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Chiropractors in California

There are 31 recommended Health Care Providers in California. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Health Care Provider.

Review by Brenda Smith

To be honest, Dr. Osborne probably wouldn't want us to say what HE has done for us. He would want us to tell how he has taught US what we can do to help ourselves. With his guidance and knowledge of your body and spine, we have learned there are 5 principles to a healthy and happy life. Of utmost importance, your spine and nervous system must be kept in good working order. Subluxation of the spine can cause a multitude of daily health problems that we never understood, until now.

My husband Bob, was diagnosed with cancer stage 4C in October 2008. I had several health issues that have plagued me since childhood. After becoming a patient in April of 2010, our lives have had a complete turnaround. Bob looks younger and healthier than ever and people call him the "Energizer Bunny". As for myself, I'm healthier, happier and live in less pain that I ever could have imagined. After years and years of seeing medical doctors, you just kind of give up and figure you are destined to live in pain.....but not true. NEVER LET ANYONE TAKE AWAY YOUR HOPE! There IS always hope and if you make that call today, you will have found the hope you're looking for.

Through friends we were introduced to Dr. Osborne and it changed our lives. If you are sick and tired of being "sick and tired".......make your appointment TODAY. Every day you wait is one more day you could have been closer to having the relief from pain you need/want. Even IF you don't suffer from health issues today, make an appointment to make sure you stay healthy in the future. A back that is out of alignment means trouble for the whole nervous system and body.

GO - see Dr. Osborne TODAY, you will not be sorry. When God made him, he threw away the mold. As someone said in their review above, he loves and genuinely cares for EVERY patient that walks through his office doors. As for his staff, well - you'll just think you are part of their family. Wonderful and caring people. NOW GO, what are you waiting for? Make that appointment! He is more like a "close friend than a distant doctor".........and what a sense of humor!

Thank you Dr. Osborne for ALL that you've done and taught us about getting that healthy and happy life we all wish for. Hugs to you and your family and staff.
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Review by Jennifer Mondero

Absolutely THE BEST chiropractor! Like so many, Dr. Sean has changed me & my family's lives...for the better! He is caring, supportive, knowledgeable, family oriented,...just plain amazing at what he does & what he has taught us. He wants what's best for you & your body. I would, in a heartbeat, recommend Dr. Sean Milam for everyone who needs to get their power on & to have a life filled without pain! Our family LOVES Milam Chiropractic even our kids can't wait to get "popcorn"!See MoreRead Less

Review by Sarah Mccurry Paolini

I've been getting help from Dr. Novick for over ten years now and I honestly don't know what I would've done had I not found her all those years ago. She has helped me to overcome serious chronic conditions, and has helped me through three pregnancies as well as treating all three babies from birth on. Her chiropractic care is gentle and comprehensive. Her knowledge of natural remedies and nutritional therapies is extensive. She is always evolving as a practitioner, and she is able to improve your quality of life from the very first visit. We love Dr. Novick and we are so grateful for all her loving care throughout the years!See MoreRead Less

Review by Michelle Diederich

It is very difficult to find a good Chiropractor. Dr. Augustine is the only Chiropractor I will trust. She teaches you about the reason behind your injury or what's causing you pain and gives you insight on healing that works toward your goal to be pain free. She loves what she does and probably cares more about your overall well-being than you do. Appointments are easy to get and she has very reasonable rates if your insurance doesn't cover chiropractic care. The best part is that she is flexible and keep working with you, even if your situation changes. I trust her with my family as well.See MoreRead Less

Review by Janis Bell

I've been seeing Dr. Bragg for around 8-9 years off and on. I love that he takes his time with you to really ask questions and understand the issues you are having with your body. It's not just a routine for him. He has sense taken care of many of our family members and they all agree that he is a great caring doctor. He has different methods he uses on different patients depending on pain thresholds. He also has great support care at his office as well. There is a trigger point massage therapist that is a miracle worker and then there are regular massage therapists as well.

You will not be unhappy with your decision to make Dr.Todd your Chiropractor.
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Review by Maria Murillo

Dr. Paula has a very well rounded approach to wellness and life style that I find is sorely lacking when it comes to western medicine. Whenever I have a questions about a health issue, I always consult with her. Dr. Paula is a fearless chiropractor, adjusting the spine and neck with swiftness and grace as well as and an amazing fitness professional inspiring each of her patients to take charge of their health and wellness, physically. I feel Dr. Paula thoughtfully puts together regimens for her patients that will ensure healthful living, guaranteeing more energy and positive results in all. She really makes you feel that she cares about your wellness, that you're not just another patient or client, and she empowers you with the knowledge and ability to take charge of your health.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michael Mcinnis

I met Rod as a client. He has helped me with leg, back and hip problems , as well as neck problems and headaches.
Rod always evaluates my condition and then take a suitable course of action. He never pushes things, which could make things worse. He always works toward your continued well being. With the attention that he has given me and my family, and the honest and sincere way in which he handles his business, I look at Rod as a friend, and am glad to highly recommend him to anyone in need.See MoreRead Less

Review by Nicole Carrasco

FB friends & family, this is THE best Chiropractor on the Central Coast, my saving grace and the same to some top notch stars when they roll through our stretch of paradise. Call Cory to set up a time to be seen and give him our best!See MoreRead Less

Review by Antoinette Garcia

Brenda is a rare talent that exudes professionalism and expertise in a diverse environment. Her credibility in her line of work is hard to find and it is refreshing to work with a woman of her caliber who practices what she preaches. Anyone considering or seeking Brenda for her services will have their expectations exceeded and find the universal and loving support that only comes from a truly caring, honest and responsible individual. I highly recommend her and her business.See MoreRead Less

Review by Bo Bendana Sein

After my second child, the pain from my hips and back were keeping me from doing what I love "Gardening and cooking" as well as simpler things like picking up my son or standing for more then 15minutes...after one month, my pain was gone and I feel great...Thank you Doc for giving me my life back, and thank you for helping my friend Robin so she didn't have to get back surgery.See MoreRead Less