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Artists in Virginia

There are 142 recommended Artists in Virginia. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Peter Lauro

I have known Memphis Gold for many years and have worked with him on many different projects. Besides being a heck of a good writer, a heck of a good guitarist and a heck of a good vocalist, he is a heck of a great guy as well.

After having only communicated with him via the Internet for some years we finally got to meet at the Blues Music Awards in Memphis, TN a years back. For as long as I live, I will never forget our introduction. From afar, I saw a distinguished looking man all dressed up in a sharp looking suit and he was wearing the unlikely accessory of a baseball cap that was bright gold with green letters that said Vietnam Vet. Not knowing who it was but being a veteran myself, I immediately decided I needed to meet this proud man. I walked up to him and said "excuse me sir, I'd like to introduce myself to you" and extended my hand. At that very second, his wife exuberantly exclaimed "why that's my husband, Memphis Gold". She was as proud a woman as he was a man and the goodness that was being given off from these two people was beyond what words can say about it. Once I told him who I was, we both let out joyous sounds and started hugging. That was about a warm a moment as I can ever remember having in my life.

Professionally, I've had the pleasure of doing reviews of three of his CDS and his songs have appeared on three compilation CDs I've produced. Those reviews can be read and those CDs can be listened to by going to www.Mary4Music.com

"The Blues Is My Passion & Therapy"

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
P. O. Box 12285
Ft. Pierce, FL 34979

Blues Editor @ www.Mary4Music.com
2011 "Keeping The Blues Alive" Award Recipient
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Review by Suzanne Jennings

Earl and his wife Kimberly are amazing people of God. They have a wonderful ministry geared for children...that also entertains adults! Vertical Kids came and did our WHOLE BIBLE SCHOOL several years ago.... it was fantastic! They planted many seeds that have come up in the lives of my kids. The returned to do their Christmas Show... which everyone LOVED! They put the plan of salvation into language a kid can understand. If you ask my kids today, "What is sin?", they reply "Sin is anything you think, say or do that makes God unhappy." --Earl Long. ;-)See MoreRead Less

Review by Rich Panuska

I have known Doug for a few years now. My wife used to take piano lessons from him and I used to take guitar lessons at his studio. Both of us had to stop due to our work schedules but both plan to start lessons again at Doug's studio in the future. I think Doug is very professional as I have heard him give lessons, give advice, and takes the time to thoroughly explain ways to help your needs. Doug has given advice to me for finding an electric keyboard for my wife and a new guitar for myself. If you are looking for something specific, Doug is the person to see. Doug also hires very good instructors which is extremely important when trying to find a place to take lessons.See MoreRead Less

Review by Llaine Frackowiak

Abby has a great sense of humor. Abby is caring of others and her great personality is willing to try all the joys in life. Looking for adventure and completeting her goals in life will be successful all the way.See MoreRead Less

Review by Bobbi Carducci

I know Jim from his work as a sculptor/woodvarver and as an author. He is an exellent artist and I would give him five stars for his artwork. I am also the publisher of his book, So You THought You Couldn't Cut It - A Beginners Gudie To Wood Carving. His co-author, Jen Coate, did the acutal writing. Jim provided the information. He is doing or had done all the wood working in the photos. For that reason I would give him two stars as an author. If he seperates the author from the scuplting/woodcarving he would score better.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dennis Hernandez

Can we give MORE than 5 stars? Well...just so you know, We are actually rating him at like 100. ? Overall, I’m very pleased with the services we received from Islander DJ services and its owner Mr. Josue Rivera-Class. Josue has years of experience in the DJ industry and offered us a lot of great ideas on how to execute the logistics of any reception. Before my wedding, he was very accessible for my many questions and he was very timely in his responses - both email and phone. He provided great recommendations on lighting (he even provided video links of other weddings, both at our location and others, so that we could really visualize his recommendations) and music for all parts of the wedding. ?Josue also worked well with our day-of coordinator. Our coordinator had put together a timeline for us, but after Josue saw it, he had some suggestions that made the flow of the evening much better.

Perhaps most importantly, though, our guests were out on the dance floor the whole night because Islander DJ Services played a great mix of music that appealed to every age. The DJ Company offers a fantastic military discount that really makes their DJ services a tremendous value.

Friendly, prompt and professional!!! I definitely would recommend DJ Company! Thank you!!
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Review by Janis Macarthur Sellers

I know Emmy as a God Mother to my grand daughter and reading her wonderful stories of Franklin Bean.
She has such a wonderful gift of imagination and a way to relate to children that makes her special in her story telling. I love the stories as much as my grand daughter does.
It is her special way with children that makes her a wonderful children's book writer. Her understanding of children is amazing and it shows through her writing.
It is this quality about her that makes her stand out from other professionals. Her child like vision! A wonderful lady and a wonderful writer.
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Review by Bill Parker

Michael's a tall man who knows there are two words in "music business", who refuses to be bound by the limitations of space and time or even the Atlantic Ocean, and is as solid a friend as one could ask for. As for his bass playing, all I can say is anyone who still can remember and play the opening to "Station Man" then switch coolly to an upright bass has all the necessary credentials.See MoreRead Less

Review by Tuula Ross

I had the pleasure of having an art studio in the same building Sherry had a studio in, at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA. I can unequivocally say that Sherry is one of the most creative, skilled and versatile artists I've had the privilege to know. She is a multi-talented artist who works in many different media. She is an accomplished colored pencil artist who has won awards, been published and has shown and sold her work in many different venues. Not only that, Sherry is a wonderful human being, very generous and always willing to lend a helping hand. If you've never seen her colored pencil masterpieces, you are in for a TREAT,See MoreRead Less

Review by Charlene Karpel-washington

Met Dj Zx on my 30th bday 3 years ago. I was blown at the start of midnight on my way to pick up a friend realizing I hit the big 3-0..lol. I wiped up the tears and got myself together and tried to put on my best party face. Zx saved my night..he played EVERY song I eequested against my friends wishes because I was the "birthday girl" then sent me a special "happy 21st" bday shout out which had every guy 21 and up heading my way to share the celebration. :) That was a real ego booster..lol and a ton of fun...thanks Zx for makin a girls special day special. When I need a dj ur the first one that comes to mind ;)See MoreRead Less