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Artists in Texas

There are 300 recommended Artists in Texas. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Sherry Jane Cooke

Through my National and Houston Country Music Examiner, I met Bruce almost 4 years ago. I was amazed at the variety and quality of his programming skills and vocal expertise as a DJ for KKRP AM Radio. I saw the station's listener-ship rise rapidly - from his business savvy and compelling and funny talent. Bruce has been a great mentor to me regarding how the radio industry works from an inside perspective. Bruce stands out among the great DJ's in his skills at instinctively knowing what his listeners want to hear, his high quality programming and his passion for connecting to his listeners as well as anyone he meets. I highly recommend Bruce as a tremendous addition to any broadcast corporation and large or small events as a DJ. Sherryjane Cooke, National Country Music Examiner Columnist.See MoreRead Less

Review by Debbie Pilkinton

Many people think I am Impartial to Grady because he is my husband, but the truth is, I am harder on him than anyone else. Grady has persevered into a great businessman. If you don't believe me, look at all of the people who follow him on facebook and other places.
Grady has brought back the love of Heavy Metal and Rock music to thousands of people. He has kept alive the memories of many musicians that are no longer with us. Grady also interacts with people on a daily basis so that he can keep up with how his business can help others.
God bless you Grady and thank you for always thinking about the needs of others before thinking about the needs that you may have.
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Review by Mike Ott

David Bamberg has helped my wife and me in so many ways I cannot list them all. Beyond his artistic skills, which are amazing, his marketing genius and his understanding of advertising both deserve very special mention: that is the right art for the right audience. David has helped us get as much business as we wanted, good quality business, using art, marketing, advertising and more! One can simply look around the Tomball area to see that Dave Bamberg's art becoming a part of our culture.
Dave is also a master networker and is always on the lookout for a need to be filled and makes the connections for a win-win deal.
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Review by Carl Johnson

As a musician I have to say I first came to T.J. Rabbits in early 2006. Robert opened the door for me to play my originals and try out a new style of playing I had picked up while I was still in Austin. When I moved back to Odessa that same year his pickin party on Tuesday nights helped me meet other musicians and even attempt to form a few bands and play at local venues. He and his bride have been most helpful thru good times and bad and I would tell anyone that he has a great place not only to play but God is always there too. Thanks Robert for all the good things you do. CarlSee MoreRead Less

Review by Jon Herrera

David Robbins is a true trooper. This guy was on board with my sci-fi short film "Feed.03" from day 1. Not only did he bring to life the character of "Gent" on the abandoned Mars Red City, he also gave constructive feedback and insightful contributions that pushed the film to the next level.

From the character moments, to the fight scene to the emotional ending, Gent (AKA Dave) really helped my vision come to life.

I wouldn't hesitate for a second to work with Dave ANY DAY, on ANY SET.

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Review by Donna White

There are want to be's and there are truly gifted people in the world. when a person can touch you inside out n make you smile laugh and forget about your trouble.they are heaven sent. Andrea is a bright shinning star.She never met a starnger , her heart is huge as her smile. She works hard and guess what hard work pay$ off. I am so happy that she will travel to China , this will be a blessing to have her as their guest.Im certain it will be an unforgetable moment in their lives. I can only imagine she joy they all will experirence andrea and the citizens there. To all the instrumental people that made this opportunity possible.God bless each and every one of you for making dreams come true. I highly reccomend MS Andrea Dawson do your thing diva.Its form the from the heart.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jason Poore

My name is Jason Alden Poore. I was born in 1983 and I live in York, South Carolina. I met Patty Moore in August of 2007, the year my son was born, and I taught in the lesson room next to hers in Pineville, NC, until she moved from North Carolina to Texas. I love Patty. She is a good friend, and she has been a very positive influence in my life. She is a very talented and expressive musician, and she is a very personal and compassionate teacher. She is a great player. She has fabulous technique. Her vibrato is heavenly. She is an alert and interpretive sight reader. She is a considerate, professional, and musically considerate ensemble member. She has a great ear. She is very versatile, and is comfortable in many styles of music. I cannot say enough good things about Patty. I miss her! I am lucky to know her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dano Dvorský

Tim Dulaine is very kind Person. He is one of the Best rock Singers, really extra fantastic Voice, also technic. Tim was member of Best rock Band called Stray Dog, I think, it was in 1974. Fantastic Albums "While Youre Down There." and "Live at Whiskey" are with Tim. Stray Dog has disbanded because of members young age and wild life style. It was the biggest management fault in history, that they did not put this Band again together. Tim is fantastic musician - great composer, guitar player, reviewer. Tim likes my Slovak Band Onemanway and was very kind and wrote good review on internet which I appreciate very much. Tim is very friendly, sensible and jovial. I must buy Dulaine Phillips CD too, good music , great vocal. I hope, once we will make one song together :)See MoreRead Less

Review by Daniel Rodgers

I have known Jason Chapman for over seven years. I know that he has a deep relationship with God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit and his talents are from God, who inspires him to write music from the heart about feelings and people dear to him. Therefore, he is writing from inspiration and from talent and sings with the same dedicate and passionate and élan. His music touches many and helps many. It is modern and universal while also being deeply personal for him. His genre is country-western and Christian, but I think that he is capable of writing in just about any style given his talents and a motivation for that style. he is an upright and descent man who has endured much grief and many challenges and has responded to them by opening up his heart and sharing all that he has and all that he is to bless and help others. He is a loving father and husband who loves his family as Christ loves the Church. If you don't hear him, it is truly a great loss to you.See MoreRead Less

Review by Fliss Braham

I would recommend anyone to visit Patti's on line store where you will find a wide range of products with wonderful photographic images and designs to suit all tastes. Customization is also available making them ideal gifts.See MoreRead Less