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Beauticians in Jacksonville, Florida

There are 18 recommended Beauticians in Jacksonville, FL. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Beautician.

Review by Daina Greene

I am a mother of four with a medical practice who doesn't have much time for my hair. My hair is naturally a dark blonde with just enough curl in it to be frizzy. Before I met Nina, I was spending 20 minutes with a blow dryer and flat iron on the days I wanted to look nice. Most other days, I would throw my hair in a bun or pony tail just to get by. Also, to avoid roots in my highlighted dark blonde hair, it was necessary to sit in the beauty salon at least every six weeks.

After meeting Nina, I can truly enjoy hair freedom. I spend little time in front of the mirror and truly don't have to even blow it dry. To look my very best, I see her every 3 months. Her highlights look natural and have never been brassy or too blonde. In all honesty, I have even gone six months and my hair still looked good. My lifesaver, to cure the frizz, was the keratin treatments she recommended. This is the key ingredient to her hair recipe that keeps me out of the bathroom in the morning. The keratin treatments have decreased the amount of money I have needed to spend on hair products and have made my hair healthier than it has ever been before.

Two years ago, Nina had to move over an hour away from me. Initially, I looked for someone else to provide the same services. Big, big mistake. I spent a lot of money to be that brassy blonde again and the keratin did not last nearly as long. When Nina puts in my keratin, she takes her time and makes sure every strand of hair is treated. This other stylist charged more and spent about half the time with the application process. Ever since, I have been seeing Nina again. I either drive to her or pay her extra to come see me. I came to the realization It would be impossible for me to find someone with her experience close by. She successfully worked as a stylist in New York before moving to my small town. Being a working mom herself, she understands my needs. She is absolutely, without reservation, worth every penny and more.
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Review by Jansen Balisi

I met Liza through my boyfriend who worked at the bank Liza went to. We moved here from Georgia, and I struggled to find a place for my hair. My boyfriend gave me her card and said I should try her services. He further explained that Liza was very sweet and had a great personality when she came to the bank. Since I didn't have a place or know of a place to go to, I decided to try it out and see if I liked it. My hair is silky, but it's also thick, so sometimes hairstylists don't take the time to understand my hair texture. When I walked in to see Liza, she was very welcoming and amiable. She was, and still is, very professional and social with her customers to make them feel at home. I have been seeing Liza, and only Liza, for the past 2 years and I am always satisfied with my visits and my hair. She takes notes of the texture of my hair, what I like, what I don't like, and so on. Liza pays close attention to details and listens very carefully to how I want my hair cut. I highly recommend her, especially to those who are in professional fields in need of a classy, but stylistic, hair cut!See MoreRead Less

Review by Sue Ehly

I found Lisa by accident and it was my lucky day in addition to the beginning of a not long enough association. She has been amazing with color, analyzing hair structure, offering advice and styling help all the while displaying her generous heart to me, the client/friend and others. Lisa goes the extra mile to please her clients from picking up products to taking her services to their home if they can't make it in. And should a client move, as in my case, she wrote a very detailed letter to the new stylist describing not only products used and method of cutting but a personal review of me! My new stylist so enjoyed reading the letter and I felt like Lisa was here with me. Thank you Lisa for the good times and memories!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Margaret Ripple Schriefer

Friends with Robin's parents.
Robin noticed how I could not grow nails and insisted that I come to her shop and let her do a manicure. She declined payment, knowing that I am on Social Security and have little left for all the "extras".
She has made me a part of her family, both parents deceased, and still keeps up with manicures and pedicures for me to feel better about myself.
When I was in hospital with open heart surgery and again with breast cancer, she was there everyday, sometimes at the cost of rescheduling her clients. I am just an exmple. She does this sort of thing for many of her clients, expecially the elderly. She is an Angel!
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Review by Beth Sullivan

Darlene is an extremely talented woman with an eye for detail and creativity. We have worked together on photo shoots and personal styling, and she is has some remarkable skills. Her hair designs and ideas are some of the best I've seen in the industry. She takes her time, and listens to what her clients want, and does everything she can to do her very best work.... always! I was immediately impressed with Darlene's artistry while she was working in strong winds at an outdoor photo shoot, and her design came out flawless. She is one incredible woman, with true artistic talent, and a passion and appreciation for the fashion world. -Beth Sullivan, Sei Bella Image ConsultingSee MoreRead Less

Review by Itty Bitty

Allie has allowed me to fully express my individuality while keeping me from making huge mistakes with my hair. She is the only stylist I have trusted enough to bleach my hair. My hair is amazing no matter what she does. I won't go anywhere else. Besides all that the shampoo alone is worth the trip.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jenet Cattar

To know Charley is to love her! She's doing what she loves!! I met Charley through a Business Networking group, and we were friends immediately. She knows her product inside and out, and she is an extraordinary sales person! She has an awesome sense of humor, and is a loyal friend too. She also helps other people in their business! Charley is truly a one of a kind Mary Kay Consultant. She has a heart of gold for her friends as well, and wants to make sure she keeps track of the special Mary Kay items that each one loves, so she can be right there to assist when someone is in need.See MoreRead Less

Review by Barbara Buzby

Sandra Myers was introduced to me at the Southside Business Men's Club. At the time she owned a resale shop. I found her customer oriented, knowledgeable in her craft causing me to do quite a bit of business with her. Today, she is a Consultant at Mary Kay and I have found that she has carried those same traits to her cosmetic business. The foundation of her success is that she runs her business by just two rules, "Rule No. 1, the Customer is right and Rule 2, when the customer is wrong -reread Rule No. 1. She helped me develop a professional image with her first business and I hope she will make me look 10 years younger with this one. Will I continue doing business with her? ALWAYS!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jenn Carter

Riley is an amazing actress! I have had the privlage of working with her in both a film and a movie, and her dedication to both projects was astounding. She is supportive of everyone she works with, and makes the job so enjoyable. I strongly reccommend her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Alma White

Pattie is a wonderful person, and a faithful friend for many years. I would recommend her for any endeavour, she is wishing to accomplish.