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Review by Lex Cee

I am such a fan of Lisa and her work. There is no colorist more talented and skilled for blond locks than Lisa. I've been going to Lisa for 7-8 years. I found her when I first moved to LA and have since moved to Orange County and don't think twice about the 1.5 hours commute to get to her. She is absolutely worth it. Besides being a lovely person and making me feel like the most important person in existence for the 1.5 hours I'm in her chair, I always feel like a celebrity/model when I leave her capable hands. Since my first appointment many years ago, I have never requested anything since - I leave it up to her and whatever range and nuances of blond she feels like I need at the moment. My hair always looks amazing, which makes me feel amazing. She is sweet, professional, talented and there is not a client of hers that doesn't admire and appreciate her as a colorist and wonderful person. Hopefully, this is my last move for a while, but no matter where I end up, I'll be in Lisa's chair every 6 weeks.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sandy Butler Edelson

I've been going to Dino for coloring and hairstyling since 2004 and have been delighted with his skill and artistry every time! I cannot recall a time that his work did not result in a multitude of compliments, even by complete strangers! Not only is he a master of his craft, but he is also a joy to be around and interact with as a person. I've found Dino to be a person of integrity, who has a great sense of humor and is an insightful conversationalist. I always look forward to my time with him. If that weren't enough, I've been consistently pleased with his team as well, including his wonderful wife and son, plus the equipment used in the salon is top-notch... its washing station/massage chair/light therapy make me feel like royalty! If I sound like a raving fan, it's because I am!! Sandy EdelsonSee MoreRead Less

Review by Larry Alexander

My name is: " Legendary " ~ " Mickey Three" ( Larry Alexander )
and I'm here to "vouch" for Martin Rodriguez.

I've Paid attention to *everything* Mr. Rodriguez has *positively*
Fuought to achieve in the: Beauty and *Hair* Industry.

Martin has a mentoring *gift* hat has bee n an inspiration to *me.*

Unlike other " Hair Design:" Artist-raftsman,; Martin continually *stives* to *Enourage* Others* to Find their specific *nitch in
the (global) *Hair-Dsigh" Community...Thank You.

C/O: THE ~ " Legendary " ~ Mickey Three "
Larry"Mickey Three"Alexander
Pres, CO

(h.) 1. ( 847.) 596. 2307
(c.) 1. ( 847.) 769. 9911

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Review by Cheryl Casey

Karen was my makeup artist for my wedding two years ago, working her magic on the bridesmaids, the moms, and me. I chose her not only because I liked the makeup styles in her portfolio, which were a bit more natural and classy than others I had looked at, but because at our initial meeting, she radiated such sincere enthusiasm for the event, I couldn't help but want her involved.

During my trial makeup session, and with the bridesmaids and moms on wedding day, Karen first planned each look very carefully, asking us about our personalities, favorite colors, and desired looks. She then folded that information in with her own expertise in skin tones and makeup to create looks that were just perfect for each person. Everyone in my party praised Karen and felt very comfortable and very much like themselves despite being "made up."

Karen came onsite to do the makeup and worked very well with my hair stylist in coordinating the larger hair and makeup project for our group of 7. She's a terrific team player as well as an outstanding individual talent. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome, and I further appreciated her continued excitement about my big day. She even stuck around after all the makeup was done to see everyone in their dresses and wish us all a wonderful day. She was as giddy as the rest of us!

We have both since left NY, but if geography ever permitted and I needed makeup done, I would go to Karen in a heartbeat.
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Review by Aislynn Rodeghiero

