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Artists in Washington

There are 205 recommended Artists in Washington. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Patricia Young

My husband and I know Eimied from coming out to see him play acoustic sets in the Phoenix, AZ area. The first night we met, both he and his wife were so welcoming before the end of the night we found ourselves laughing and singing along like lifelong friends. Before too long, we were reminded of what music was all about and my husband returned to some local open-mic nights to enjoying jamming with some great local talent. Since that time, it has been wonderful to laugh and grow with Eimied, his wife and anyone who may happen to be surprise at a gig. We consider him to be more than a talent but a lifelong friend! He is someone you definitely want to go see perform, support by buying his music and/or hiring for local gigs!See MoreRead Less

Review by Ryan Menges

Well Robert and I first met in 2010 in Seattle at Jimi Hendrix Park he jams with a mutual friend Leon Hendrix. Now that I've known him a few years now it's not hard to see and know why you respect him and want to call him your friend! His longevity in the music business is a shield of honor! Not to take anything away from Los Angeles, New York, Vegas, London, Vancouver and the countless great music cities of our world but #SEATTLE IS A TAD DIFFERENT WHEN IT COMES TO OUR MUSIC SCENE HERE! Seattles music scene is nothing short of a HUGE, GENIUS, CRAZY & DIVERSE FAMILY THAT LINKS GENERATIONS of all musical styles and personalities together and this big family encourages, helps, listens, gives you that constructive criticism we all need to hear more often than we do! The things a #REAL #TRUE #MUSICIAN does and is are those things I just mentioned and so much more and Robert is all of those things & does all of those things and then some!!! Thanks for doing music and representing #SEATTLE the way you do Mr. Fisher!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Carla Jones

I managed Island Soul Caribbean Restaurant. Shan was at that time the featured guest performer for my period there (about 7 years). He was always prompt, professional and NON STOP!! He would sing and play from the moment sound check was complete till the last guest left! He always left the crowd wanting more.. He developed a following and set the theme for "the place to be at Island Soul" when I managed the joint. I highly recommend you select him or his band for any performance to be "taken away"....See MoreRead Less

Review by Paul Allen

I am Tim's tech support and have watched his work develop over the years. In the beginning, I felt that Tim's most striking images were those that were only lightly modified, with the original image carrying most of the weight. More recently, he has developed sufficient finesse to leave just enough original material in a startlingly-modified form, that a carefully chosen title is all that's needed to close the circle in the viewer's mind. The digital medium allows freedom similar to oil painting or watercolor, and some artists produce fine original works digitally from their imaginations. Tim's work is fairly unique in that he starts with a topical or location-based image and uses its pixels as the palette with which to paint a story about the topic or place. Well worth a look.See MoreRead Less

Review by Guy Amato

Evo and I grew up together in the same small neighborhood with the same crazy friends in NY. He has been shredding for as long as I can remember with friends In a basement, garage wherever they could play and never faulted or lost his focus or passion for music. And believe me it shows. Evo is a super talented musician, a gentleman, a funny man and most importantly makes an unbelievable pizza at his restaurant Brooklyn brothers Pizza. Ha, and he couldn't even boil water as a kid ! :)See MoreRead Less

Review by Jeffrey Beals

I have worked with Rick on a number of projects over the years, and I have found working with him on some very detailed projects to be both enjoyable and educational. He has shown me his quite amazing talent, as well as his considerable organizational and leadership skills. It is therefore, no surprise to me that as a writer, he brings the same skill set to his task. In addition, he is a good and loyal friend.See MoreRead Less

Review by Mia Vermillion

I'm a blues artist and a resident of the Skagit Valley. In addition, I'm also a graduate of Skagit Valley Community Collage. I have been a guest on Janice's The Blues Note. She is a wonderful host, very knowledgeable on the music of blues and well versed regarding her guest artists. I listen to her show. I think she is a great asset to KSVR and we listeners in the Valley are lucky to have such a enthusiastic and entertaining DJ. She is very supportive of live music inthe area and is actively involved helping to promote the blues. Hooking up audiences with artists and bring together our community.See MoreRead Less

Review by Max Denard

I have known Jason for many years and have been exposed to his talents at writing music and film. To me he's always been a Renascence man of the arts. I've always been a little jealous.

Jason has always reached out for me to participate in his projects, whether it be in stage makeup, or music, or even writing. He's got a very keen mind and it's often very interesting just to be a sounding board.

Multiplicity. He's got a hand in everything and does it all well.
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Review by Douglas A. Huey

Greg is a former graduate Trumpet student of mine at the University of Akron School of Music and a life-long friend. He is extremely intelligent, articulate, resourceful, inventive, motivated towards excellence and positively creative in everything he does. Greg is also a very friendly, kind, and helpful person who genuinely cares about the well-being of others, and is a TERRIFIC Father and husband...he IS a role model to anyone who pays attention to detail, modern society, current trends, responsibility, moral character and accountability. I can not imagine ANY circumstance where I would not give him my highest recommendation. I would trust him with my Wife, children, and money without question.

Douglas A. Huey
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Review by Davinchi Artist




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