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Beauticians in Florida

There are 300 recommended Beauticians in Florida. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Beautician.

Review by Sandy Butler Edelson

I've been going to Dino for coloring and hairstyling since 2004 and have been delighted with his skill and artistry every time! I cannot recall a time that his work did not result in a multitude of compliments, even by complete strangers! Not only is he a master of his craft, but he is also a joy to be around and interact with as a person. I've found Dino to be a person of integrity, who has a great sense of humor and is an insightful conversationalist. I always look forward to my time with him. If that weren't enough, I've been consistently pleased with his team as well, including his wonderful wife and son, plus the equipment used in the salon is top-notch... its washing station/massage chair/light therapy make me feel like royalty! If I sound like a raving fan, it's because I am!! Sandy EdelsonSee MoreRead Less

Review by Cheryl Casey

Karen was my makeup artist for my wedding two years ago, working her magic on the bridesmaids, the moms, and me. I chose her not only because I liked the makeup styles in her portfolio, which were a bit more natural and classy than others I had looked at, but because at our initial meeting, she radiated such sincere enthusiasm for the event, I couldn't help but want her involved.

During my trial makeup session, and with the bridesmaids and moms on wedding day, Karen first planned each look very carefully, asking us about our personalities, favorite colors, and desired looks. She then folded that information in with her own expertise in skin tones and makeup to create looks that were just perfect for each person. Everyone in my party praised Karen and felt very comfortable and very much like themselves despite being "made up."

Karen came onsite to do the makeup and worked very well with my hair stylist in coordinating the larger hair and makeup project for our group of 7. She's a terrific team player as well as an outstanding individual talent. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome, and I further appreciated her continued excitement about my big day. She even stuck around after all the makeup was done to see everyone in their dresses and wish us all a wonderful day. She was as giddy as the rest of us!

We have both since left NY, but if geography ever permitted and I needed makeup done, I would go to Karen in a heartbeat.
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Review by Ashleigh Runkle

Never been treated so unkind after quitting there last week. Wanted to start an opportunity of owning my own business and told Shawn about it. And now he has forbid me to step in his salon to make appointments to get my hair done and threatens to call the cops and said I am no longer welcomed in his establishment! I quit there on my own terms and we parted and went our seperate ways and there was nothing mean by it. I am astounded by his unprofessionalism. He may be good at doing hair, but has a long ways to go in learning how to run and operate a business! I wish him luck.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jessica Huffman Cripe

Reflections hair salon has been my salon of choice for several years now. I originally became a client because my best friend Jeana took a job as a stylist with Koryn. Jeana always had nothing but good things to say both about Koryn as a person and as a salon owner. The integrity of the owner and how she treats her employees has always been very apparent in the happiness you see throughout Reflections hair salon. Unfortunately Jeana decided she would be moving out of sate. Naturally, as my best friend, I asked her for her recommendation on who to choose as my stylist. To my surprise she said “any of them”! She would tell me that if she didn't truly have confidence in all of their capabilities as a stylist. Ultimately I decided to use Koryn because of the relationship we had developed throughout Jena’s time in her salon. Koryn has trimmed, colored, given me a Keratin treatment, and completely given me a new style over the past year. I have NEVER had a problem and i know if i did she wouldn't hesitate to make me happy. She is very willing to listen to her clients but quick to let you know when what your picturing may not be possible or the best option. She is always keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in the salon world. I really don't think she sleeps! She is an entrepreneur that truly has the best interest of her community and employees at heart. For example she has held days where she can educate and train her staff one on one while they provide services to individuals who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford salon services. I also started taking my son to Koryn for haircuts when he was about 6-7 months old. She is wonderful with the children and somehow manages to do a great job even when they are less than cooperative! I have had manicure and pedicure in the salon as well. I am always quick to refer any friends or family to Reflections hair salon!See MoreRead Less

Review by David Lantrip

I first met Barbie in 2008 through a referral. SInce then I have worked on a variety of commercial, editorial and personal assignments with her.

Barbie always arrives well prepared and does her research prior to the assignment to make sure she meets the creative objectives of the client and the team. Barbie always has a great rapport with her clients and helps maintain their confidence level.

