What is Stik.com?

Stik.com is a website that uses Facebook to connect people who need high-value goods or services with trustworthy professionals that their friends recommend.

What is the advantage of dealing with professionals my friends recommend?

When you need to make an important purchase, it is better to deal with people you know. You will get a better deal, with less stress and hassle.

How can Stik.com help me find a trusted professional?

Stik.com makes it easy to find the right people by searching your personal Facebook network. To get started, use the search box to tell us what you need - we'll find someone who can help!

How can Stik.com help me build my business as a professional?

Stik.com helps professionals build their reputation and referral networks on Facebook. The site does this by collecting hundreds of recommendations and referrals on Stik.com professional profiles.

The average Facebook user has 40,000 friends and friends-of-friends on Facebook. Stik.com allows you to tap into this vast universe of potential buyers and turn your social network into a referral network, driving your business from buyers with whom you already have a personal connection.

How do I get started?

If you are a professional looking to build your reputation and referral network on Facebook, simply click on the "sign-up" button and follow the directions to connect with your Facebook account and build a Stik.com profile.

If you are looking to FIND a trusted professional, simply search for the kind of help you need in the search box and connect with professionals in your network recommended by your friends.

Is there any cost? (No!)

Membership to the Stik.com network is free - it costs nothing to build a profile and start connecting with people in your network.


How does Stik.com relate to Facebook?

Stik.com uses the Facebook Platform to get your lists of friends. This is how we match you with people in your network. Your Stik.com account is distinct from your Facebook account.

What is the Facebook Platform?

The Facebook Platform is a set of APIs (application programming interfaces), built by Facebook, which allow users to bring their existing Facebook connections and information to other websites. USA Today, Huffington Post, and Netflix all use Facebook Connect to make it easy for users to share information with friends.

By using Stik.com & Facebook Connect, does that mean potential clients or strangers can see my Facebook profile?

No. Remember - your Stik.com account and Facebook account are separate! Using Stik.com will not affect your Facebook privacy settings.

What are Facebook "permissions"? Why does Stik.com need them?

Facebook ensures that every interaction between users and websites that use the Facebook Connect platform are authorized by users. Special permissions simply give Stik.com the ability to easily interact with you to create a fluid experience for our users.

To learn more about how Stik.com protects your privacy and secures your information, please see the My Info section


What is the Google +1 button? How does it work?

The Google +1 button is a tool that helps Google users find webpages that their friends recommend. It works like the Facebook "Recommend" button - to recommend a trusted professional on Stik.com, simply click the Google "+1" button. We encourage all visitors to use BOTH the Facebook "Recommend" and Google "+1" buttons to recommend professionals.

Google's "+1" official website says The +1 button is shorthand for "this is pretty cool" or "you should check this out". Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1's can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search.

Read more about using Google +1 on Stik.com on our blog

How does Stik.com impact Google search?

Stik.com helps surface personalized professional recommendations to consumers looking for help they can trust. With the Google +1 button, Stik.com visitors can explicitly help Stik.com professional pages appear at the top of Google search results by clicking the +1 button. The more +1 clicks on a page, the higher it appears in Google search!


How do I change my picture?

You can change your photo here. Click on "Upload a Picture"

How do I edit my personal or professional information?

You can edit personal and contact information here and business information here

Why can I not change my username?

Facebook recommendations must have a permanent, unique webpage, so changing your username would mean losing all of your recommendations. Thus, unfortunately, usernames are fixed once you receive recommendations.

Recommendations & Reviews

How do I recommend someone?

The recommend button sits next to the name on a professional profile. To recommend someone, click the button. To write a more detailed review or comment, type below in the "review" section on the profile.

You can also recommend your friends more quickly from the recommendations page

How do I un-recommend someone?

The recommend button works like an on/off switch. To recommend someone, simply click the button. To un-recommend someone, simply click it again.

How can I view my recommendations and reviews?

Your recommendations and reviews live on your profile

On this page you can thank your recommenders by scrolling over their thumbnail photos and clicking "Thank"

Why is the number of recommendations different than the number of reviews? What is the difference?

A recommendation is a one-click process, displayed as a thumbnail at the top of the page. A review is a free text written comment that appears near the bottom of the page. The two are distinct - you can recommend someone without writing a review, and you can review someone without clicking the recommend button.

How do I ask for recommendations and reviews?

You can ask for recommendations and reviews on the recommendations page. The page will ask you to create a recommendation request message if you haven't already and then you can select the friends who will receive the request.

You can also send personal emails and Facebook messages if you prefer

How do I thank the people that recommended me?

To thank your recommenders, log in and visit your profile page. Next, scroll over the thumbnail photos of your recommenders in the "recommendations" section. A "thank" option should appear. Click "thank" and a Facebook message window will open.

Learn more about thanking your recommenders on Stik.com at our blog

How do I feature the best reviews on my profile and in search results?

To feature the best reviews on your profile page, visit your profile (you will need to log in) and "Like" your favorite reviews. This will elevate those reviews to the first page on your Stik.com profile.

Stik.com is also featuring top reviews on our search results page. To select your top review, click here. The review you select will be featured in search results.

Learn more about curating reviews on Stik.com at our blog


Why are there posts going out to Facebook?

