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Child Care Providers in New York

There are 83 recommended Child Care Providers in New York. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Child Care Provider.

Review by Ashley Columbe

Rebecca is awesome and wonderful with her kids she cares for. My son went there for a while and he learned so much from her. They are always going fun things, playing, arts & crafts, and more. Not only is she a great day care provider but just a wonderful person all around. We became great friends. Thank you very much Rebecca for everything that you have taught my son and all the wonderful memories I have to hang on my walls! Love you! Your Great!See MoreRead Less

Review by Micki Scherdel

I highly recommend Sharon, she is not only intelligent, trust worthy and honest but she is a warm caring person. She has watched my children for me many times, and I was always able to go to work with peace of mind knowing that they were in good hands. Sharon is a very professional and knowledgeable person but the thing that stands out the most is the dedication she puts into her job. She puts all of her shelf into her work and it shows. You could not ask for a more reliable person to entrust your children with. So do yourself and your children a favor and take the time to go and meet Sharon and see for yourself what a rewarding experience it would be for your family. There is no better feeling than going about your day knowing that your children are safe and in good hands.See MoreRead Less

Review by Laneda Mondesir


Ms. Padmore has been my children principal for the last eight years. She is a self starter, very informative and will do anything to support your children education. I remember watching her in one of the preK classroom sitting in with the children reading them the book of the month. I remember seeing her sit at a table with my children to have a cup of tea with the parents. This principal make sure she interact with her staff, parents and children.

On the other hand, she has supported my husband and I with some difficult behavioral issue with our son. Her advice and classroom recommendation has changed my sons life for good. He is now able to learn and not be frustrated because of his academic disabilities.

Ms. Padmore has a clear vision of how to create a positive environment in the school. She has gone above and beyond to make sure her teachers have the right materials and updates information to teach my children.

Ms. Padmore will be a tremendous assets in any district as a leader. She is outstanding I am confident she will make our children lives more brighter for the future.
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Review by Peggy Catrea

ive known Lori Peterson for over 30 years.We have been friends a very long time. Lori is one of those people you always want to be around...she has this way about her that immediately tells you, she's one of a kind...as a friend, they dont come any better than her...You can count on Lori...and she wont let you down.

She and I hadnt seen one another for many years, until my wedding day 2 years ago...but those High School years never faded, and when we got together at my wedding, it was like we never skipped a beat with each other.

Shes trust worthy, kind, and loving, and has a smile that lights up the room as soon as she enters...I wish everyone could experience Lori's fantastic personality like I have.

Lori knows how to live life. She doesnt watch it go by...she jumps in to life...and makes it fun!

We also share the love of grandparenting recently, and share laughter, and pictures, and little stories frequently regarding our grandchildren that are just a few months apart in age. Lori is an amazing grandmother, and awaits the birth of her second grandchild soon. If you dont know Lori's gentle side, you will see it in her, as a grandmother...

As a daycare provider, they need to call Lori by another title... She treats her children as if they were her own babies. The parents of these babies can rest, knowing they are in good hands with Lori. I always hear her talking about the kids she cares for...never complaining, always loving comments. She is highly professional, is confidential when need be, and If I had a young child, would not hesitate for one moment when it comes to choosing a daycare for that child, to place my child with Lori.

On a scale of 1-10 ( 10 being the highest ) Lori Peterson is a 15.

Marguerite Rea
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Review by Patricia Guzzardi Mackenzie

I had the pleasure of meeting Liz when I took CPR at the Red Cross.I was always amazed by her knowledge, support and all around kindness.I also took CDA classes w/ Liz last year.Again, I always knew she was there for all the students and the children and families our Child Care programs work with.Friends Child Care is a better place b/c of Liz! THANKS!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jennifer Angelo Fraley

I have known Melissa for 7 years. We met while our daughters cheered together. Melissa is a caring person who will help you in any way possible. She has a ton of patience and I would never hesitate to leave my children in her care.See MoreRead Less

Review by Nicole Deravin

I found the entire staff to be professional, patient and experienced with working with a challenging population. Their expertise and ability to manage all children, including those with special needs, was stellar. The staff provided a level of care that enables a child to attach and feel cared for. They were always quick to answer questions and offer support. After a bad experience at another day car center, I was delighted and felt extremely lucky to have my daughter in their care.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jay Jenn Finguerra Cripps

holly is a great person and a very hard worker.... she has determination to take on whatever she sets her mind too and will do well with what ever she sets her mind too... I would recommend her for any business she wants to start becuase she had a determination to do well at it.....she is caring and understanding and loves children and people and will succeed in all she does.See MoreRead Less

Review by Steven Papkoff

Grace takes great care of the children on her bus, she cares for them as she cares for her grandchildren, I would have no worries if my children rode on her bus. I an my wife know grace for more years than I can remember, she has always been a good friend, she helped us out in a time that we needed a friend.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lisa Blinn-phillips

There are not enough positive words to describe how Elena would be as a teacher. She is the most loving caring and dedicated person I have ever met in my life. You would be so lucky to have Elena as a teacher and the students would adore her for sure! i wish all of you a beautiful loving and fun school year together.See MoreRead Less