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Financial Planners in your Network

There are 300 recommended Financial Planners on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Financial Planner.

Review by Ruth-miriam Garnett

I grew up with Steve and remained in touch throughout college and in our professional lives immediatley following. In business, as in all environments, he is focused, extremely well prepared and consistently ethical. His advice is considered, and he is patient when explaining options. His impeccable preparation and brilliance are rare, and I am grateful for the years of our interaction.See MoreRead Less

Review by D'adran Bryant

I recommend Mrs. Tori Mccollum as an Office Manager and Marketer. Persuasive, reliable, methodical, highly motivated and extremely creative are a few words I would use to describe Tori's strong suites. The level of enthusiasm and motivation Tori brings to every project is infectious fueling team spirit, productivity, team strength and continuity amongst co-wokers. You can count on Tori to consistently make unselfish team contributions without exacting praise. While she periodically struggles in the area of patience, she more than makes up for it in business acumen, industry knowledge and a highly regarded finished product. She demonstrates maturity, command of the english language and strong presentation skillsets which are desirable in any organization. My recommendation is predicated on a personal and professional relationship with her and her family. It is both my honor and privilege to share these sentiments.
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Review by Keith Thompson

Very informative professional who bring tax saving awareness to everyone. Mr. Botkin C.P.A. is here to help us all with our future needs for savings, planning, retirement, family and daily business success! A valuable professional indeed. I truly recommend him.See MoreRead Less

Review by Joey Ellwood

I've known Ed for a long time and couldn't ask to be involved with a more dedicated individual. His passion for his work and genuine care for others seperates him from most. In one instantce, he spoke to our wrestling team about positive affirmations and ways to improve. I attribute my transformation as an individual and athlete to this as I saw he did care and knew what it took to succeed. If you want to succeed, listen and become involved with Ed.See MoreRead Less

Review by Raymond Ciafardini

Konstantina and I worked together several years ago. She was then and continues to to the consumate professional in all aspects of her life. Her drive and determination make her an unstoppable force.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ayanna Bradford

I met Ms. Satcher in high school. She has always had that a undeniable personality that was fun loving but also straight to the point. Last year I was having a terrible personal crisis and Ms. Satcher reached out to me. As I listened to her I literally began feeling better. She gave me that boost of confidence that I needed to keep pushing to fight my way through my hardship. LaTonya's drive to succeed has made her the woman she is today. She has six children and I know that she has seen hard times. But what separates her from the rest is that she does not allow her circumstance to dictate her future.See MoreRead Less

Review by Paul Martinelli

I have know Charlie for over fifty years from our days at Bishop Neumann High School in South Philadelphia. I have not had any direct business with Charlie but can speak to his character. Through high school and the last fifty years, I can only describe Charlie knowledgeable in his field, trustworthy and honest to a fault.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lynette Mutter

Rudy, it was great meeting you when you spoke in Lynchburg. I think you have the brains, feel you have the compassion, and I hope you have the energy to pull these grand plans off! God willing, I'll be backing you all the way...See MoreRead Less

Review by Romy Claros Pardo

I've known Luis for many years, and let me just say that there is no person as competitive, efficient, responsible, serious, trustable, loyal and hardworking as him. He has many qualities, and integrity and honesty are in his top list.....I only have good comments about this person and the best references from me....See MoreRead Less

Review by Phillip Jones

Scott Roberts is a phenomenal person. He's always learning to stay ahead of the curve for his customers. He's honest and hard working. Don't think twice about doing business with Scott!See MoreRead Less