I love Dr. Mark! I was in so much pain and he took the time to evaluate me and help me. It took a little bit of time for me to get better. This is the first time a chiropractor went out of his way to help me get out of pain. I have never had the pain come back so far. His method of procedure should be practiced by all Chiropractors. I give him TEN STARS ! On another note, I was at Dr. Mark's office and an older man came in, being carried by his wife and another man. This man could not walk and was suffering terribly. Dr. Mark helped him immediately. Since the office is open, I could see everything Dr. Mark did. To everyone's surprize....This man walked out of the office about one hour later. He was not cured but also not in too much pain. This man had to return the following morning for another treatment.. There are not too many Doctors today like Dr. Mark, who care to this degree. TEN STARS & counting. Keep up the good work Dr. Mark!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Lysa Jordan

Dr Ralston is one of the greatest , mazing Chiropractor and person that I am very luck to know and to be in my life. He is the most kindest, helpful, very patient person. He has helped me so much in getting my life back. Don't know what I would do without him.See MoreRead Less

Review by Anita Forman

David is a super nice guy who has helped me with my technology problems when needed.