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Stik helps local businesses grow by highlighting authentic customer reviews across the web. At Stik, we believe that authentic customer reviews are a business' best marketing asset: customer reviews help businesses stand out as trusted providers and drive consumer purchasing decisions.

Every customer review on Stik is connected to a real person on Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn, ensuring that every review is genuine and trustworthy - no anonymous reviews, no phony recommendations.

Stik is pioneering customer-reviews-based marketing, helping local businesses reach new customers with the authentic voice of their happiest past clients. Stik's unique social infrastructure enables true "word-of-mouth" marketing, broadcasting customer reviews to the reviewers' friends and family via online advertising, search & social channels.

200,000 professionals and businesses have collected more than 2.5M recommendations and reviews on Stik for some of life's most expensive and important purchases - mortgage, insurance, real estate, home services, health & wellness, and more.

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Review by Christian Phillip

Alex and I graduated together from Wesleyan University, and we have been friends throughout our college careers. Ever since freshman year when we took General Physics together I have known that Alex knows his numbers, but the number that I will always remember from him is 9. This man guarantees me that that's how many hours a night a person should sleep to be truly alive and well and happy, and Alex is living proof of the success of this little known fact. I would just think back to the countless times all of our classmates would be freaking out about an upcoming exam and Alex would just be care-free because he was confident that he had been well prepared for the exam. Now it could just be that Alex is ridiculously smart, but I think it's more a testament to the fact that Alex had to be so efficient with his time due to the predetermined amount of time he allowed himself to be awake. This set of 9 hours of sleep allows Alex to feel refreshed each and every single day to allow him to fully concentrate and maximize what we does while awake. So all in all, Alex is a Master of numbers because he actually lives by his numbers, or number I should say, and has been very successful doing it.See MoreRead Less

Review by Patricio Köhler

I met Nathan for the first time around 6 years ago, when he was planning to move an editing business from excel to an automated web site. After some meetings and email exchanges we were able to define the initial requirements. Since then it was always easy to agree and plan each feature he was adding to the site. He had a very clear picture of the roadmap for that project and how to prioritize each stage.
Several times he told me about a friend who had an idea for a start-up and if I would be interested about being part of it. So at the end I told him that if he was part of the plan I would jump in it.
The next months were like an amazing race against time building stik.com. He came to Bs As and learned with me PHP and Javascript in around 2 weeks (without having really coded in the past). 2 Months later we was already using js closures and callbacks like a natural thing. That’s just a simple example of how smart he is and how fast he can learn anything (like SQL, DB tuning, new technologies, etc). While we were developing together, he was also meeting investors, dealing with press, acting as a product manager, interviewing candidates and reviewing graphic design. This shows the kind of hard worker he is and how he cares about every details (small or big ones).
Now he is one of stik.com co-founders and has to manage a whole team, where everybody feels great about having him as a boss. He is not just very smart and open minded, he is also a very friendly and easy to talk with man. It is always a pleasure to work with somebody who is conflictless.
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Review by Daniel Laatz

I know Jason from our time at Alma College together - we were teammates on the soccer team together, as well as classmates and roommates during our time there. Jason helped me get acclimated to college by serving as my mentor on the soccer team. He's a very helpful and selfless person, and it shows. He's always willing to help others out. Personally, I know my college experience would have been much more difficult without Jason around, always willing to share his insights and experiences with me.

While in school together, it was easy to see his ambition and a goal-oriented perspective in everything that he did. He's always determined to excel beyond his goals. He knew how to prioritize his schoolwork and extracurricular activities, such as soccer or campus events. He was also very well organized and managed his time well. It was as if though Jason was already operating like he had been working as a professional for years.

