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Beauticians in Indiana

There are 58 recommended Beauticians in Indiana. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Beautician.

Review by Lana Provost

As a fellow Cosmetologist I have first hand knowledge of the excellent work Lisa does in her profession. She is very skillful and artistic and takes the time to listen to her customers needs and wishes when she is with them. She makes each and every customer feel special when they are in her chair. I would highly recommend Lisa for any of your hair needs now and in the future. If you want the most recent trends Lisa is always up to to date on continuing education which is a must in the world of cosmetology as the trends change almost daily anymore. Give her a call and set up your appointment I promise you as a customer you will not be sorry!See MoreRead Less

Review by Julie Powers

Chie was recommended to me by a friend who had been seeing Chie for awhile. I loved Chie immediately, her studio is artistic, quirky and positive, and she really listens to her clients. She's incredibly talented, but not pretentious in any way. As a starving artist, I usually color my own hair, but I go in to get regular cuts now, if only for an excuse to hang out with Chie. She does a beautiful job with my hair, which is fine and straight; she introduced me to DUST IT, a product which completely changed my life and puts body in my hair when nothing else ever has. I recommend her to everybody, and there isn't anyone I've sent to Chie who has left disappointed. I can't say enough good things about her. Just go. You won't be sorry.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sally Fant

For 3 years while I lived in Indianapolis, I had Sandra do all my manicures and Acrylic work. I tried 4 or 5 other Techs before I found her and never once considered changing after. She was always professional, accommodating and friendly and did an AWESOME job. A true perfectionist! Wish you were here in Colorado Sandra!See MoreRead Less

Review by Tina Payne

Working with Jess is not only fun but she keeps you on your toes. She thinks completely outside the box. Her creativity and diligence is encouraging. She has worked very hard over the years to stand out and conquer "the mane". She challenges your creative ability and peaks your interest just by walking in to work. The salon is a fun atmosphere with all the styles, tools and colors we work with but working with Jes you will open up to innovation everyone in the industry is always looking for. The norm is a not her so you are in store for a shockwave of hair excitement. As I look to begin my career as a Salon owner I will always keep Jes in mind as my business partner. She is absolutely extraordinary and destined for greatness. If you are looking to have a hair experience, with the look you dreamed of, look no more, you've found her!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Corky Rowe

Well, first off I have no idea of who, what, where or when STIK is! However, I'm always glad to sing Randi's praises, even though it seems like it takes an act of God to get her to drop me a line occasionally. As for how I know Randi, well, let's say I've known her since,............. well, let's say since BIRTH. You see, we're cousins, third cousins I believe. Her grandma was my mom's aunt on her mother's side, so my mother and her dad were cousins, (first cousins). Then that made her dad and me cousins, even though I always called him and thought of him as an uncle, we we're actually 2nd cousins. And that brings us down to Randi, and I, we're third cousins, along with her brother and sister. So, I've known her a long, long, long, long time. As a matter of fact, or fiction, I believe I heard we were actually engaged at one point, not sure about that, but that's the scuttlebutt.
So, to Randi, and what she's done for me, hmmmmmmmmm, she's reiterated a well known fact for me, which is, if you find what you want and work HARD, for it, and keep at it, (called perseverance), and keep at it, and keep at it, most likely someday you will attain your goal, dream, whatever it ultimately is. For her is was, and is, being a Mary Kay, Senior consultant. She very much enjoys what she does, and one of her biggest thrills is to help someone get started and then see them eventually flourish, and build their own successful business. I'm sure she's one of the most successful and helpful CEO's you could ever find. If you ever have the opportunity to become connected to her and her business, take that opportunity and you'll never be sorry.
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Review by Michele Murray

I met Megan in the fall of 2003 when she was recommended to me as a stylist. Megan is extremely good with hair color and the first time she added highlights to my hair, everyone told me how much younger I looked. She is respectful of my preference for the style of my hair and, unlike other stylists in her age group, she does not try to make me wear a hair style that would look great on my daughter but not so great for me. One of my favorite things about Megan is that she is very accommodating at finding a time for my appointment that fits my schedule. All of the members of my family have gone to Megan for hair cuts. Even though my son now works in Bloomington, he prefers coming back to Anderson to have Megan style his hair. She is wonderful!See MoreRead Less

Review by Kevin Webster

I have known Brian for 2 years and I have spent much time talking about his passion and love for what he does. He is not afraid to share his vision of beauty and artistic expression with his clients and he has the gift of seeing what is the right cut, color, and style for your hair even better than you, yourself. . He's respectful when it comes to the needs and wants of his clients but is experienced enough to know when and where to offer suggestions of taking your look to the next level. His creations not only seem to wow his clients, but their friends and loved ones as well. It's not easy for people in a profession to absolutely love what they do but it is clear Brian is one of the few who does. It shines through with his work, his creations, and his indisputable knack for color mixture and application. I have referred many friends and co-workers to him who have, in turn, referred members of their family to him too. They continue to be amazed at what he can do, as not only a master colorist but as a veteran hair stylist as well. I use his L'Oreal Professional line of products to color my beard and hair (what little hair I have lol) and not only is their absolutely no ammonia or terrible fumes, but there is no staining either. I cannot say enough about his proven abilities and the products he uses. Make an appointment, you will NOT be disappointed!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Heidi Swartzentruber Mcgregor

I know Karen from my church family years and years ago. I started taking piano lessons when I was in 5th grade and was taught by Karen for several years. To this day, I LOVE sitting down at my piano and being able to play and work through music. I always loved my lessons and felt she not only taught me how to play, but how to enjoy playing. I appreciate her getting me out of my comfort zone and encouraging me to play in front of church. That encouragement followed me into high school when I played piano while a good friend of mine sang. If it weren't for Karen, I would never have had the confidence in my playing in order to do that. Thanks, Karen!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jesus Rivera

She is a very profesional person, commited in what she does, and perseverant

Review by Jonathan Kratzer

I recently had the opportunity to utilize Brittney's skills for a photo shoot I did recently. @[100000181265297:2048:Brittney Shannon] was extremely professional and a very competent in her trade. Brittney did an excellent job working with the models to provide the look they were going for and was able to assist me in creating beautiful pictures. Thank you Brittney for your help, you are a treasure.See MoreRead Less