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Beauticians in Fort Wayne, Indiana

There are 4 recommended Beauticians in Fort Wayne, IN. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Beautician.

Review by Corky Rowe

Well, first off I have no idea of who, what, where or when STIK is! However, I'm always glad to sing Randi's praises, even though it seems like it takes an act of God to get her to drop me a line occasionally. As for how I know Randi, well, let's say I've known her since,............. well, let's say since BIRTH. You see, we're cousins, third cousins I believe. Her grandma was my mom's aunt on her mother's side, so my mother and her dad were cousins, (first cousins). Then that made her dad and me cousins, even though I always called him and thought of him as an uncle, we we're actually 2nd cousins. And that brings us down to Randi, and I, we're third cousins, along with her brother and sister. So, I've known her a long, long, long, long time. As a matter of fact, or fiction, I believe I heard we were actually engaged at one point, not sure about that, but that's the scuttlebutt.
So, to Randi, and what she's done for me, hmmmmmmmmm, she's reiterated a well known fact for me, which is, if you find what you want and work HARD, for it, and keep at it, (called perseverance), and keep at it, and keep at it, most likely someday you will attain your goal, dream, whatever it ultimately is. For her is was, and is, being a Mary Kay, Senior consultant. She very much enjoys what she does, and one of her biggest thrills is to help someone get started and then see them eventually flourish, and build their own successful business. I'm sure she's one of the most successful and helpful CEO's you could ever find. If you ever have the opportunity to become connected to her and her business, take that opportunity and you'll never be sorry.
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Review by Jonathan Kratzer

I recently had the opportunity to utilize Brittney's skills for a photo shoot I did recently. @[100000181265297:2048:Brittney Shannon] was extremely professional and a very competent in her trade. Brittney did an excellent job working with the models to provide the look they were going for and was able to assist me in creating beautiful pictures. Thank you Brittney for your help, you are a treasure.See MoreRead Less

Review by Tamara Cole

Michelle did a beautiful job on my nails. Even though I messed them up right after she did them, she took the time to fix it for me. She is kind, professional and a good friend.See MoreRead Less