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Artists in Tennessee

There are 142 recommended Artists in Tennessee. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Stephen Sherer

Loved working with Darryl. Probably the greatest vocalist I've ever had the honor of working with.Consummate professional and an all around great person. Any questions, please feel free to contact me at 704-345-4663 or ssherer@carolina.rr.com.
PS. I spent my lunch today listening to an old Mr. Groove tape for 45mins. Darryl killed the Luther songs and the Peter Gaberial.
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Review by Michael Ellison

Icees, embodies what it means to be an artist. She is one of the most diverse and creative artist you will find. So if you need an outstanding photographer for your wedding she is women who can fill the bill for you.See MoreRead Less

Review by Littledavid Wilkins

Jerry Thomas is a great entertainer with a voice that will get your attention the minute you hear him singing with a certain quality not heard in all american country singers .
Jerry is a prolific song writer and i had the pleasure of co-writing one song with Jerry as well as having Jerry record one of my songs in his new album.
Jerry is a good christian man always ready to help people in financial trouble by doing shows to raise money anytime there is a need to help a person or family that's down on their luck with no where to turn. I am proud to call Jerry Thomas a true friend and song writing buddy/partner.Check out Jerry's new CD it will be a joy to hear his deep quality voice singing songs i'm sure you will love and become a lifetime fan of this wonderful american country music artist.Sincerely,Little David Wilkins
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Review by Taryn Donley

Gerry is extremely approachable but is versatile enough to make you hesitate, if he wants. I have always seen Gerry BE his part, not just PLAY it. Anyone will benefit when they work with him because he naturally brings out the best of what's around.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sheila Bauer

I've known Janie both personally and professionally for 5 years. In that time, she has not only pitched my catalog, but she has also been one of my mentors in this business. When I started with Janie, I was very new to publishing and she was so kind and willing to help me in any way possible. With all of her major accomplishments, I routinely sought her advice when I was working with writers and evaluating their songs. Her instincts with songs are right on the mark.

I am a pretty no nonsense person so for me I definitely wanted to work with someone who would be honest no matter what. Whether she has good news or bad news, Janie doesn't sugar coat it. She tells it like it is. Even if there isn't any news, she will keep you in the loop and let you know where she is on any given task. She is without a doubt, one of the most conscientious, hard working people I know.

We have also developed a wonderful friendship in that time and I've come to appreciate her perspective on not only the music business, but life and its many challenges. It is so refreshing to find someone who is so true to who they are and comfortable in their own skin. She really does care about giving the very best of her to the people in both her personal and work life. She is also an incredibility talented pianist:)

I would highly recommend Janie to any prospective writer looking for someone with her skills and work ethic. I can promise you from my personal experience that you won't be disappointed.
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Review by John David Lionel Brooke

I tead J.B.' s sample books on Amazon's 'Look Inside" and from a brief read of 'THE TALES OF ADMIRIAL NIGEL MORGAN, ABOUT THE JOURNEY, and A jJOURNEY, I CAN'T ESCAPE. I wasj refreshingly flabbergasted to say the least. This guy is one hell of a fine fucking writer.. Forthtight, fresh original hard hitting writing style. Did I say fresh, absolutely right on. What a relief to read. uninhibited prose showing me just like it is. No quibbles. This guy exhibits a fresh soaring imagination that jecks you into the story and keeps you hooked like a hungry barricuda.

Couldn't get enough through the sample lures he dangled, now I just gotta read THE TALES OF THE ADMIRAL…
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Review by Al Carrozza

G.R. Holton is the modern day master of science fiction. His books are adapatable for children but it is the adults that eat it up! If you have yet to experience Soleri, Deep Screams or Guardian's Alliance do it tonight then read his other classics of today! Searched Science Fiction? You have your Source!See MoreRead Less

Review by David Nemeth

Lisa is innovative and unflinching in the horror and fantasy genres (with some great may-or-may-not-be-possible love stories intertwined). She is easy to exchange thoughts with fans on Facebook. She writes from the heart. She can be heartfelt serious, and also outrageously funny.

I was allowed to preview a draft of one of her works in progress, I was blown away by the final, published version later! And I have an autographed copy of The Mermaid Hose (a nice little chiller), which I display proudly in the forefront of my vast book shelves.

She holds occasional contestants, which are great for existing fans, and welcoming for newer readers to the phenomenon, Lisa Champion.

David B. Nemeth
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Review by Neil Belanger

William is a great musician a great and warm person and an even better friend consider myself lucky and happy to know him

Review by Bobby Pizazz

Roy August Is by far the most prolific songwriter in Nashville area, to my knowledge also the most humble man. I have had the opportunity to work with Roy August in co-writing and video shoots and movie extra. In everything he does he gives more then 100% one of the greatest human beings I know. he has been my mentor and is my personal friend. His work has touched millions upon millions of hearts globally. Oh and the Dogs and Cats at the animal shelter really did his music too...LOL inside joke... He taught me about the Art of the Hang and how not to get hung...LOL thank you my friend... Bobby PizazzSee MoreRead Less