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Artists in Austin, Texas

There are 25 recommended Artists in Austin, TX. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Donna White

There are want to be's and there are truly gifted people in the world. when a person can touch you inside out n make you smile laugh and forget about your trouble.they are heaven sent. Andrea is a bright shinning star.She never met a starnger , her heart is huge as her smile. She works hard and guess what hard work pay$ off. I am so happy that she will travel to China , this will be a blessing to have her as their guest.Im certain it will be an unforgetable moment in their lives. I can only imagine she joy they all will experirence andrea and the citizens there. To all the instrumental people that made this opportunity possible.God bless each and every one of you for making dreams come true. I highly reccomend MS Andrea Dawson do your thing diva.Its form the from the heart.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dorothy Scherr

I have known Robyn well since about 1981, when we both did some programs together and then Robyn moved to Fort Worth.

I have worked with Robyn in her capacity as a coach or team leader for many years- I always get as much out of being on her team as I do for the course itself. She is insightful and funny, with powerful insights. She has a way of cutting through to the heart of the matter and knowing the perfect thing to say to jolt you out of being stuck, often with a laugh of recognition. She is fun, witty, brilliant and just a wonderful person. But she has another quality too which is hard to put into words- I would call it Samurai- a kind of gravity, a stand for extraordinary results that are outside the nine dots. As a coach, you can't find anyone better. As an artist, whatever she does is totally original and extraordinary. As a friend, she is amazing. If you have a chance to work with her, hire her, or buy her artwork, you should do whatever you can to spend time with her and approach it as if you were meeting with a Zen master who is so wise and brave that being in her presence is a total privilege.See MoreRead Less

Review by Benito Acevedo

Ok ..I've known RUSSELL for 15 yrs. or so..back in the "JUBAL & ACE"days..it was "WIERD MAGAZINE" then...Great articles.that were not just entertaining but made me THINK about MY place as a human being on this planet ..it opened my eyes to things going on all around me of which I had no idea...Since then , RUSSELL seems to have carried his "straight to the point/no holds barred/tell it like it is" informative, honest, & colorful style to the forefront of what seems to be a common bond amongst us ALL.."MUSIC & MUSICIANS & THE WORLD IT HAS &IS CREATING.."..I'm digging it..hope you will too..check it out...ROCKSTAR MAGAZINE. .it's New. .it's Fresh..It's REAL..See MoreRead Less

Review by Cater Joseph

Don is an outstanding gentleman. He and I have been friends for years, however, his relationship dates back decades with some of my Uncles. Don is a straight shooting, trustworthy, and honest guy and I highly recommend getting to know him.See MoreRead Less

Review by Larry Schoenleber

In the 35 years that I have had the honor and greatful pleasure of knowing Marianna Tanguy I state the following:

1.) Impeccable Integrity.

2.) A talented and accomplished Muscian who can only charaterized as truly gifted.

3.) A patient and compassionate educator that implements learning methods in such novel and unique ways in guiding her pupils to the highest levels of success.

4.) An individual that when you first meet gives you the feeling that you known her for a lifetime and that you would want to have as a life long friend.

Simply stated, Marianna is a beautiful soul and a wonderful human being.
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Review by Keith Collins

Sam has and continues for many years to be not only an educator in every facet of the field of comedy, but also a mentor, a motivator, a supporter & to many a shoulder to cry on after they have had that night of bombing which is always a step that must be taken in order to find the path to a successful career.
I attended Sam's "Comedy Gym" some years ago and believe that although I pursued other interest's in life I came away with more confidence in speaking to people as individuals & as groups, A better understanding of how to use comedy in several ways to help me through my life, better ways to structure speeches , public speaking so as to be able to keep an audiences attention through comedy while still being able to get my points across, & lastly ways to read people and groups of people in order to gauge what types of message to deliver in order to keep them focused.
I would be happy to refer Sam Cox to anyone for any reason. I have found him over the years to be Honest, Reliable, & Interested in Helping others.
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Review by Danielle Koelliker

I feel very blessed to have met Jeana and to have seen the beauty she creates with her every waking breath, whether it be art pieces that create instant peace and serenity by admiring them, or a simple conversation with her that makes you leave her presence with a mindset that has been forever changed and inspired by the powerful words of wisdom she utters with great ease, she is ART embodied in a one of a kind truly beautiful soul.See MoreRead Less

Review by Gary Stacy

Zacks professionalism and attention to detail was very impressive. He was easy to deal with and knowledgeable. I recommend him and know you will be satisfied with him also.See MoreRead Less

Review by Toddy Burgener

YOYOYOYOYO! My man Tommy Green is the next big mogul in the music biz! From a clothing line to the freshest beats and rhymes, he's mastered it all! My closet isn't complete with out some Hippy Thug, Luv ya bruva!See MoreRead Less

Review by Ed Hudson

Hard working, knowledgeable with sound and lights. Great Musician. An asset for any venue.