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Artists in Oklahoma

There are 54 recommended Artists in Oklahoma. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Janice McBee

I met Krystal (Casey) when my husband started exchanging polished and faceted rocks with her. She is a very talented artist and jewelry maker. Every time we get a piece back that Krystal (Casey) has added her talented wire wrapping to one of Albert's (my husband) polished rocks (stones), it is more impressive and more marketable at a higher resale value...that is, except the ones I decide to keep! I have several that I have not been able to let go. Krystal (Casey) has high moral values and makes sure the customer receives the best value for their money.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michelle Sanders

I have known Simon since high school and recognize him to have a singular wit and a boundless imagination.

In college, I had a burning desire to attend a "frat house party" - being the very young and sheltered 18 year old wide-eyed bumpkin that he knew me to be, Simon promised to accompany me to such a fracas on the condition that I would (1) not drink anything handed to me by anyone, and (2) though we were not romantically inclined towards one another, to give that appearance by not letting go of his hand throughout the duration of our time at this event. Our time spent at the event was thankfully brief - as he anticipated I was completely freaked by the whole deal and we blew the scene rapidly!

Simon has great integrity and is highly critical of his own work - endeavors to turn out high quality work. He is keenly aware of those "secret things" that frighten us to our core, and seizes upon these concepts to entertain us. He is extremely well-read and familiar with those authors of the macabre and what works and what doesn't. He chooses not to mimic other authors and instead strives for originality.
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Review by Ron Jarman

I have know Dickie for many years and am proud of his accomplishments. Dickie's wonderful persona and experience in life gives his songs unique perspectives and always entertaining.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kathy Griggs-tipton

Julie is not only a long time friend, she has the voice of an angel unsurpassed. Her love and commitment are only a fraction compared to her undying profound loyalty. She is indeed a hallmark all her own.See MoreRead Less

Review by Joel Melton

M. Tim is a creative artist I have known for years. His ability to catch moments with his camera still amaze me to this day. I enjoy his take and vision.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jeannette Jeffries

I have known Tracy for several years now. I have seen this young girl grow into a wonderful women who cares a great deal for people. />
I help to start Tracy in the dance world. How does that relate to her standing as a Health Care Professional? I saw her take something that was fun and turn it into passion. She has worked hard to become a better dancer and in doing that she has also helped and supported other dancers in achieving their goals. Her faith, generosity and hard work as a professional in that field, I am sure, has carried over into all aspects of her life.See MoreRead Less

Review by Scott Cleveland

I highly recommend Jay! Jay strives to do the best at anything he does. He is definitely someone that will come through in the best way possible for you!See MoreRead Less

Review by Rebecca Burr

Randi was my favorite professor because she encouraged you as an artist to pursue whatever avenue that appealed to you and to learn the techniques and skills that would enable you to create excellent work. She never discouraged you from a direction based upon personal bias. Communication with her was clear and the assignments were milestones in my artistic development.See MoreRead Less

Review by Linda Banta

Pete is not only a great person from my hometown, he is a fantastic musician, awesome guitarist, great blues vocals and entertaining. He has traveled and played with some of the best which makes him very well-rounded. If you have the chance check him out for yourself!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jerry Medlin

I had never seen the type of art that Joshua does until he displayed some panels he had done of severa lof our old time race car drivers, and some commeretive panels for a very popular young racer we lost just a few short months ago, and was TOTALLY blown away by how BEAUTIFUL this type of art is. I certainly plan to purchase a couple of his renderings soon.

Jerry Medlin
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