When users sign up we give them the option to ask friends for recommendations to help improve their reputation on Facebook and build their referral network. We also allow users to return the favor and recommend their friends. These notes are not sent out all at once at sign-up, but instead are posted over a number of days. We only send out one request to each of the friends you selected. We do not send any posts not specifically authorized and customized by individual users.

How do I manage my posts?

You can manage your recommendation requests on the recommendations page

You can ask people on the left-hand side of the page for recommendations, or manage pending requests on the right by scrolling over friends' thumbnail photos and clicking "Cancel"

How do I customize my posts?

You can customize all of your Facebook post messages here

Learn more about personalizing your recommendations requests on Stik.com at our blog

Facebook Fan Page

How do I display my Stik.com recommendations on my Facebook Fan Page?

You can now show off all of your Stik.com recommendations on your Facebook page in two simple steps.

For detailed instructions, visit our blog

How do I add my Facebook Fan Page to my Stik.com profile?

To connect your Fan Page, visit your profile and click on the "Recent Activity" tab. (Don't worry - this tab won't appear to others unless you have already connected your Facebook fan page.) Then, click on the link to "Display your Facebook content here" and choose the fan page you'd like to display.

Learn more about adding your Fan Page to Stik.com at our blog

Note: If you receive a message that your fan page cannot be displayed, the problem is likely that your page is not accessible to people who are not logged in to Facebook. To change that, go to your fan page in Facebook and click the "Edit Page" button. At the very top of the "Manage Permissions" tab on the edit menu you will see page visibility options. Make sure that your page is visible to people in all countries and people of all ages. If you have either "Country Restrictions" or "Age Restrictions" set then visitors to your Stik.com profile will not be able to view your fan page.

Can I connect Stik.com with my fan page instead of my personal account?

While we can link your fan page to your Stik.com profile (see above), Facebook does not currently support user authentication with anything except a personal account. However, we are planning to add a Tab for Facebook fan pages so that you can display Stik.com recommendations and reviews there

We think it is important to remember that most small business owners have a few hundred friends on Facebook (and some have over 1,000), but in general their business fan pages only have 20-50 fans. This difference means that we can make far more connections through Facebook friends than we can through fans. This won't make sense for all businesses - certainly large brands have more fans than friends - but for small companies that live and die by their owners' reputations, we think it is much more valuable to connect with your personal account.


I cannot see the recommend button or the review box?

Sometimes the Facebook features on our site like the recommend button and the review box do not load. Most of the time this is because the browser did not fully load. We recommend refreshing the page and waiting an extra few seconds for the page to fully load.

I cannot post my comment in the review section?

Occasionally our users have trouble posting comments in the review sections. If this is happening to you, please report the issue to us at support@stik.com. This is more than likely an issue on Facebook's end, and we will work with them to solve it. We appreciate your patience!

In the meanwhile, we recommend trying to revisit the page and refresh your browser. The issue seems to be totally random and this fix works for most people.

My recommendation requests are not loading?

Occasionally our users have noticed that their friends do not load on the recommendations page. We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, Facebook sometimes has trouble processing friend lists quickly - it should only take a few seconds, so if you are waiting more than a minute try the following:

HARD REFRESH the page by pressing CTL + F5 in Windows or Command + R in Mac. This should fix the problem. We appreciate your patience.

If that still doesn't work, you can try again later on the recommendations page

Can I remove a review from my Stik.com profile?

Please report any obscene, inappropriate or otherwise problematic reviews to us at support@stik.com. We will review the issue and do our best to accommodate our users as quickly as possible. As of now there is no self-serve tool to manage the comments on professional profiles.

Do I have to join Stik.com to recommend someone?

You do not have to sign-up to recommend someone or write a review. We do encourage users however to authenticate their review by signing-up, which helps us keep track of all of the people you have supported on the site. A non-professional profile helps your friends know who they can trust, and shows your support for your friends and their businesses!

Best Practices

How can I enhance my exposure on Stik.com? How do I "use" it?

You can use Stik.com in the same way that you gather referrals offline. Ask friends, colleagues, and previous clients for reviews and recommendations, and recommend others with whom you have had a good experience.

Both one-click recommendations and written reviews are displayed on seller's profiles to give interested buyers some background on the seller's quality of service.

The best way to do this is to visit the recommendations page

You can also connect with your followers on Twitter via this simple tool

Should I be telling my coworkers about Stik.com? Aren't we competing for clients?

Every person's network of 40,000 friends and friends-of-friends is unique - any two people share a tiny portion of friends in common. (Don't believe us? Check your best friend's Facebook profile and see how many friends you share - it's amazing how few even the closest friends share.)

Since your personal network is so different from your colleagues' networks, you can share Stik.com without diminishing its value.

How can I help my friends in professional services grow their businesses?

Point them to Stik.com! Stik.com is growing the largest database in the world of trusted service providers - shouldn't your friends be a part of it?

My Info

Does Stik.com sell my information or my friends' information? (Absolutely Not!)

Stik.com uses Facebook information to help people do business with people their friends recommend. We do not sell any of this information, and in fact Facebook would quickly shut us down if we did. Despite popular perception, Facebook's privacy measures are very strong.

Your information is used to improve the Stik.com experience, but we never sell it or give it away.