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Artists in Pennsylvania

There are 238 recommended Artists in Pennsylvania. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Maryam Fatima Foye

I've only had the opportunity to work with Ozzie in the full sense, once. The African Continuum Theater Company and Arena Stage were producing a staged reading of one of his latest plays, Kind of Blue, and I was there to direct. The piece itself was beautifully written, intelligent, and resonated with an authenticity that is hard to locate these days.

Mr. Jones allowed me to "play" with the actors by really allowing my own interpretation of the text to shine through. He was trusting. It was a great opportunity, as a director, to have such enormous language to work with, but an even better opportunity to work without being disrupted by the writer's 'my way only' vision or bias.

I have since then, actively started following his work in the schools, community etc. I'm impressed by his audacity, we need as much of it in the world as possible.

~Maryam Fatima Foye
Executive Director, The HBC Theater Project
Hissing Black Cat Theater Company, LLC
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Review by Chuck Paul

I've known Tony for many years. Regardless, i would never let that cause me to give a good review if i felt it wasn't warranted. Tony is an "old school" musician in every sense of the phrase...His music is melodic,creative,harmonic and performed with more than just an air of professionalism. He was influenced and raised with the greats of the rock and roll heirachy and it shows in his playing and compositions.See MoreRead Less

Review by Shawn Anthony

Eddy Ray, Professional Magician For Kids and Adults, Eddy Ray - International Illusionist.
Eddy is a class act. Entertaining, Likable, and just down right fun! If you want to book a magic show look in the yellow pages. If you want to book a top Magical performance artist then book Eddy Ray.

All the best.
Shawn Anthony
Las Vegas Master Illusionist.
2 Time Winner of the 2010 Houdini Award for both best New Vegas review show and the 2010 Stage Magician of the year.
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Review by Patrick Spencer

I've know Ray since the late 70's when I worked under him at RCA. He was well organized and met corporate goals. His achievements were spectacular and he treated his employees with respect and support. Ray helped developed my career in music industry and he promoted me to the position of National Promotion Director. Ray is well like and well respected by his peers in the entertainment industry. His personable skills are transferrable to almost any other industry as well as his work habits.See MoreRead Less

Review by Robert Hewett

Dveda is a talented writer, editor, publisher and video producer with a special talent for artistic arrangement of things like bookcovers. She pays great attention to detail. I have known Daveda for several years as a member of her poetry forum an through other internet connections. She has promoted my poetry and gave me opportunities to publish through her efforts. She is quick to respond to questions or requests for fhelp in the literary and video fields.See MoreRead Less

Review by Howard Henry

Well, I hold as outrageous of a party as I can sparing no expense usually, to entertain my employees each year and Ron Goforth has always done my events. Why? He is funny, hip, Professional and has all of the latest and greatest music. Best of all, his price is fair and he's punctual. Thanks for making our events so special Ron.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sam Mylin

Okay, Richard, here goes a recommendation... "Richard Lawrence is probably the most recommendable guy I know! I recommend him Greatly! For he is not only creative and diverse, he also knows how to shoot, swim and leap tall buildings at a single bound! His artwork is strong and is improving consistently and his style of art is eye-catching with flair. Richard as a human being creates his art with passion and heart fully for the expressive purpose to capture a subject or place or time he has experienced. I recommend him highly. Not just as an artist, but also as a friend. (Even though he did "shoot me" with a cap-gun once!)See MoreRead Less

Review by Fran Hoffpauir

When I think of Ave, I think of the words enthusiastic, tireless, devoted, inventive and accessible. No matter how busy she is, communicating with her is very easy and she gets things done very quickly.

Jacquei has stated Ave's credentials here very well, so I won't repeat them. Who would know how to promote an artist better than another artist, one with her own training and experience in the ever-changing world of art? She's not bogged down in the past, but uses it to build the future. This lady knows her way around the Internet extremely well and although something might pose a problem, she quickly finds a way to use it to our advantage.

It's a pleasure to be able to log onto ArtRave and not have to worry about anything that's not family friendly. That's rare on an art site. Ave has worked tirelessly to keep it a clean place where we can even take our children and grandchildren. That's what the members have asked and that's the way she maintains it.
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Review by Lloyd Hart

I have known Bill since the 1970s and all I can say is he has led the best most fun bands from the Central Continental Cowpokes through The Wake to One Life and the Mighty Manatees. Bill has supplied us with enough fun and dance to fill a life time. When I get bummed out all I have to do is think back to 1977, Vancouver BC and The American Hotel. The Central Continental Cowpokes blew the lid off the band stand and I blew the lid of the dance floor. The band caused such a buzz that the CBC came down and filmed it. Bill Hodgson is one of the most fun loving people I have ever met and it always comes out in his music.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kathleen Mckenna

I know Ann ( Shaver ) as a fellow artist, and I have also been a customer in her Etsy store Punksrus . If you can't find what you're looking for ask her because she has probably just not listed it yet! She is has an eclectic mix of goods in her shop along with her one of a kind of incredible works of mosaic art..
I know her to be a bright energetic, helpful and hopeful person. I wouldn't hesitate to ask her advice professionally or personally.
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