i am a self-proclaimed mess when it comes to my hair. though i often know what i want in my mind, i have a very difficult time expressing it properly to a professional. as a result, i've had dreadful bobs, unusual international cuts and orange hair! laurie has become a good friend over the last year and i was somewhat apprehensive to have her, a friend, become my hair stylist aware of the potential issues that could ensue given my hair neurosis. laurie has cut my hair a number of times, each time leaving me pleased. she always airs on the side of caution with me so as to not do anything drastic and set me into a tailspin! she recently colored my hair as i wanted to darken my natural blond color. no lie, she spent 20 minutes having me look at hair samples and patiently explained the nature of the color wheel so i would know what to expect. again, airing on the side of caution, she leaned conservative and my hair turned out great, but lighter than i had hoped. i was given an appointment that same week to darken it, and i left happy. i am quite sure laurie initially knew that the darker color was what i really wanted, but she was sensitive to my mental process and was patient and understanding. she is easy to talk to, not judgmental and makes the appointment happy and fun. she created her salon by herself; painting walls, filling holes, assembling shelves, designing the layout, redoing the bathrooms, et al. it is truly a self-made salon, one that she should be very proud of. her signature pink is everywhere and her handwork ere apparent. as a client and friend i am very proud of her for all she has accomplished and would highly recommend her to anyone!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jenn Findley

Rebecca has styled my hair for a year. She is a color specialist and is a champion hair stylist. She cuts with precision and I give her free reign with my hair. I have my photo taken a lot for events and I know when I walk into a room, that the compliments will start rolling on how much people love my hair. I say thanks, but really this is all Rebecca.

I have used her services on photo shoots as a photographer. She was timely, professional and made the retro shoot amazing. She did hair and makeup according to hair designs I showed her from the internet and she duplicated the look exactly.

I also had her do my hair and makeup for my own photo shoot. I look so pretty in those, thanks to Rebecca.

She doesn't charge an alarming rate, she is very fair in her pricing. I used to spend hundreds in Beverly Hills to get an even better result for far less with Rebecca's expertise.

Don't look further. I do believe, like me, you have found your match. I stand by Rebecca as a customer and Photographer.
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Review by Suzanne Windham

Ann puts her heart and soul into every piece she creates. She is very gifted and has impeccable integrity. I have purchased 4 necklaces and a bracelet from her and I can honestly say that I really enjoy wearing each piece. I get many, many compliments on them. Each one feels great on, is unique and very beautiful. Her prices are very reasonable. Ann stands behind her work 100%. The materials she uses are what she says they are. If you haven't purchased your unique piece of jewelry from Ann, let me say this; you just don't know what you are missing!See MoreRead Less

Review by Ashleigh Runkle

Never been treated so unkind after quitting there last week. Wanted to start an opportunity of owning my own business and told Shawn about it. And now he has forbid me to step in his salon to make appointments to get my hair done and threatens to call the cops and said I am no longer welcomed in his establishment! I quit there on my own terms and we parted and went our seperate ways and there was nothing mean by it. I am astounded by his unprofessionalism. He may be good at doing hair, but has a long ways to go in learning how to run and operate a business! I wish him luck.See MoreRead Less

Review by Christopher Hyma

I have known Jaysen for 15 years, It all started back here in Grand Rapids, MI. Where he attended Chic Cosmetology school of hair design. Chic is not a very easy school to get into but Jaysen's persistant paid off and he graduated with honors. I like to think that Jaysen taught Chic a few things as well: To design a persons hairstyle with what they would like to see and than mixing that with his vision to achieve the perfect outcome. We were his test subjects at first, but as he got better and more confident we realized that he had talent people just don't learn at school. He truly is a natural when it comes to creating fabulous! I still seek his advice before going to my own hair professional, Its almost like he is cutting my hair thru Kim's hands> may sound cheesy but its the truth........Now get back to Michigan for a visit and create my next look!See MoreRead Less

Review by Andra Dankers

Lori is one of the best stylists I have ever been to. I have never had a cut from her that I didn't like and receive compliments on. If I bring in a picture of a style I like, she can do it. She will also be gently honest with me if it is not best for my hair type.
She is also one of a very few who could get my hair color right. There was one time when I wasn't sure if my hair was a little off. I called in and they were so good about scheduling me an appointment to correct it. We had a sudden death in the family so I canceled and by the time I was back in town, I didn't see a need for a correction. But the next appointment Lori remembered that I had called in and asked me about it to make sure everything was okay. I was so impressed that she cared enough to address my issue.
I would recommend Lori to anyone and everyone. I have had nothing but positive experiences with her!
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