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Artists in Nashville, Tennessee

There are 22 recommended Artists in Nashville, TN. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Stephen Sherer

Loved working with Darryl. Probably the greatest vocalist I've ever had the honor of working with.Consummate professional and an all around great person. Any questions, please feel free to contact me at 704-345-4663 or ssherer@carolina.rr.com.
PS. I spent my lunch today listening to an old Mr. Groove tape for 45mins. Darryl killed the Luther songs and the Peter Gaberial.
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Review by Sheila Bauer

I've known Janie both personally and professionally for 5 years. In that time, she has not only pitched my catalog, but she has also been one of my mentors in this business. When I started with Janie, I was very new to publishing and she was so kind and willing to help me in any way possible. With all of her major accomplishments, I routinely sought her advice when I was working with writers and evaluating their songs. Her instincts with songs are right on the mark.

I am a pretty no nonsense person so for me I definitely wanted to work with someone who would be honest no matter what. Whether she has good news or bad news, Janie doesn't sugar coat it. She tells it like it is. Even if there isn't any news, she will keep you in the loop and let you know where she is on any given task. She is without a doubt, one of the most conscientious, hard working people I know.

We have also developed a wonderful friendship in that time and I've come to appreciate her perspective on not only the music business, but life and its many challenges. It is so refreshing to find someone who is so true to who they are and comfortable in their own skin. She really does care about giving the very best of her to the people in both her personal and work life. She is also an incredibility talented pianist:)

I would highly recommend Janie to any prospective writer looking for someone with her skills and work ethic. I can promise you from my personal experience that you won't be disappointed.
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Review by Diane Bailey

Phil and I started out together in a band called Blue Country back in the mid 70's. I was and still am a professional singer and Phil a VERY gifted piano player. Actually one of the best I ever heard or worked with. During the time we were working together, a well know artist named Billy CRASH Craddock hired him right out from under me! I was happy for Phil. No one in the music industry deserved it more than him. Phil was always RIGHT ON IT! He will really make you appreciate what a real piano player is all about! Not only is he a great musician but a great person as well. Phil is the BEST!!!!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Susan Brant

Jason is a well respected, knowledgeable and creative member of the music industry. Jason heads up SureFire Music LLC, a prominent, and the last of the family owned, Music Publishing companies in Nashville, TN. It has been a major force in music for over 50 years. I have been very impressed with Jason's ability to find up and coming music writers, produce songs, produce live musical events and successfully handle public relation matters. I enjoyed working with him on a live music event in Hardy, Arkansas a couple of years ago.See MoreRead Less

Review by Stephanie Foster Findlay

I've known George most of my life and he's a great guy. He's such a creative guy and the music I've been lucky enough to listen to was great. I'm so thrilled he's able to pursue his passion! And yes music is his passion.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jorge Catasus

Rob is one of the brightest, most competent and helpful professionals I know. My wife and I have completed several closing using Lawyer's Escrow Service, and we could not be more pleased with Rob and the entire LES team.

We are closing on the sale of our Sylvan Park home next month and would not dream of using anyone else for the closing.
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Review by Jan Maccabee

Brian is a very devoted man who knows all about his field of work & takes his hard work as a dedication of devotion. When it comes to his knowledge an expertise, he surpasses all. !See MoreRead Less

Review by Jean Fairbrother

Miss Johnson taught at the school my sons attended. She was the teacher of my first-born son when he was in 3rd and 4th grades. My sons just loved her! She is kind and gentle, and she loved her students dearly--even having an outing for them at her own house, which included horseback riding!'

Even before my sons started school where Miss Johnson taught, we heard her and her brother sing at a concert in a park. They were great! She is an excellent singer!

Miss Johnson is dedicated and caring! She would be an asset to any company, school, or agency!
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Review by Mike Branstetter

Tom Edwards is the consummate professional engineer. His ingenuity, persistence and work ethic have bode well for him over the past four decades.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ray Pearson

I would define him as a man of his word and very smart and fair in his approaching and treating others.