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Artists in Seattle, Washington

There are 46 recommended Artists in Seattle, WA. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Ryan Menges

Well Robert and I first met in 2010 in Seattle at Jimi Hendrix Park he jams with a mutual friend Leon Hendrix. Now that I've known him a few years now it's not hard to see and know why you respect him and want to call him your friend! His longevity in the music business is a shield of honor! Not to take anything away from Los Angeles, New York, Vegas, London, Vancouver and the countless great music cities of our world but #SEATTLE IS A TAD DIFFERENT WHEN IT COMES TO OUR MUSIC SCENE HERE! Seattles music scene is nothing short of a HUGE, GENIUS, CRAZY & DIVERSE FAMILY THAT LINKS GENERATIONS of all musical styles and personalities together and this big family encourages, helps, listens, gives you that constructive criticism we all need to hear more often than we do! The things a #REAL #TRUE #MUSICIAN does and is are those things I just mentioned and so much more and Robert is all of those things & does all of those things and then some!!! Thanks for doing music and representing #SEATTLE the way you do Mr. Fisher!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Carla Jones

I managed Island Soul Caribbean Restaurant. Shan was at that time the featured guest performer for my period there (about 7 years). He was always prompt, professional and NON STOP!! He would sing and play from the moment sound check was complete till the last guest left! He always left the crowd wanting more.. He developed a following and set the theme for "the place to be at Island Soul" when I managed the joint. I highly recommend you select him or his band for any performance to be "taken away"....See MoreRead Less

Review by Paul Allen

I am Tim's tech support and have watched his work develop over the years. In the beginning, I felt that Tim's most striking images were those that were only lightly modified, with the original image carrying most of the weight. More recently, he has developed sufficient finesse to leave just enough original material in a startlingly-modified form, that a carefully chosen title is all that's needed to close the circle in the viewer's mind. The digital medium allows freedom similar to oil painting or watercolor, and some artists produce fine original works digitally from their imaginations. Tim's work is fairly unique in that he starts with a topical or location-based image and uses its pixels as the palette with which to paint a story about the topic or place. Well worth a look.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dan Fiala

Mike has always performed his work at the Paramount Theater, Moore Theater and many Northwest venues for many years. He and his staff are of the highest caliber. His professionalism is far and above the same of other theaters throughout the globe. Great to have him here in the Northwest.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jess Hart

Kevin is a talented producer and engineer, and I admire his creativity and the detail-oriented nature he brings to his craft. He has demonstrated various beats and instrumentals for my band, and granted us a few choice works that we have easily been able to convert into different styles of music. I was lucky to meet Kevin through a mutual musician friend and found out that we have some musical taste in common, and it led to a friendly collaboration that quite impressed me. I have zero reluctance recommending him and his skills.See MoreRead Less

Review by John Clark

Tan, is absolutely wonderful to work with! He has a vision and style like no one else I know. His heart is truly rooted in fashion and his knowledge, professionalism, and desire to create inspiring looks clearly shows.

I've worked with Tan on more then one occasion and plan on taking advantage of his talents while I can still afford him. With each of his projects outdoing the last, I'm afraid he'll be onto bigger and better things in no time.

If I may offer some advice, trust Tan, and set him free. His style is truly unique, and your experience with Tan will be it's fullest. If you do, you won't be disappointed.
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Review by Ken Heaton

Jason and I have known each other for years. First in Seattle, as we were both in the Coast Guard stationed in Seattle and then in Hawaii and then back in Seattle. Recently we have been spending time doing photo projects around Seattle and Tacoma. I do more conventional photography and of course Jason works on Lomography. We review each other's work and I have always found Jason's work to be very interesting and creative.
What makes Jason stand out is simply that his perspective is very different with his camera work. Very fresh, very creative. You really want to study what he's done in his photos.
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Review by Rodney West

Art is a very professional and talented artist. He honored me by playing at my wedding and has been an associate for years.

Review by Nikkie Grissom Schuler

Rich is very knowledgable and has a passion for comics. Very friendly and helpful!

Review by Janos Szablya

I have known Bill Rearick for almost 35 years and during that time I have both worked with him and learned from him. Bill is one of those people who not only pays attention to detail but knows exactly when to leave well enough alone. This is probably the most important characteristic of a true professional in the arts. It represents a keen insight into budget awareness.
I would recommend Bill to anyone for any position for which he is qualified. If you wish to contact me directly please ask Bill for my contact information.

Janos Szablya
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