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Beauticians in California

There are 300 recommended Beauticians in California. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Beautician.

Review by Lex Cee

I am such a fan of Lisa and her work. There is no colorist more talented and skilled for blond locks than Lisa. I've been going to Lisa for 7-8 years. I found her when I first moved to LA and have since moved to Orange County and don't think twice about the 1.5 hours commute to get to her. She is absolutely worth it. Besides being a lovely person and making me feel like the most important person in existence for the 1.5 hours I'm in her chair, I always feel like a celebrity/model when I leave her capable hands. Since my first appointment many years ago, I have never requested anything since - I leave it up to her and whatever range and nuances of blond she feels like I need at the moment. My hair always looks amazing, which makes me feel amazing. She is sweet, professional, talented and there is not a client of hers that doesn't admire and appreciate her as a colorist and wonderful person. Hopefully, this is my last move for a while, but no matter where I end up, I'll be in Lisa's chair every 6 weeks.See MoreRead Less

Review by Larry Alexander

My name is: " Legendary " ~ " Mickey Three" ( Larry Alexander )
and I'm here to "vouch" for Martin Rodriguez.

I've Paid attention to *everything* Mr. Rodriguez has *positively*
Fuought to achieve in the: Beauty and *Hair* Industry.

Martin has a mentoring *gift* hat has bee n an inspiration to *me.*

Unlike other " Hair Design:" Artist-raftsman,; Martin continually *stives* to *Enourage* Others* to Find their specific *nitch in
the (global) *Hair-Dsigh" Community...Thank You.

C/O: THE ~ " Legendary " ~ Mickey Three "
Larry"Mickey Three"Alexander
Pres, CO

(h.) 1. ( 847.) 596. 2307
(c.) 1. ( 847.) 769. 9911

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Review by Anasztazia Vivente

Laura was my stylist in Ny state, I picked her because she had a bold look and that's the only type of person I would want to touch my hair. Prior to her I've always had mediocre stylists who never listened to me entirely and always ended up doing things how They wanted instead of how I wanted my own hair.
Laura listened to everything I said, was always very personable and outgoing and fun to talk with while she gave me perfect styling time after time. When I moved away, one if my biggest complaints was finding a new stylist. And I've tried everywhere from Paul Mitchell graduates to tony and guy studios to small town places. But I question them to extent and rarely gave them a shot. And Never have I found a stylist as wonderful and outstanding at her profession and passion, as Laura. At this point, living so far from her locations, I stick to home dye and self cuts(because I like it messy and unique) and primarily because I have never found another stylist I trust with my hair since Laura. And when anyone asks me about my hair, I tell them that NO ONE touches my hair except one person and myself. That ONE person...Is Laura.
No lie, probably the only stylist I would ever let near my hair again. I trust her with my hair, which as anyone would know, is your calling card, often your first impression. Whether it be bold or demure or wild or modern, I recommend Laura Moran become your regular stylist. I miss living near her, it would save me a lot of trial and error and backaches from getting angles I should try to reach on my own head. Haha.
I'm very thankful that I got to go to her for the years that I did.
Make yourself as lucky as I was, seriously, I doubt you'll regret it!
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Review by Crystal Kendall

I can not say enough about my experience at West Coast Cuts & Colors. The service is wonderful, all the ladies are very friendly and made me feel really good by the time I left. Heidi Grotsky has always done my hair and I have always been very pleased with the outcome. I have had bad experiences at different shops before so I am one that doesn't trust just anyone to do my hair. Heidi always listens to me and talks to me about what she is going to do and again I leave very pleased with the outcome. I met Heidi outside of the shop and she came highly recommended to do my hair. Heidi also is a good person to come and talk to she always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. I know other people that come to her such as my fiancé or the man I work for and his family and they too have never had anything but good to say about her. I used to not like going to get my hair done now it has become one of my favorite places when I can make it there.See MoreRead Less

Review by Proudmomma Rebecca

Anna Cuong is awesome! She understands what you want and what you don't want. She does a great job. She has done my hair, my 2 daughters' hair and my son's hair AND my mom's hair for years! My mom goes to Anna every 6 weeks and has done so for over 5 years! The atmosphere in Anna's salon is very friendly and everyone talks freely. At times the whole salon is in on the conversation. It is a great neighborhood salon to go to that is run by a great team of ladies!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jihan Williams

Nedra is extremely talented at her craft...i would highly recommend Miss Jones if you'd like to stand out in the best way possible. She takes pride on all she does and her passion is incomparable. Fashion, make-up, and style at its best! If you want to look your best, feel like the best...then you must obtain the best and that is Nedra Jones!See MoreRead Less

Review by George Szegedy

Karen, besides being a wonderful person, you are very creative and it is pleasure to recommend you in this new endeavor, as I am sure you will no doubt exceed your clients expectations because that is your nature. Continued success in all you do.See MoreRead Less

Review by Rachel Williams

Mercy is an amazing hair stylist. Not only is she extremely friendly, she is also very talented. I always get so many compliments whenever she cuts or colors my hair. Every person I've recommended her to has absolutely loved her! I wouldn't let anyone else cut or color my hair after going to Mercy!See MoreRead Less

Review by Kandee Lewis

I met Melanie through one of her community philanthropy efforts! Melanie was working with a young lady who was getting her non-profit off the ground, and she was hosting 20 young ladies and their mothers, grandmothers or guardian. The day was about inspiring, empowering and educating young ladies or the power each of us holds and about youth violence and prevention. As the guest speak, and leading expert on youth violence and prevention, I observed Melanie's personal touch, professional demeanor, caring and thoughtful ways when interacting with youth and their adult guardians. Her shop was beautiful, yet comfortable. Melanie was and is a consummate professional and beauty expert, You are in excellent hands with Ms. MelanieSee MoreRead Less

Review by Donnell Marsh

She is prompt, detailed professional who not only understands the vision of the photographer, but also takes the initiative and creates innovative ways to accentuate the work she does. I would definitely recommend her...See MoreRead Less