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Beauticians in Massachusetts

There are 72 recommended Beauticians in Massachusetts. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Beautician.

Review by Aislynn Rodeghiero

i am a self-proclaimed mess when it comes to my hair. though i often know what i want in my mind, i have a very difficult time expressing it properly to a professional. as a result, i've had dreadful bobs, unusual international cuts and orange hair! laurie has become a good friend over the last year and i was somewhat apprehensive to have her, a friend, become my hair stylist aware of the potential issues that could ensue given my hair neurosis. laurie has cut my hair a number of times, each time leaving me pleased. she always airs on the side of caution with me so as to not do anything drastic and set me into a tailspin! she recently colored my hair as i wanted to darken my natural blond color. no lie, she spent 20 minutes having me look at hair samples and patiently explained the nature of the color wheel so i would know what to expect. again, airing on the side of caution, she leaned conservative and my hair turned out great, but lighter than i had hoped. i was given an appointment that same week to darken it, and i left happy. i am quite sure laurie initially knew that the darker color was what i really wanted, but she was sensitive to my mental process and was patient and understanding. she is easy to talk to, not judgmental and makes the appointment happy and fun. she created her salon by herself; painting walls, filling holes, assembling shelves, designing the layout, redoing the bathrooms, et al. it is truly a self-made salon, one that she should be very proud of. her signature pink is everywhere and her handwork ere apparent. as a client and friend i am very proud of her for all she has accomplished and would highly recommend her to anyone!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Miranda Gordon

Louise was my make-up artist for my wedding. Prior to this, Louise gave me an everyday, do-it-myself 'look' where she did my make-up and provided me with a list of suggested products and run down on how to apply the products.

For my wedding, it was 94 degrees outside! I am naturally super oily, and with the heat I thought my face was doomed. We chose to do first look and group pictures outside prior to the ceremonies. My face was flawless and my make up did not run, smear, or melt in the high humid New England heat (nor did anyone elses in the bridal party) and lasted the ENTIRE night. I never touched anything up, besides adding some gloss to my lips. Louise came prepared with all the extras she needed to ensure our faces held up in the summer's heat.

Prior to the wedding, Louise gave me a suggested list of products to buy and bring with me that day (blotting papers, lip stain, Q-tips...). These items sure helped, particularly since we did pictures prior to the church ceremonty. Louise also provided me with a color scan of my face chart from my trial. On the wedding day, Louise showed up early with lots of energy and ensured she had enough time to concentrate on me. When Louise is working she never settles; she always makes sure you are looking perfect.
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Review by Janelle Mccool

I can't say enough about my hair stylist/ hair colorist: Jarrod Drugge

I've been following Jarrod and MUST SAY I've never been more happy with my cut and color each time I see him.

Jarrod always spends a lot of time asking me specific questions about what look I'm looking for, what style I like, a picture of who's hair I really like, etc. One time I told him I wanted natural looking highlighted hair look that didn't need too much maintenance. After talking and "playing" with my hair for several minutes he went back to mix 3 different types of dye for my highlights/lowlights. **I must add if you are going dark to blond he can do any blond you want and it's NEVER come out brassy like some hair colorists do….**

Every time I see Jarrod my hair looks AMAZING! It always looks so great and has all these colors running through it without looking fake in any way. One time I tried violet and absolutely loved it! Another time I tested out some red hightlights and loved it! Jarrod has many coloring talents, too many too list. He has brought so much of my natural color into the lowlights that you can't tell it's even growing out yet! So many people compliment my hair and I love him for this!!! Hair is what can make or break your look sometimes.. I MUST SAY - IT def makes me complete!!!

Sometimes I feel like hair stylists either do what they want despite what you say, or the opposite - they don't give enough of their own opinion/advice on what would actually look best. Jarrod isn't like that at all. He listens to my needs exactly and then uses his expertise to recommend what he thinks will be best.

I give Jarrod a A++ for the 3 years of dedication and devotion to all my color/cut requests!
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Review by Jodie Toberer

I hadn't had a "hair stylist" in forever, as I always just colored my own hair and once in awhile went somewhere to get my hair trimmed. My sister used Kelly, and I asked her "who does your hair"? She told me Kelly, so once day I tried her. She cut my hair, and I loved it. Then I went back for her to color it...I loved it! She is personable, she listens to what you want, and is always so welcoming and friendly! I would not hesitate to recommend her, as I found her to be the BEST!
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Review by Ann Yetman

Having had my hair colored and cut by Geri for seven years, I can attest to her outstanding hairstyling skills. She is both thorough and accommodating, and she works with you to make sure you are satisfied with your hairstyle. Not only is she a superb stylist, but she is a wonderful person as well! Do yourself a favor, and get your hair done by Geri; you always get up from the styling chair happy!See MoreRead Less

Review by Staci Littlefield

hello friends if your looking for a new look, some help with the look you have going on or you have a big event coming up that you need to look great for check out my friend Sara Gilman she is great at what she does! And will make you feel amazing about yourself! And lets face it we all could use some pampering to feel good! Guys this is for you too, please let your lady know how much you care about how she is feeling and set her up with some pampering by Sara.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kim Goldstein

Kim is a phenomenal hairdresser. She's not only a great hair dresser, but she's a wonderful person with a great sense of humor. I know a woman that has been going to Kim for many, many years. The client I know has hair to die for! It's always perfect. In my 17 years of knowing Paula(client), I've NEVER seen her have a bad hair day. I'd recommend Kim Nalbandian in a heartbeat! If you've never gone to her before, I'd urge you to try her first. She's a master at her craft and very lovable to boot!!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Nate Lansing

Denise is a wonderful person... ive never conducted business with her personally but from what I kno she is a caring, trustworthy Woman who I would not hesitate to do business with.See MoreRead Less

Review by Fadia Marie

Stylist-Sarah Sheppard's work ethic, professionalism, and ability to work with hair is awe-inspiring. Her updos and hair-extensions were by far superb. She knows all aspects of hair. She will consult with the client and get to know what exactly they are looking for and also give her expertise and opinions as well. I would definitely recommend people see her! She's a wonderful stylist.See MoreRead Less

Review by Maggie Reilly

When my hairdresser went on maternity leave, I needed a new stylist that could accommodate off-hours as well as my very thick, curly hair. Jessica was highly recommended by a few co-workers whose hair always looked fabulous. I figured I would give her a try and have not regretted it since. She can cut and blow dry my hair in under 45 minutes (which is an accomplishment with my amount of hair), She has always listened to what I want as well as given great suggestions; I have never been disappointed after almost two years. In addition, she will always explain the products she is using as well as tell you about classes she has attended to learn about new products; I appreciate a stylist who is always trying to learn new techniques. Her schedule is great for those who work 9-5, I have never had a problem getting an appointment and when you are there the time flies as she is very personable. I followed Jessica to her new salon and as long as she is within reasonable driving distance, I assume I would follow her to whichever salon she decides to work for.See MoreRead Less