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Beauticians in Alabama

There are 47 recommended Beauticians in Alabama. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Beautician.

Review by Layne Williams

Best hair stylist I have EVER had! Knows her product and my hair-what it will and won't do. I am one of those people who has had every color under the sun at some time or the other on my hair. If it weren't for Michele's wisdom and knowledge of mixing products on processed hair, I probably would be bald because in one year's time I might want to be light blonde, then red and then brown and she has to gently and lovingly save my hair from over processing. In spite of all my many color changes, my hair remains healthy (thanks to her) and below my shoulders with little breakage. My hats off to her. And going to her is better than a psychiatrist! She just uses good ole southern women's common sense with lots of God's love mixed in. I drive 40 minutes to go to her--from Leeds to Pinson. There are lots of stylists closer but they are not nearly as good. I love you, Michele and I will see you in July! Layne Williams See MoreRead Less

Review by Cathy Altonji

I first met Barry when we were both involved in a community theatre production in Huntsville, AL. So before I knew he could cut hair, I knew he had a great singing voice! I was actually trimming my own hair at the time, since I was needing to find a stylist in Huntsville. When I learned at a rehearsal that Barry did hair, I asked if he could take on another client, and I am so glad he said yes. The first thing you experience as one of Barry's clients is walking into a beautiful salon. I knew from having seen his home that he had exquisite taste. Well, he really put it to use in creating a space that makes his clients feel relaxed and special from the moment they walk through the door. You have to see Adagio Salon Suites for yourself. It's small and intimate, but definitely classy.
When I came to Barry I was experiencing hair breakage after a bout of pneumonia. He was very encouraging, shaped me up so I felt beautiful for a weekend event I was about to attend, and gave me some tips on restoring my hair strength. Not long after this I decided I wanted to go back to a pixie style, in part because it would be one way to "start over" as my hair strengthened, and in part because it really is my favorite cut ever! Barry was a little surprised I wanted to take off my shoulder-length hair, but talked with me about exactly what I wanted and got to work. He gave me a terrific pixie cut that's both feminine and a tad edgy. Barry is a terrific person. He really cares about the people who come through the door of his salon. He has a super way of letting you know the best way he can incorporate your ideas into what's possible for your hair type. During my haircuts we've had lots of fun discussing healthy eating habits, which is another subject Barry is passionate about. I wish him and his salon all the very best, which is why I recommend Adagio Salon Suites (and Barry Norwood in particular) whenever I get the chance.
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Review by Charlotte Dole

Although I have not bought from Jill, she has been a friend for more than 25 years. I live so far away ....everything would have to be shipped. If you live close ...go see her. She will treat you right.See MoreRead Less

Review by Donna Robinson

Donna is not only highly skilled in her profession but she has that personal touch.
Always wanting to make sure you're happy as a client is top priority on her list! Last minute, weeks in advance just call. She will work you in! I wouldnt go any place else and highy recommend her and anyone in her shop! she's the only one who cuts and colors my hair and has been for years!See MoreRead Less

Review by Tammy Brannon

Star is the best hair stylist that has ever worked on my hair. I have very thick fine hair and most stylist haven't a clue how to cut and style my hair. Star has always managed to make me look fantastic. She also cut and styles my mother and daughters hair who also have thick heads of hair. They also love her work. I highly recommend Star for any of your hair cuts, styling or colors and perms. She is a very sweet lady.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mark Terry

because she is a true professional and a lady of her word. We need more strong minded professional women like her in this world. God Bless Us All.See MoreRead Less

Review by Susan LaCroix

Annie is one of the best at what she does! Her work is creative and beautiful, she uses only quality materials and is meticulous in all of her designs. I've never seen such stunning wire wrapped jewelry before and I'm the proud owner of several of her pieces. Annie is friendly too and her customer service is excellent. I would highly recommend her to anyone who appreciates unique, handcrafted jewelry!See MoreRead Less

Review by Gail Marchette

good luck.i promise to stop by there if I ever get out of honoraville..

Review by Julie Osenton

I have known Jana all my life. She is a person of character, integrity, and a hard worker. She has faced some hard times thru her life and instead of letting those times bring her down she used them to make her stronger. She has the personality that makes her able to get along with anyone and always is good for a laugh. She is a friend who never forgets to lift me up in prayer or check on me since I have been ill. Personally she is and will always be my friend. Professionally she will be an asset to whom ever she works for and you should consider yourself lucky to have her as part of your team.See MoreRead Less

Review by Chandrika Prayerworks

I met Lei at a Project Curve Appeal mixer. She inspires, educates and leads by example. She assisted me in reevaluating my personal perspective and offered insight into different business strategies. Mentoring and advising are two of her greatest strength's. Lei stands out as a mentor among her peers, co workers and other business professionals''. Because she is hard working, driven and has a positive spirit!See MoreRead Less