Finally, Jason is always willing to be a people developer and add value whenever an opportunity presents itself. If Jason is ahead on his work, or has time to contribute his efforts to his team members of friends, he is always willing to do so - and this improved overall work outputs. He also took the time to think critically about his tasks and determine the best ways to produce the most positive outputs. He thinks "big picture" and it always benefits everyone around him. Bottom line, it's obvious that Jason is an exceptional young professional - just spend some time with him and it's impossible to miss.
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Review by Dana Staniec

John is such as asset to Stik.com. He is always willing to go above and beyond for our team assisting with gathering high quality reviews from our clients. These reviews lead new clients to the right decision with certainty along with increased referrals. It's one thing to simply have a great idea, validating client reviews. It's another to have the right folks in place to make the idea a reality - John is a perfect example of a passionnate team member who embodies these qualities. We are so appreciative and thankful to have this partnership with John @ Stik.com! Innovation is rewarded, execution is worshipped!See MoreRead Less

Review by Rosey O'brien

I have a bit of a bias since I've lived with Clare for almost eighteen years, but she has always been, and continues to be, the best sister anyone could ask for. I would even go so far as to consider her my hero. In fact, I wrote an essay about her in the eighth grade on why she was my American hero (and no, she did not pay me). Clare is the most intelligent, funny, caring, hard-working, person I know. She always helps me with my homework, even when she would rather watch “Nashville” or it is going on two o’clock in the morning. Clare is a woman of many talents. She can recite and discuss passages from the classics, debate any issue, and order meals in flawless French. She is the type of person you can ask for anything and she will get it done as fast as she can. I can always tell when she’s working hard because she won’t answer for about ten minutes, but it turns out she was (usually) actually listening. Clare is an all-around great person. She brightens the lives of everyone she knows.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ryan Copeland

I had the privilege to work with Ben on a 4 month project a few years back and can say that Ben is the type of developer that other developers crave to work with. With his extensive knowledge base and willingness to share, Everyone who works with him becomes better at their work. He always is willing to take the time to teach you and make sure you have an understanding of something before moving on. Ben is a man who knows what it takes to get the work done. He builds wicked awesome web apps and loves doing it. His talent is only surpassed by his passion for what he does. His honesty, integrity and passion make him indispensable as a developer.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kelly Guillory

Dylan is the scientific mind behind Wedge. He plans, he practices, he compares methods of execution, and makes sure he maximizes his use of the products provided to him to do the job. Without him, your project just won't do as well.

How do I know? I worked with him as one of the volunteer artists on Wedge Detroit's project, "Hopscotch Detroit". Dylan tested and re-tested various methods to create a chalk paint that could be mass-produced so that there would be enough material to cover 4 miles of the stuff, and then some for emergencies and re-painting. I vividly remember him coming up with different methods, testing them out on a spare sidewalk, talking out what he was doing to me so even I could understand. Then with the help of his team mates, they picked the best method.

What Dylan was aiming for was a chalk paint that could last a few days and last through tough weather so everyone in the city could enjoy the hopscotch patterns we painted, even after our project was done. It turns out the paint was so strong, some of it didn't wash away for a month.

Now that, is scientific application and dedication.
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Review by Jeffrey Hogue

I am not easily pleased. This likely comes from my expectation of what service and support are. I pride myself on providing information, answers and service to my clients. I do this at the highest level I am capable of. A doctor is normally the worst patient there is. My experience with Steven Mazur has been fantastic. He is the service persons service provider. His job is not easy by any means. I am proud to provide Steven with this review. It is , and continues to be, a great pleasure practicing and providing service with you Mr. Mazur!See MoreRead Less

Review by Michael Lozier

Matt designed and built a website for my business. He took the time to make sure I was happy with each detail of the site. The amazing backend design of the website allows me to operate the site, and make changes with no experience in coding. He did a fantastic job, and has been willing to answer any questions I have had since finishing up. He did a fantastic job, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for someone to develop a website.See MoreRead Less

Review by Bill Richards

I heard about this from a tech friend and digital marketing mentor. Zach reached out to me as soon as I made contact and started to investigate the idea. I thought this could work and what if it did. I signed up, sent requests to some of my clients, and "low and behold" I now have 9 reviews. It was time to get on board and Zach made it very easy to get my reviews posted so they can be hard at work (even when I am not). Thanks Zach for a smooth process.See MoreRead Less