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Financial Planners in your Network

There are 300 recommended Financial Planners on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Financial Planner.

Review by Gerry Vanholsteyn

Michael is the type of person who you can feel comfortable with knowing he has your best interest at heart. I have known him for many years and he has always put others before himself in all his endeavors. He has a positive view of world while at the same time being realistic in his understanding of how things happen.

I would trust him to look after that which is important to me without a second thought.
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Review by Joan Palmentiere

Andrea is a smoothe business woman who is one step ahead of all the rest. Definintely will guide you in the right direction when it comes to making intelligent decisions. Andrea is a master of her trade and I highly recommend her expertise. She is also a dear personal friend as well and has a heart of gold with a wonderful smile to go along with it!See MoreRead Less

Review by Walter H. Allen

This is a man of principle. Orlando is a dear and trusted fraternity brother, a veteran who has served this country in military theatres overseas and a constant source of strength. Here's all you need to know about Orlando: manhood, scholarship and perseverance aren't simply principles to him. They are burned on the hard-drive of his life. One encounter with him and you will understand what I mean. You can trust this professional.

Walter Allen, DMDL EStates
Weitz & Luxenberg, NYC
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Review by Thomas Jungblut

I know Kurt since a couple of years already and have learned him as a dedicated and honest (even BRUTALY honest) Marketer. We have supported each other and have helped each other out on various occasions. So, from my stand point I can only say: See that you get into any kind of relationship with Kurt as yoiu only can win from it. YOU'll be the beneficiary!See MoreRead Less

Review by Frank Picarelli

I had the opportunity to work with John on institutional clients, and value his extensive knowledge related to research for evaluating all conponents of investment products, such as managers history, performance, investment style and organization. John employs the same concepts of institutional plan sponsors to the indivudual investor for making investment decisions and recommendations. John has a practical approcah that he tailors for each of his clients specific needs. I highly recommend John as a financial advisors who's vested intrest is in providing his clients the best advice and in maintaining a long and succussfull relationship with his clients.See MoreRead Less

Review by Tony Thompson

I don't know Chris super well, yet when I asked him to explain Facebook to me he took time out of his busy day to walk me through it. What a swell guy!See MoreRead Less

Review by Lori Sloane

Duane is a truly the real deal when it comes to commitment and friendship in business. He comes through when you need help in your One24 business or RBD. He has grown and proven to be a real leader in helping others achieve and strive toward their dreams. Tell everyone you know Duane Murdock.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dodi Jackson

Aliou is someone I can depend upon. In a world full of people who don't have the time , emails and voicemails. He is completely hands on. Never to busy for what ever questions or concerns I have had. i'd liken him to a well liked doctor we use to have back in the day. The kind that came by your home to check on you. He has that kind of bedside manner. Some one that I can trust. Down to earth, he speaks in a way you understand. His firm hand shake and friendly smile is contagious. he leaves me with an secure feeling. i'm grateful for him.

Dorothea Jackson~
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Review by Michailah Williams

I attended high school with Teressa and have kept in touch with her through social media.
Many times and opportunities I have watched as Teressa has spoken at several different engagements. Though I get most at second hand, I see the drive and motivation she delivers each and every time.
People are very much drawn to her and the leadership she provides which gives any community a step up when it comes to someone who truly cares.
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Review by Robert Sawitski

I have had my insurance with Phil for about 4 years. I was skeptical with changing my insurance provider at first because my wife had been using them her whole life. We did end up making the change, not only did Phil save us money on our current fees but he went the extra step in making sure we had the coverage we needed. Even with the additional coverage we received, we were still paying less. Phil is always quick to respond when we have questions or concerns. Currently we have 2 life insurance policies, our home owners, auto, and boat insured with Country Insurance. I have also referred other family members, friends, and co-workers to Phil.See MoreRead Less