Barbie is very meticulous with her makeup techniques which enables me to complete finished assignments quicker and not have to deal with makeup deficiencies in post production.

Barbie's ability to do style hair as well is a great asset and helps reduce overhead costs on commercial assignments.

I highly recommend Barbie for any projects you may have.
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Review by Eric Williams Ii

Bertha is very energetic, industrious, intelligent businesswomen who is very entrepreneurial and hardworking! She has an artistic and creative flair and a bubbly personality and is a professional that's is very passionate and thorough in all her business dealings. Bertha cares about the health and welfare of others and tries constantly to address the important issues that concerns her. I say that anyone who is blessed to network with her will be extremely please with her business ethics and professionalism.See MoreRead Less

Review by Scott Bremer

I have known Buff for nearly 25 years now. She is excellent in every aspect of her work. She is focused and driven, accepting nothing short of exceptional quality in the products and services she provides. Not only is she recognized as being outstanding in her field, she is also one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever known. You are in great hands when you go to her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Daina Greene

I am a mother of four with a medical practice who doesn't have much time for my hair. My hair is naturally a dark blonde with just enough curl in it to be frizzy. Before I met Nina, I was spending 20 minutes with a blow dryer and flat iron on the days I wanted to look nice. Most other days, I would throw my hair in a bun or pony tail just to get by. Also, to avoid roots in my highlighted dark blonde hair, it was necessary to sit in the beauty salon at least every six weeks.

After meeting Nina, I can truly enjoy hair freedom. I spend little time in front of the mirror and truly don't have to even blow it dry. To look my very best, I see her every 3 months. Her highlights look natural and have never been brassy or too blonde. In all honesty, I have even gone six months and my hair still looked good. My lifesaver, to cure the frizz, was the keratin treatments she recommended. This is the key ingredient to her hair recipe that keeps me out of the bathroom in the morning. The keratin treatments have decreased the amount of money I have needed to spend on hair products and have made my hair healthier than it has ever been before.

Two years ago, Nina had to move over an hour away from me. Initially, I looked for someone else to provide the same services. Big, big mistake. I spent a lot of money to be that brassy blonde again and the keratin did not last nearly as long. When Nina puts in my keratin, she takes her time and makes sure every strand of hair is treated. This other stylist charged more and spent about half the time with the application process. Ever since, I have been seeing Nina again. I either drive to her or pay her extra to come see me. I came to the realization It would be impossible for me to find someone with her experience close by. She successfully worked as a stylist in New York before moving to my small town. Being a working mom herself, she understands my needs. She is absolutely, without reservation, worth every penny and more.
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Review by Jansen Balisi

I met Liza through my boyfriend who worked at the bank Liza went to. We moved here from Georgia, and I struggled to find a place for my hair. My boyfriend gave me her card and said I should try her services. He further explained that Liza was very sweet and had a great personality when she came to the bank. Since I didn't have a place or know of a place to go to, I decided to try it out and see if I liked it. My hair is silky, but it's also thick, so sometimes hairstylists don't take the time to understand my hair texture. When I walked in to see Liza, she was very welcoming and amiable. She was, and still is, very professional and social with her customers to make them feel at home. I have been seeing Liza, and only Liza, for the past 2 years and I am always satisfied with my visits and my hair. She takes notes of the texture of my hair, what I like, what I don't like, and so on. Liza pays close attention to details and listens very carefully to how I want my hair cut. I highly recommend her, especially to those who are in professional fields in need of a classy, but stylistic, hair cut!See MoreRead Less

Review by Keith Peloquin

Sadly, I've got wicked bad cowlicks & my hair is the Rubik's Cube of barber challenges. Every haircut until I met Irina left me looking like I did my hair with firecrackers. I can't recommend her highly enough! She's got the knowledge to get your complicated treatment done right, the skill to make your cowlicky hair lay straight, & the passion for her profession to keep her at the top of the game. The fact that she is conversationally engaging & makes you laugh while you're in the chair is a bonus. Go. Let her do your hair. If you don't think I'm 100% right, don't go back. She really is very, very good.See MoreRead Less