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Cardiologists in your Network

There are 59 recommended Health Care Providers on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Health Care Provider.

Review by Rita Halama

Jim cared for my sister in the last months of her life as a cancer patient. He was compassionate, but he also knew how to take charge and advocate for making her last months comfortable, physically and spiritually. He knew when she needed support and when she needed to be left alone and he made sure she had the care she needed at all times. Jim is a wonderful human being who makes a positive difference in this world.See MoreRead Less

Review by Fateh Muhammad Ghumro

Sharoon is my friend and I have seen professionalism in his work, he is very sincere with his carrier.i RECOMMEND HIM AS A GUD PERSON AND OFCOURSE A GUD NURSE TOO. THNXSee MoreRead Less

Review by Lisa Copeland

Deborah is my sister. She has always put other people before herself and she is always there to help for whoever needs it. Deborah is very compassionate about her work and the people that she trains and the people that she helps.See MoreRead Less

Review by Clyde Wooten

I have known Missie Walker for several years, mostly as a Parent Organizational Leader at the Alum Creek Elementary School where my wife taught. Missie was always at the center of the action whenever anything was needed or done and always stayed until the last detail was finished. She is a very dedicated and hard worker at any job she is given to do. Missie's work ethic is the same at CAMC. She has taken care of many of my relatives and close friends as their Nurse at CAMC. Through her actions taking care of them, I would love for Missie to be my nurse if I were hospitalized at CAMC. Her honesty and integrity is above reproach. She and her husband have been married for several years and that says a lot this day and time. She has raised three wonderful boys that are well respected within our schools and community. Missie and her family volunteer whenever the need arises and are very well thought of in our community. I can't praise her enough; from what I know of Missie Walker, she is a wonderful person and I am proud to know such a dedicated Nurse.
Thanks for letting me tell you about this special person.
Clyde E. Wooten.
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Review by Gary Fisher

I have known Marty for fourteen years and have always found him to be professional in whatever undertaking he does. He loves a good challenge and I highly recommend him for his position at Memorial Hospital. From his dedication as a family man I know he has the compassion and true commitment for helping others.

Gary Fisher
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Review by John Rollimg

as we know business is business.the best business is from one you can trust support and know one will be treated with respect and utmost courtesy.in times that we live in as a modern society to know who your contacts are and business associates is the right way of working and living in a diversified business arena and life spectrum. Jhonn Robert -Jude Rolling Thunder.See MoreRead Less

Review by Marcia Dunlap

Janie is go getter. Someone that sets high standards for herself and is seen in all that she does personally and professionally. She would enhance any position or company that would employ her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Peggy Sclafani

Eileen is an experienced ER nurse who works well under pressure. She has also been a nursing supervisor on the night shift at a PA hospital and been responsible for running the hospital, providing medications from pharmacy as needed, providing staff as needed, placing patients in proper locations, etc. she is a strong, fair, and well liked person.See MoreRead Less

Review by Patricia Sweigart

Gina is a very kind caring individual who is both compassionate to all and also very professional. I have known Gina for twelve years and her desire to learn and gain experience has also been very important to her. I highly recommend her for this position.See MoreRead Less

Review by Wendy Mccollum

Jen is a very dependable and hard worker! She is always willing to assist anyone in need and is always through when working to ensure the job is done right. She is knowledgable and experienced in her field.See MoreRead Less