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Beauticians in Upland, California

There are 1 recommended Beauticians in Upland, CA. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Beautician.

Review by Dan Saber

I was only in Los Angeles for a year, and for that time I trained with Leandro.

Why is Leandro the best personal trainer alive?

Because he cares, he actually cares. Imagine that, someone who enjoys his job and takes it seriously. HIS EYES ARE GLUED TO YOUR BODY. HE IS WATCHING YOU. He will never leave your side or get distracted or give you some boring exhausting task while he texts or chats it up with some babe or something. I have had many personal trainers and Leandro is the first one with whom I have ever seen results.

I'm a naturally tall and thin guy and so I came to Leandro to help me gain weight, TO GAIN MUSCLE, MAN! SERIOUS PRISON BOD! so that's what we did.

Training with Leandro is like when you're a kid playing in your neighborhood with your friends. His workouts have that same energy, so in other words you are not doing some horrible laborious labor or feel like you are marching on The Trail of Tears.

Before, with my pre-Leandro trainers, I was winded and in low spirits by the end of my sessions. And even though I was working very hard, I was not seeing any results, and this was so extremely depressing I can't even tell you. Is it possible to be working too hard? yes, it is!

Leandro has the tempo; the most important lesson I learned from Leandro, s l o w d o w n, breath....."we're in this together".
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