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Keller Williams
Review by Vasco Rodrigues

I've known Carlos for 15 years, since we work for the same company, doing the same job., I speak with Carlos fairly often, at least 3-4 times per month. Since I own investment properties in NJ and CA, Carlos has for long been a very good source of important information, advice and support in my endeavours. Recently I' ve been very keen in buying investment property in PA so Carlos has been a very good source of important local market knowledge in various fields, be it in rental market, mortgage finance, and property values. Carlos is an outstanding professional for his knowledge, people skills and dedication. He is always there when I need him and follows up in all my requests.. Carlos is a very dedicated professional so for all the above, he surely stands out from others.See MoreRead Less

Review by Stephen Edens

I've sold a few houses over the course of my long life and recently i had the opportunity to have Eileen Covington work to sell my Charlotte residence.
Eileen certainly demonstrated her professionalism and experience that she's harvested over her tenure as a Charlotte Realtor. The marketing and sale of the Charlotte house was a bit different from your typical situation and Eileen brought all her wealth of knowledge to navigate thru the sales process in a very short time to bring in a sale and meet my expectations.
Along the way, Eileen demonstrated her ability to assure my concerns, work with other realtors, process the administravia of the sale, and not of least importance, work thru a complex final negotiation.
Many thanks again to both Eileen and KC who worked as a team to promptly address my needs as a client. - Steve Edens
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Review by Candice Davenport

Mark Slade was an excellent realtor. He sold our home in four days and we bought our new home in the same town within the next week. Mark spent time with us, gave us his complete attention, gave us excellent pointers on how to showcase and stage our home to highlight all of its assets, and understood how hard the transition can be for departing from a home you love. That being said, he knew the type of home we deserved and wanted to make our 'forever home'. He knew our parameters, worked within our budget and searched for homes that met our needs and then some, foreseeing what we would want before we knew it (for example, he highlighted the benefits of a home on a flat and quiet street for young children- he could not have been more correct). He patiently walked us through our home, accompanied us on inspections, pointed out items that to an untrained eye, may have missed, supported us in our negotiations and was a strong advocate for us in our bid for this house. His directions were spot on and if you followed him, you would have a high probability of the same results as we did. He has a good rapport with other realtors and other partners in the field of real estate and having the information to communicate with competent professionals on legal advice, home inspections, and home insurance issues was crucial to us in this transaction.
We are forever grateful to Mark Slade for being the best, savviest, gutsiest, and strongest realtor we could have asked for. The proof is in the beautiful house we have the privilege to call 'our home'.
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Review by Scot Faulkner

I have known Nancy McBride for over 25 years. She has assisted with land acquisitions and home refinancing. She is the single most knowledgeable realtor in the region. Her encyclopedic memory of market trends, builders, and local issues makes her the “go to” person for me and my friends. Above all else, Nancy is the most trustworthy realtor I have ever known. She is always honest, candid, and complete in assessing our needs and providing advice. She is also very nice. We trust her as a family member with our home and its future.See MoreRead Less

Review by

She not only is a great Realtor she is a whore! Check out her ad on Seeking Arrangements this past March and look up her recent DUI under Amy Rose Conforth! She knows how to party! Enjoy!

About Me

Im happy and upbeat. I'm allergic to drama and phonies. I have an extensive background in reading people. IM the real deal and you need to be also. If your here because your bored or want to pretend your something your not please I beg...don't waste our time. I love to be playful and enjoy someone who has a quick wit. Im classy, elegant...most people use the word stunning to describe me. I look much younger than my age and often approached by younger men with nothing to offer me. I'm looking for a sophisticated gentleman, intelligent a good communicator not so serious when not working and likes to have fun when time permits. I'm open to a possible long term relationship but in the meantime.....NSA. If it turns into something more all the better.

What I'm looking for

I recently started my own business and very busy. I'm a normal girl not an escort but for reasons I will share later have brought me to this site per a friend. Looking for something perhaps a couple of times per week or as schedules permit. Would prefer cash gifts. I'm being very direct because I've already learned there is a lot of nonsense on here and many shades of grey not in a good way. I'm a no nonsense girl and if your not looking to actually meet please move on. Thankyou and if this describes what your looking for I hope to hear from you.

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Review by Nathan Labenz

I have known Nick since we were 10 years old, when I moved to a new school and he became one of my first good friends.

Nick has always stood out for his energy, savvy, and integrity.

Nick was always the pickup sports ring-leader when we were young. He hated "just sitting around" and always had a better plan. As a professional, he is the same way. He never gets discouraged and is always looking for ways to move projects forward. At the same time, he is not at all naive. He grew up working with his father, a local landlord who buys, sells, and rents homes, and as a result, he knows what things should cost, can recognize a unique opportunity when he sees one, and never shies away from necessary work.

Finally, Nick is loyal to friends and honest with everyone, and as a result he has great relationships with people from all stages of his life. I would encourage anyone to get to know him and to work with him without hesitation.
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Review by Pam Daron

I know Ronda from going to school with her. She has worked to sell my deceased mother's house while my sister and I are living in areas distant from where she is selling the house, so she has had to communicate with us long distance. She has gone the extra mile in making us more comfortable in selling the house. She met with other realtors and told about the house and was able to get an offer for us the day after it went on the market. The offer was for the amount we asked for plus most of closing costs. She has kept in close communication via both telephone as well as computer and has kept us apprised of everything. Ronda is very personable and puts a lot of effort into helping her seller. She has definitely gone the extra mile to help us through a difficult time.See MoreRead Less

Review by Vincent Falconi

Mary and I grew up together in Charleroi, PA. I have grown to have a deep respect for Mary as a Real Estate agent and more importantly as a person. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and dedicated to finding the right home for her clients. She also has a deep love for her family which carries over into her work. If and when I have a need for a Real Estate Agent I would not hesitate to contact Mary for assistance.See MoreRead Less

Review by Demetra Mills

Conny is a very knowledgeable and professional real estate agent. I have worked closely with Conny since 2006. I have purchased 3 properties with her and sold one. Each transaction has been smooth and pleasant. She is always a phone call away and able to answer questions. I highly recommend Conny!See MoreRead Less

Review by Al Shapiro

Lenny helped sell my home in one day! He was masterful in the marketing of my property and creating a mystique that ultimately got the home in escrow at the highest possible price. I highly recommend Lenny's services as he is a master of negotiations and a methodical get it done work ethic.See MoreRead Less