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Child Care Providers in Portland, Oregon

There are 4 recommended Child Care Providers in Portland, OR. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Child Care Provider.

Review by Shy Masuo

I've known Sandy for 8+ years, she was introduced to me on a recommendation from a friend who also had a family
Member cared for by Sandy for many years. I've always appreciated that Sandy isn't just a babysitter, she cares for each child past the revenue she receives (her rates are very competitive also) she has never been the provider like many are that have your children but are involved very little with them. If Sandy has your kids she will treat them as her own, hands on with it all, attentive, structured and fun. For example; If your toddler is potty training, Sandy has a system set up to help them succeed with this while they're there. Sandy also values education with the kids, when my kids were there reading was a daily activity, practicing the alphabet and numbers along with other activities. I'm certain my oldest 2 children do well in school because they did have this with Sandy. Another thing I appreciated with Sandy are rules and discipline, kids need to learn what no means, what boundaries are and Sandy is an excellent teacher of these values with children. If you value your children having good quality child care, with structure, education and support to grow and learn in age appropriate ways, Sandy is a wonderful choice.See MoreRead Less

Review by Leah Bond

Megan is very thorough and aware of what needs to be done. She gets it done, correctly, well & efficiently. Megan would be an asset to any organization bringing her knowledge and energy she shines.See MoreRead Less

Review by Emily Anderson

While working with Kelly I saw what a compassionate woman she was towards the children in her class. She always went above and beyond to help the toddlers succeed. There were many items Kelly purchased with her own money and was willing to share with the other staff and for projects with the kids. Kelly was friendly with all of her staff and tried hard to please each and everyone one of them. Being that Kelly is my sister, I have seen her grow and see first hand what she does for people involved in her life. She is always willing to help someone out and often puts them before her.See MoreRead Less