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Artists in Tulsa, Oklahoma

There are 14 recommended Artists in Tulsa, OK. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Michelle Sanders

I have known Simon since high school and recognize him to have a singular wit and a boundless imagination.

In college, I had a burning desire to attend a "frat house party" - being the very young and sheltered 18 year old wide-eyed bumpkin that he knew me to be, Simon promised to accompany me to such a fracas on the condition that I would (1) not drink anything handed to me by anyone, and (2) though we were not romantically inclined towards one another, to give that appearance by not letting go of his hand throughout the duration of our time at this event. Our time spent at the event was thankfully brief - as he anticipated I was completely freaked by the whole deal and we blew the scene rapidly!

Simon has great integrity and is highly critical of his own work - endeavors to turn out high quality work. He is keenly aware of those "secret things" that frighten us to our core, and seizes upon these concepts to entertain us. He is extremely well-read and familiar with those authors of the macabre and what works and what doesn't. He chooses not to mimic other authors and instead strives for originality.
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Review by Julie Rombach-kendall

I have sung under Martin Katz and other famous vocal coaches/accompanists, and Brady is one of the best musicians who have accompanied me. He always made me feel comfortable and treated me with respect. Plus he KNOWS opera like no one else. He knows where the tempo traditionally stretches or speeds up. Most pianists just play what is on the page, but Brady's knowledge goes deeper than the score which allows him to provide valuable vocal coaching too. There are few pianists who play as musically as Brady. We worked together with soloist and group music, and Brady could do both equally well. He sings too! What an amazing musician!See MoreRead Less

Review by Sheila Robbins

"I have known Sandy for more than 50 years and know she is and always has been a loving, caring, giving person. Her work with the American Red Cross is amazing. She goes wherever she is needed at a moment's notice and does what needs to be done. Great lady!"See MoreRead Less

Review by Tom Barry

Kayla sincerely is a fantastic person who is extremely fun to chat with! She has a happy & tremendous amount of moxy!

Review by Monnett Arambula

....my cousin Jimmy is an artist. He is creative and has an eye for detail and will design the perfect room for your needs.

Review by Andrew Cooper

I went to college with Venisa and she was always on point with every project I don't think she ever made below an A in each class I took with her, (and the teachers were hard to please). Each project always looked great and meet the standards of good quality work.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lara Mitchell

Kelly is amazing. As a writer and as a person. His book is an awesome read. In the top five of best books I have read of its type. It is in my favorites shelf. Kelly and his book both are a blessing to know.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sean Surber

Great service!

Review by Denise Mckinney

McKinney is a very good woman